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Title: Fang Bang Bar: Yours To Keep
Chapter Two
Rating: NC-17 over all
Summary: Minho never thought he'd fall in love. Especially with a human. That was the rule; don't fall in love with humans because they die and you're left with nothing. But then Lee Jink came along. Everything about Jinki is beautiful. What's a vampire to do? Pray that the heavens don't want Jinki, so he can keep this human for himself.
A/N: Third Part to the Fang Bang Bar series which you can find Here & Here

Jinki had never been handcuffed before during sex. But he liked it.

The fact that his arms were locked behind his back, that he was on full display and he couldn't do anything but wait and watch for Minho to touch him was exciting to say the least. His heart hammered in his chest and his cheeks burned with a blush. His cock was erect and wet, twitching with anticipation of what was to come.

Minho had tied his ankles to the lower bed posts, leaving him completely vulnerable. The human thrusted his hips in to air, whining as the cold met his hot member. He wanted release so badly, he wanted some kind of sensation. His vampire loomed over him with silver eyes and long fangs, knees on either side of his stomach.

Minho pointed his index finger at Jinki's chest and slowly dragged it around, the tip of his claw leaving a faint pink line as it went. He bit his lip to hold back his moan as the black claw circled his hard nipple and teased it lightly.

“You're so beautiful...” Minho purred and leaned down to swipe his tongue over the bud he'd been playing with. He sucked lightly on it and earned a small gasp from the man underneath him.

Jinki's arms were getting sore, and his dick was so hard it almost hurt. He needed to come, he wanted his vampire to fuck him so hard it'd knock him out. When Minho reached behind himself and gently pumped Jinki, the human's eyes rolled back and his mouth fell open. Finally, he thought.

“Dearest Jinki...” and he saw a mischievous glint in Minho's eyes, “you're so sensitive.” his voice commanded of Jinki's body, and it followed orders.

His body came to life. He could feel every little thing on his skin and every thing that wasn't touching him. There was a shuttering tingle of electricity running up over every skin cell. The desire to be touched heightened. He could feel the fabric of the sheets beneath him, silky and caressing his back in lazy laps of pleasure. The pillows under his head were purposefully kissing his neck making it hard to breath and not pant out.

Every where that Minho was touching him was on fire, a low fire that burned slowly. Like the heat was trapped beneath coals.

And each easy pump of Minho's hand caused a crisp spark to run through his body.

Because of Minho's dark powers, because of that one sentence, yes Jinki was so sensitive. Too sensitive in fact. The feeling of Minho simply kissing his abs had him whining and begging for more, a kiss to his knee and Jinki thought he'd explode. Minho's tongue dipped in to his belly button and slurped loudly, causing Jinki's body to convulse and hiss.

Finally the vampire gave the human what he wanted, jacking him off at a brisk pace, running his thumb over the moist tip and languidly running his tongue up the under side. Jinki's moans became shorter, more high pitched as he reached the edge. Minho engulfed all of Jinki in his mouth, sucking hard and taking him deep, and Jinki came with a harsh cry.

Jinki panted as he came down from his sexual high slowly. His body was still delicate, his member still erect. But he was exhausted. This was his second time coming for the night. He wanted to ask Minho to undo the spell and let him rest. His head fell back on to the pillows as his eyes slid closed.

A very smooth and hard cock poking at his entrance had his eyes shooting open. The fire was all around him, full of blazing heat and he begged Minho to stop. He couldn't take anymore, it was too much.

“No Minho please!” he felt tears prick his eyes as the vampire bucked his hips and buried himself balls deep in to his lover. “T-too much! I can't!”

With every deep and powerful thrust Jinki moaned for Minho to stop, his nerves were on overload. He wasn't sure if he was going to come again or if his mind was going to black out. Minho, being the dead man with forever stamina that he was, lasted a very long time.

Eventually Jinki stopped moaning loudly, stopped panting for the vampire to stop. He laid there, limp and lifeless as small gasps left his slack mouth and Minho continued to fuck him beyond reparation.

His muscles could barely let out a spasm as the vampire emptied his load inside the tender body. It felt amazing Jinki had to admit, he felt almost euphoric, but as he had thought before it was so good it was bad. He groaned quietly as small kisses crawled up his jawline. His wrists snapped and struggled to get free, but the metal cuffs wouldn't give.

“Minho...please...too much...” he wanted to ball his eyes out. The vampire looked down on him with a worried look and a creased brow. With a blink of his black eyes the influence was broken. All the energy drained out of Jinki and he felt like he could breath again. The kisses Minho pushed against his lips was sorry and insistent. He kissed back with gratefulness.

“Sorry my dear, I didn't think it would be that extreme for you. It felt so good to me, to feel you...feeling that way.” Minho told him as he licked Jinki's ear. He chuckled breathlessly because he couldn't even be mad at his vampire. Sometimes Minho was like a curious child in this relationship. It made sense, since the vampire had never actually been in one. He wanted to experiment with Jinki, push the limits in the bedroom and find out what it meant to be committed to someone.

Pushing limits; like handcuffing Jinki and fucking him in a motel room. He was sure the people in the rooms next to and above them had heard everything. Great.

Minho unlocked the cuffs and kissed the red and bruising wrists tenderly. They should use furry handcuffs next time, he noted to himself. Jinki massaged his skin lightly while moving closer to the undead man and frowned. That was going to sting in the morning.

The vampire didn't like the look of his lover's body damaged, so he bit in to his wrist and offered up the bleeding skin to his human's lips. Jinki's head snapped back and he shook his head. Sure the blood wasn't that bad, but it wasn't something he liked drinking exactly for sport.

“I want you to heal my dear, as fast as possible.”

Jinki felt Minho's urgency in his gut that was mixed with guilt. And he found his lips wrapping around the open wound and sucking lightly. The blood was bitter and thick like syrup. He swallowed a few gulps and pulled away with a cringe on his face. Too thick, he thought, it would be much better if the blood were thinner. Minho leaned over to lick the red stained lips and suck lightly for a kiss.

Jinki felt the blood settling in to his body, his senses stronger and his body healing. The ache in his back ceased immediately. He was able to tug his ankles away from the bed posts with ease. He kissed Minho languidly and relaxed against the cooler body. “Can I sleep in tomorrow?” he asked while his eyes closed. Outside the a roll of thunder made the dark sky light up, the solid tapping of the rain rapped against their window.

Jinki didn't hear an answer from Minho, he was far too exhausted. His eyelids fell down and his body gave in to the dreams that were calling.

Minho listened as his human's heartbeat slowed down in to a soft pulse, his stomach rising with each long breath. He only hoped that Jinki wouldn't have a nightmare again.

His attention went from his human to the bright flash outside that lit up their room. A few seconds later and the air was hit with a crisp crack that left an engulfing boom over the earth. Lightning. His nostrils flared, he knew it wasn't a natural storm.

The energy of the lightning was overbearing. It was thick and had a strong acidic taste to it, flying up his nose and causing a small burning sensation in between his eyes. He could feel the molecules in the air shifting, the strong breeze going by.

Minho smelled a Lightning Sprite. It was close, and it was very strong. That wasn't the worse part. Usually sprites didn't hunt down vampire's alone. There had to be two or more of them.

The silver chain felt heavy around his neck. He wished BoA would contact him soon. There were only two ways he'd be able to protect his human. Minho wasn't strong enough to take on a sprite that could cause full on storms, whose lightning tasted that intense.

The first way he knew, was to eat another supernatural. Mainly their heart. He wasn't going to take on a fire sprite, a water one, or an ice one. Fire sprites could get out of hand too quickly. Their tempers were known to sky-rocket with in seconds. He wouldn't be able to find a water or ice one soon enough. They were very good at hiding themselves from the world and never stayed alone. A wind sprite? Out of the question. They could fucking fly at unimaginable speeds.

But an earth one? A sprite that liked to burrow in the dark and had massive strength?

Minho lived in the dark, and he had strength. He could pull an earth sprite out of the ground and kill it. No doubt. He'd never eaten another immortals heart before, never felt the need.

So he had to find an impure earth sprite, one that use to be human. He would kill it, eats it heart, and be able to protect he and his human. Keep them safe until BoA contacted. Yes he could do this...

Who was he kidding? Killing a sprite was fucking plan C.

Plan A, was to run. Plan B...well he'd figure that out later. But for now he'd stick with plan A until it gave out. Which meant they'd have to get up early, before sunrise. When the atmosphere was so cold and the sun wasn't over head to bring heat was a lightning sprites weakest time. They could try and run as fast and as far as possible.

Plus with this huge storm, the sprite would have to be tired out wouldn't it?

Yes, so they would have to leave in a few hours.

Minho glanced down at the beautiful sleeping man in his arms. He felt bad because the man was completely wasted and done. He was the cause of it. And Jinki had sounded so cute when he'd asked if he could sleep in. He almost wanted to give in as he thought about the cute pout Jinki had given him.

But then he thought about the sprite that would evaporate Jinki in seconds.

So much for sleeping in...

~ ~ ~

The temperature in the room was too hot for any human to stand in. The air was boiling in circular waves, the heat rising in thick currents off the body that was lit with a blue flame. Kris sat idle on the hotel bed, waiting for his sister to wake up. She was exhausted from their fight last night.

They'd been driving on the highway slowly following the Choi vampire for what seemed like days. And finally they'd stopped at a motel. At that point Kris just wanted to get out and stretch his legs, burn a tree or two. But Victoria had advised he wait until they were settled a few miles away from the vampire in their own hotel.

He couldn't help it.

The flaming temper was a part of his nature, his genetics. So his body burst in to a bright red flame as he screamed at his sister to stop the fucking car. Therefore Victoria had gotten angry, telling Kris he was going to blow their cover. Kris threw a dash of hot inferno right in to his sister's face.

And that was when the car had swerved off the road.

Not that a small car crash would kill them. Please.

Oh they walked away from it, and then started really fighting.

Kris did his best to put up a good defense, throwing flame after flame at the lightning sprite. But Victoria was older, she had eaten many other hearts, making her so much more powerful.

She was at the point where she could conjure a full blown thunderstorms with the quick whip of her hand. Instantly the clouds rolled over and darkened the sky, a round of thundering rumbling and making the ground beneath Kris' feet shake. He'd managed one good burn to her face, and then she'd brought down the wrath of the heavens on him.

When he'd surrendered, she'd not so gently picked him up and thrown him back in to the car. They drove a few more minutes before reaching a nice and classy hotel (because there was no way in hell Toria would stay in a crappy dump), his sister's burn had healed quickly and she was able to go in and get them a suite. She picked Kris up as if he were a small child and carried him inside, pushing him in to the bath and stripping him quickly of his clothes.

He hated it when she babied him like that. How she held his chin and put her spit on his cuts to help

him heal faster, rubbed the dirt from under his finger nails and made sure he scrubbed behind his ears.

Like she was his mother.

“You're lucky I'm your big sister little dodo, or I'd kill you.” she lectured with an annoyed pout. And with a toss of her hair she left him to finish cleaning himself.

Even though they had a massive suite to themselves—two bedrooms and two baths included—Kris still found himself laying on Victoria's lap to fall a sleep. Old habits died hard. But it was comforting, and he slept best that way. He always had.

And when he woke up, and realized how much he must have worn his sister out, he felt bad and started heating up the room, letting the flame ignite over his skin and send the waves of heat out in to the open. He controlled the flame, commanding that it warm the air but not the set fire to the bed. Victoria liked it best sleeping in ultra hot conditions. She would sometimes ask Kris to keep his body warm so she could take a nap.

No matter how much she frustrated the shit out of him, no matter how many times he wanted to bash her head in or how many times she struck him with actual matter how many times they fought till they were bloody pulps...Victoria still babied him.

She still put her spit on his face to make the young fire sprite heal faster.

He still laid his head in her lap to sleep.

And in the end he would make sure the room they slept in was warm, just the way she liked it.

He could never deny her his warmth. He wanted her to sleep peacefully.

~ ~ ~

Jinki groaned in displeasure as he was moved in the middle of his slumber. A sharp impact of cold reached through his sleepy haze, a deep comfort as well.

He tried to tell Minho to put him back on the perfectly comfortable bed he'd been sleeping in. Jinki was tired, he wanted to sleep in just a little longer. But nevertheless his body was moved. He shivered as the cold outside air hit him, the morning dew was thick. It didn't help that the man holding him was just as cool. This caused him to crack one eye open to see just what the hell was going on.

He made out Minho's face as it stared ahead and Jinki realized he was being held like a bride. When he turned his head he saw the small black Honda getting closer and prayed to some god that he didn't have to drive.

Thankfully he was placed in the back seat, the thick blanket Minho owned was thrown over him and he wrapped it close to fall back asleep. He felt the engine turn over, the steady thrum of the tires rolling over the black road. “Sorry my dear, go back to sleep.” he heard Minho's voice and felt a cold hand reach back to pat his head. Jinki sighed with content and did just that.

When he opened his eyes and saw light in the sky, bright light, he sat up in a panic. He was scared that his vampire was not okay, that somehow he would be burning up in the sunlight.

“Finally awake?” Minho glanced back at him. The first thing Jinki noticed was the purple bruises under the vampire's eyes. The second was that Minho's pupils were gleaming silver.

The third was the whole new terrain they were in. Before hand they'd been driving through thick forest on a lonely highway. The air was always thick, and the tall trees produced shade.

Now, Jinki saw wide open fields of wheat. Long yellow oceans swaying in the wind, still one highway. Only not so smooth black-top and mostly loose gravel. They'd traveled very far in the time Jinki had slept.

He climbed in to the front seat to join his lover. Minho had on sunglasses and black gloves, his leather jacket was zipped all the way up. With his covered up attire plus the dark tint of the windows, the vampire seemed to be just fine as he drove. Jinki didn't feel any pain coming from Minho or discomfort. So he tried to let the worry he'd had go.

“Where are we?” he settled in to the passenger seat, only his jeans on and no shirt. He flipped his hair out of his eyes and propped his feet on to the dash.

Minho shrugged and smiled, “No clue.”

“Well how long have you been driving?” Jinki smiled back. They could of only been driving for a day and a half maybe. He wondered where they were that the forest could disappear so fast.

“About four days I think.” Minho answered. Jinki saw the vampire lick his lips.

“Four days?!” Jinki gaped. He'd been asleep that long? How was that even possible?

“I tired you out. Sorry about that by the way. I kept checking to see if you were still alive because you slept so soundly. But you were, so I kept going.” Minho shrugged like it was no big deal.

But it kind of was a big deal. How had Jinki been sleeping for four fucking days how could he even be alive after four days of no food and water?

“I gave you some of my blood while you were out, I couldn't even wake you to drink anything.” Minho added on. The vampire reached for his lover's hand and interlocked their fingers.

Oh. So that was how.

Right on queue he felt his stomach notify him. Like he didn't know it had been starving. “Well can we stop somewhere so I can eat? I'm hungry.” he sighed and tried to let the information he'd just receive settle. But first his stomach needed to settle.

He looked up when Minho's claw harshly poked his hand; it stabbed in to the skin on top of his palm, right where his thumb connected to his wrist. He hissed in protest at first, but then he felt it.

He felt the real hunger that made his mouth water. It was Minho's hunger. And Jinki remembered that his vampire had purple bruised skin and silver eyes, it had been four days and the 12 pack was probably empty. Which meant Minho hadn't fed for a whole day and then some.

He let his lover pull the bleeding hand to his mouth, sucking on the skin with a deep groan.

“Pull over...” Jinki whispered. He wanted to let his vampire feed yes, but he didn't want them in danger either. Minho complied, letting go of Jinki's hand with his mouth but holding it close by. He quickly pulled the car to the side, off the road and parked it. He then got a tight grip on Jinki's hand and started drinking to his heart's content.

Jinki scooted closer, settling in Minho's lap and offering his neck to his hungry lover, who took it with a small whimper. “Sorry I slept so long” he offered an apology. Minho didn't answer him, he just squeezed his human closer and lapped up the blood he'd need for almost two days now.

When he was done he kissed the skin he'd bitten, adoring the punctured wounds as if they were love bites. Well they were technically bites but...yeah. Jinki turned his head to fully kiss Minho, feeling his gratitude and love being shared back and forth between them.

“Better?” he sucked in Minho's bottom lip with a lazy smile. His vampire nodded and decided to just hold his human in silence for a few minutes. He had honestly been worried when Jinki hadn't woken up after the first full day. He couldn't understand what had happened to his beautiful lover.

But he realized that first off, they'd have quite a fun night. How many times had Jinki cum; three times at least? Not to mention Minho had pushed his powerful influence on him as well.

And then there was the ingesting of vampire blood. That seemed to always make Jinki knock out for whatever reason. Weird human...

After the second day he'd tried to wake Jinki up by shaking him a bit. But no dice.

He once again worried that he would be the reason Jinki had to go to the hospital. He worried he was the reason for Jinki's pain and began to hate himself.

So he did his best to keep his human alive, knowing that Jinki might sleep even more after taking more vampire blood. But it would keep Jinki alive and that was what mattered.

The second day came and went. Minho stopped at a gas station to buy Jinki's favorite beef jerky. He hoped that his human would stir with the smell of it. His lover remained still.

By the third day he was down to his last cans of blood. He had to hold out until Jinki woke up or he spotted another store. He was sure they'd lost the lightning sprite trailing them because he couldn't taste the gray clouds above him like before.

Finally, in the middle of the fourth day his human had turned in his deep slumber. The sight of Jinki's open eyes was the sweetest image. The sound of his human's voice was like music to his ears. And the warm of Jinki's blood was just perfect.

“Do you want me to drive?” Jinki offered while snuggling in to Minho's arms in the front seat. The vampire placed small kisses over his human's face. He was so happy to see him awake again.

“It's fine. You just gave to me, continue to rest.” he grinned while Jinki pouted. He could just hear what the man in his lap was about to say.

“I'm pretty sure I've had enough rest. Thank you.” Minho liked Jinki's little attitude outbursts. They were cute and he was so sassy. Of course the sassy escalated as Minho laughed at Jinki's tantrums and didn't take the human seriously.

“Your welcome my dear, but I'm still going to drive.” and to show him he was, Minho moved his lover around easily and placed him in the passenger's seat. He could hear Jinki growling at him and weakly attempting to push Minho away and get to the driver's station. “You think I'm incapable but I'm not! I am perfectly rested and I can drive damn it!” Did Jinki just snap at him? Oh sweet Jinki.

He turned the key in the ignition despite Jinki's attitude spill and drove back on to the highway. He quickly peeked in to the rearview mirror as he sped off.

The sleek silver car was a dozen miles behind them. But it was still there.


They hadn't lost the lightning sprite. It was just wasn't as active as before. They still weren't safe yet.

He calmly traced the silver chain around his neck. Please BoA, he prayed, please contact me soon.

~ ~ ~

Kris remembered when they were younger, how his oldest sister used to ignore him.

She would never look at him, touch him, not even stay with in a few feet of him. She'd glare at him with such disgust it made little Kris tear up. “What you abomination?” she'd snarl when he'd look at her with pleading eyes.

He just wanted his big sister to like him, to play with him. A simple smile would do.

But he was shoved away, yelled at for being a murderer. How was a three year old supposed to understand what he'd done? Or what he'd been born as?

How was a small child like Kris supposed to understand that as a baby he'd thrown one fit, one nasty fit, and set their house in to flames?

Well he didn't. But that didn't stop his oldest sister from blaming him for it.

But he wasn't alone, not at all. As he sat on the ground at his sister's feet, whimpering as his heart broke, soft yet cold arms would pick him up. His head would be pressed against a soft chest, a fast heart beat thrumming loud enough for him to hear.

Victoria was the middle child. And like him, she'd been born different. She knew that a baby had no control over the way he was, what was a part of him. She was there to wipe his tears away, kiss his tender eyes and pat his back till he fell asleep. Victoria was his guardian, his protector.

As they got a little bit older, and outlived their oldest sibling by decades, Victoria finally told him exactly what he was. He was a sprite, he was immortal, and he could control fire. That was why their sister hated them, why they'd aged so much slower. Kris had been an infant for far too long, Victoria a teenager since he could remember. They were different.

“I don't want to be different! Toria make me normal!” he begged. His fingers tangled in to her brown locks and tugged, hoping it would make her help him in some way. She smoothed his black locks back, pecking his forehead and comforting him.

Eventually he accepted it. He had to. There was nothing to do. He was going to live forever after all, might as well enjoy it right?

The first time he used his powers, it was in Victoria's presence. He tried to set a small daisy a flame. He'd missed and burned his sister's hand. When she'd cried out in pain, a streak of lightning had broken out across the skies.

His hair had turned a shade lighter, a blonde strand grew out in the middle of Victoria's mane. Over time, the more they practiced the better they got. And their appearances altered as well. Kris' hair settled on a golden orange, his eyes turning red. Victoria's hair was ice-blonde, and her eyes a silver white.

Kris learned to love himself, understand that he was powerful beyond reason. And his oldest sister was nothing but a piece of meat he should have fried for dinner years ago.

So decades went by, centuries. He and his sister stayed ageless, stuck at their bodies matured stage and wandering from place to place living boring lives and not knowing what to do with themselves.

That was until a water Sprite named Suho found them. A calm and collected person, with a cool personality. He had an array of blue and silver hair, his eyes so rich and deep blue Kris wanted to swim in them. Suho complimented them on their powers, that they were impressive but “juvenile”. He offered them a place to stay and to be their teacher. He'd show them the full extent of their abilities, and how to increase the force of them as well.

All in exchange for something as simple as a few diamonds. And that was when Kris learned just how beautiful and breathtaking the stones could be. How all jewels and rare metals could be, every single one made his mouth water and his need for power increased.

They learned how to hunt unpure sprites, how to kill them and tear out their hearts. The more hearts you ate, the stronger you became. Kris killed a dozen or so unpure fire sprites; ones that had once been human and turned. He found the more he ate the easier it was to control his powers. Victoria ate more than him, but she'd always been greedy like that.

Their time with Suho made the siblings learn what they truly were. They were monsters.

Kris and Victoria loved being monsters.

~ ~ ~

Jinki only let Minho drive for one more day. He was never going to admit that he had become a little weak after the feeding. But he stayed put in the passenger seat and enjoyed playing with both Minhp's cold fingers and the dials on the radio. The music was so random out in the middle of nowhere.

But after that day was up, Jinki demanded he take over the wheel. So after briefly stopping by a liquor store that only carried fruity blood in bottles and grabbing some food for the road, Jinki hopped back behind the steering wheel and took off with Minho stuffed in to the trunk.

And they drove like that for a few days. Maybe five or so.

It was probably five. Because third day Jinki had to make another stop to grab more food, they had a quickie in the back seat again, and then two days later Jinki realized they were being followed.

He hadn't been sure at first. Since they were stuck on a lonely highway, the car could simply be going the same way. But on the sixth day, he noticed the silver car stopping when they did. They would drive ahead of them and Jinki would think he was mistaken.

But then after a few minutes back on the road the same silver car would appear behind them. He told Minho about it when he was sure of it.

He felt frustrated that Minho had already known and hadn't said anything about it.

“You didn't think I needed to know?” he asked quietly as he rested in his vampire's arms. His vampire stayed silent so he asked again, “Why didn't you just tell me?” Minho sighed, and the human could feel the vampire's guilt.

“I just didn't want to worry you. I was thinking of ways to deal with it on my own.” he explained. He was surprised to feel Jinki's lush lips moving against his own. He was drawn in to the kiss and left a little breathless when suddenly Jinki's mouth abandoned him.

“You should tell me these things Minho. Don't keep things from me.” the human's brow was knitted with disappointment.

“I don't want to worry you though. I just wanted to deal with it on my own.” the vampire argued back.

Jinki stared down at him with steady eyes. It always made Minho nervous when his human looked that way. Like he was so sober. His gaze would be so steady that the vampire knew something very serious and important was about to be said.

“I thought we were bound to each other Minho.” his voice was so solemn and quiet. Minho actually squirmed in his seat. Not many people made him squirm.

We are. I just-”

“You said. You were the one who said we are bound to each other. That we would be like this for the rest of our lives. That I will always belong to you, and you will always belong to me. Correct?”

Yes of course. But I-”

“No buts.” and the way Jinki cupped his face made Minho feel so young and inexperienced. Because in reality he was. He'd never been committed so someone like he was to Jinki. It seemed even if he was physically the stronger of the two, he was the one who needed guidance. And it showed because time and time again Jinki had to teach the vampire that they were now equals, that they were partners in many ways. He had to make his young lover understand that he wanted to be there for him, that he wanted to share in the pain and misfortune. If they worked together, then things wouldn't be so bad.

“We're mated Minho. We're in a relationship. Keeping things from me is not okay. This was a small thing, so I'll let it go. But if you keep anything else from me, if you continue to keep things from me, I'll consider it to be lying. And that will break my trust with you and I trust you with my life. Do not put my feelings or my trust for you in jeopardy. Understand?” he never wanted to put anything that was a part of Jinki in jeopardy.

Minho felt like he was being reprimanded by his mother. But he knew Jinki was right, he understood perfectly. He kissed Jinki and nodded quickly.

“No lies. Tell you everything. I understand dear Jinki.” he felt more at ease when Jinki smiled at him and snuggled under his chin.

“So tell me what your plan is then.” his human chirped. Minho sighed and hugged his human closer. There was the major side of himself that really didn't want Jinki to worry about the dark details. But there was also the minor side of him that worried about whether or not his human could handle the truth. The real truth that is.

The truth was that vampires were not the only things that went bump in the night, and the truth was that Minho probably had to kill one of those things to protect them from the threat in the silver car.

“Would you hate me, if I had to kill for you?” he asked.

Jinki pulled away from his embrace and looked at Minho with a tilted head. “Kill? The people in the car following us?”

Minho shook his head, because that wasn't exactly it. It was far more complicated than that. He had to basically kill an innocent earth sprite, he had to steal their powers, otherwise they didn't stand a chance against the ones following them. Either that, or he had to steal diamonds or gold, probably injure some humans while he was at it, and offer them to their trackers.

And in the end he might have to do both. Would Jinki still trust Minho with his life if he did all that?

Would Jinki still love him?

“Minho,” his lover whispered. There he went again holding the vampire's face like he was small. He closed his eyes as Jinki pressed an assuring kiss to his forehead, “Tell me everything. I want to know. I want to help you. Stop worrying and tell me.”

And he would have to. He would have to tell Jinki everything right? Because they were bound together forever. They were in a relationship and being honest was a part of being committed so someone.

Please don't hate me, he prayed as he opened his mouth to speak.

~ ~ ~

“Dodo.” Victoria reached over and shook her little brother out of his sleep. The fire sprite's temperature spiked as he woke up and glanced to her. “Hm?” he answered with a sleepy yawn.

She pressed down on the gas petal and let their car zoom forward, her eyes piercing. She zoned in on the black car far ahead of them and noted that the human driving in face was glancing back at her car through the rear view mirror. Victoria smiled and she felt excited.

“I think they've caught on to us.” she informed Kris. His brow flew up in surprise and he too stared ahead to have a look. After a moment he too grinned widely.

“When do we strike?” he asked with a tone of equal excitement. Victoria almost wanted to pat Kris' head of orange hair and tell him how good a boy he was. They may have had their fight, and they may have been a little behind for a few days, but things were starting to turn over in their favor.

“Soon little dodo.” she nodded to herself and relaxed her foot on the gas, the car slowing down a bit.

“Hey dodo, ever had a vampire's heart before?” she added on while reaching for her designer sunglasses. She stolen them from some rich hag in the last hotel they'd stayed in. Kris shook his head while adjusting his seat to stand up right.

“Do you want to try one?” she offered with the implication that her little brother could have this Choi's heart once they caught them. Kris smirked and nodded. “And then I can drink his human after wards.” he licked his lips as if he already possessed the hunger to do so.

“Like getting a new phone and trying out an app!” Victoria chided. The sibling chuckled together.

“I really would like to try it though. Give me some new powers. You'll help me Toria?” he looked over to her with eyes he'd used ever since he was small.

Victoria felt the need to kill the vampire spark a fire in her veins. If her little brother wanted Choi's heart, she would make sure he got it. “Of course Kris. Whatever you want.”

Kris and Victoria loved being monsters.

A/N: So that was fun right? No? Maybe? Anywho I hope you enjoyed, and please feel free to let me know what you thought about this chapter. Oh and just so you know, the real shit is about to go down. hopefully I can write a full fledged fight scene well and not screw up. Yup. Thank you for reading!

Date: 2013-09-25 08:59 am (UTC)
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From: [identity profile]
Eeeeeep! I loved this chapter! ♡

Date: 2013-09-25 07:14 pm (UTC)
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thank you lovely ^^;

Date: 2013-09-25 09:01 am (UTC)
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A very smooth and hard cock poking at his entrance had his eyes shooting open. The fire was all around him, full of blazing heat and he begged Minho to stop. He couldn't take anymore, it was too much.
“No Minho please!” he felt tears prick his eyes as the vampire bucked his hips and buried himself balls deep in to his lover. “T-too much! I can't!”
With every deep and powerful thrust Jinki moaned for Minho to stop, his nerves were on overload. He wasn't sure if he was going to come again or if his mind was going to black out. Minho, being the dead man with forever stamina that he was, lasted a very long time.
Eventually Jinki stopped moaning loudly, stopped panting for the vampire to stop. He laid there, limp and lifeless as small gasps left his slack mouth and Minho continued to fuck him beyond reparation.

That's actually the textbook definition of rape and I'm really, truly disturbed that this is somehow supposed to be viewed as sexual and appealing. A warning would be nice. Not glorifying a heinous, vulgar act would be nicer.

Date: 2013-09-25 06:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
So I re-read this scene over and over again. And at first I thought 'I don't see where they're coming from. I didn't write this scene as rape." but just because I didn't write it as rape doesn't make it not so right?

But as I continued reading over it and asking some friends for feedback, I can see where I've fallen short. Jinki said no, Minho kept going even as Jinki continued to protest. I literally smacked myself in the head, no means no and in this situation Minho should have stopped. I failed to write about how Jinki was overly sensitive yet enjoying himself. (I mean in my mind it was all laid out and Minho could feel Jinki's emotions so everything was good but I suck yeah) I've made a mistake. I apologize. my intentions were never to write a textbook rape scene or to disturb you. I never thought a warning was needed. I never ever wanted to glorify this type of act, I do not condone it in any way. But obviously I am at fault because you were offended. And for that I apologize.

You may take this however you like, but I'm sincerely apologizing. I hope in the future we can get along.
If you would like to PM to discuss this further or just to tell me off (I get it I messed up) please feel free to do so.

In the end I'd like to thank you for your input. Thank you.

Date: 2013-09-26 04:27 am (UTC)
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I don't know why you think I like hate you or whatever. I don't. I just don't enjoy reading rape scenes, especially in a context where it is distorted and meant to be something it isn't aka nice, loving, beautiful, desired ect. Glorified rape is far too common of a problem in fanfiction (not just yours, I see this literally all the time) and it only serves to desensitize people to the reality of rape, rape culture and victim blaming.
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