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Title: Fang Bang Bar: Yours To Keep
Chapter One
Rating: NC-17 over all
Summary: Minho never thought he'd fall in love. Especially with a human. That was the rule; don't fall in love with humans because they die and you're left with nothing. But then Lee Jink came along. Everything about Jinki is beautiful. What's a vampire to do? Pray that the heavens don't want Jinki, so he can keep this human for himself.
A/N: Third Part to the Fang Bang Bar series which you can find here & here.

Note: If you haven't read the Prologue, please do so! Or not...just be confused. It's all good with me~

He was trying to remember what soda he was supposed to get. He was pretty sure it was the orange flavored one...but then again it could be the grape one. His eyes scanned back and forth between the two. One second he was sold on the orange flavor, the next he was doubting that decision and looking over the purple bottle instead.

He sighed heavily and just grabbed both. With the wad of cash in his pocket it didn't really matter did it? With the two slim bottles in hand he walked over to the snack aisle and started deciding between beef jerky flavors next.

He could feel the cashier's eyes on him. He was the only customer inside at the moment. He couldn't believe that at 3 in the morning no one was awake and trying to buy snacks. Really. The whole convenience store was empty, save for him and the cashier. Some tacky song played over the rusty speakers, the fluorescent light made everything super intense to his eyes. His gaze fell upon a pack of spicy jerky and on instinct he grabbed it.

When he finally made it to the counter and set his three items down he jumped up slightly and snapped his fingers. He couldn't forget the blood!

Throwing the cashier and apologetic look he skipped to the back. Next to the beer, was the blood. It came in cans and bottles now, even 12 packs. All them being some form of O type, but coming in different kinds like sugary sweet and fantastically fruity.

He grabbed a 12 pack of the original O type, cans of course, and headed back to the front.

The cashier couldn't be more rude. He openly glared at him and then at the 12 pack of blood.

“Your a vampire?” the snotty teenager with pimple problems asked with a lot of attitude.

“And if I am?” he sneered, leaning forward with an 'I dare you' look. The cashier seemed to size him up for a moment before biting his tongue and scanning the items.

It came quickly, hitting him in the gut. He had to clench his teeth to concentrate. The emotion racked through his body like it was his own, even though it wasn't. He felt like doing something...violent to this kid. How dare he question him, and glare at him. He could tear this kid a knew asshole.

He took in a deep breath and calmed himself. He had to counter it quickly, otherwise he really would act on this wave of emotion. With effort, he handed over the cash needed and took his bags and blood case with a pleasant smile. He kind of ran out because he didn't want to risk any more waves coming over him.

The black car was parked far away from the small store. All black with tinted windows; a dead giveaway that it belonged to the undead. He hugged the jacket around himself as the cold howl of the night wind pushed against his skin. He couldn't deny that the night was indeed beautiful though. The stars were so bright out in this expanse of country. In places like this, with the stars so prominent and shining, he didn't mind sleeping in the car so much.

He pulled open the driver's door and hopped in quickly, slamming the door shut behind him.

“Calm down.” he told the man seated in the passenger's seat.

Minho looked at him and rolled his eyes.

“You should have at least hit him.” the vampire chuckled with the dark thought.

“You're too protective. He wasn't even threatening me.” Jinki almost wanted to smile at how jealous his vampire could get. Any little thing and Minho was ready to snap someone's neck.

“But you felt uncomfortable, therefore I felt uncomfortable. Remember we're-”

“Bound together as one. I know Minho. I know.” Jinki smiled easily and tossed the grocery bag in to the vampire's lap. He loved finishing Minho's sentences now. He couldn't help it, after all they were bound together.

It had been six months of this life with Minho. Being claimed by him, being his lover and his possession. Jinki belonged to Minho, and he loved it honestly.

He couldn't really remember what had happened after his head had been split open on the ceiling, he just woke up in the hospital. His head wrapped and a paler than usual Minho by his side. Jinki had asked what was going on, were his parents there to see him, when he could go.

But Minho didn't want to answer any of his questions until they were completely alone.

At the time Jinki had still been pissed at Minho. For one the vampire was the cause of him actually being in the hospital with what felt like a splitting headache, and two the conversation before all of that was still fresh in his mind.

So it came as quite the surprise when after all the nurses stopped fussing over Jinki, and they were completely alone, that Minho leaned in close to him and whispered in to his ear,

I love you and I apologize for getting so angry. I apologize for causing you harm. You make me an emotional wreck. I want to be with you. Yes, Jinki, I have feelings for you. Please don't deny me. I want us to be bound together, I want us to become one.

Well then.

Jinki couldn't even help himself. All the anger he'd felt before suddenly became extinct. Relief was what he felt, happiness as well. A little bit of confusion and surprise but those didn't really matter. He quickly leaned in and kissed the vampire, wrapping his arms around Minho's neck and savoring the way he was held tenderly.

He called his parents and talked to them briefly. Yes he lied to them, his work, and to the doctors. He didn't like the way his doctor eyed Minho with suspicion. No he'd definitely fallen down the stairs of his apartment building. He was luck that this vampire had been there to take him to the hospital. There were no bruises all over his body? Well that was because this vampire had run up and caught him before any more damage could be done. Definitely.

After three days in the hospital Jinki was dismissed. He and the doctors were scratching their heads in wonder as to how he had healed so fast. Even if it was only one crack to his skull, it was a deep and ugly one. He had a feeling the dead man next to him had something to do with it, but he didn't ask until they were safely in Minho's personal car.

Minho had given Jinki his blood. As in sliced open his wrist and let the red liquid drip in to Jinki's mouth. That was what had helped him heal so fast, that was why Jinki was mostly alive.

“Does that mean I'm a vampire?!” he stared in horror. He wasn't even ready to make a commitment like that yet. Wasn't there are vote or something? A quiz he had to take at least...

No, Minho explained, he wasn't a vampire. There was a hole technical procedure for that, and Minho didn't want to perform that. He didn't think he was mature enough to do so, not yet.

“I want us to bond our blood.” Minho requested with a solemn stare. This meant that Minho would put some of his blood in to a cup along with some of Jinki's, mix it up, and then they'd each drink some of it. Then they would be bonded. When Jinki did this, he would be officially be Minho's. As in they would be mentally and physically connected. Every other being would be able to smell Minho on Jinki and vice verse. They would have absolute loyalty for one another.

It was a vampire's way of claiming a mate.

And Jinki agreed.

The blood didn't taste as bad as he thought it would. It wasn't fruit punch or anything, but it was doable.

After they both drank from the cup (a red solo one), Jinki felt instantly groggy. He knocked out in the back of Minho's car. And when he woke up he was in Minho's room at Fang Bang Bar. He never returned to work, he never called his parents to tell them he was out of the hospital, or even text his friends to tell them where he was and that he was okay.

Those things didn't cross his mind.

All he could think about, all he was aware of, was the beautiful creature that lay next to him. He was Minho's. Minho was his. They were bound to one another and a great pleasure over came him with that knowledge. He kissed Minho with hunger and a new found sense of confidence. Because there was no need to fear or doubt the vampire's feelings for him. He could feel Minho's love for him coursing through his veins. Minho's love was in his blood.

That was six months ago.

Six months had gone by, and Jinki was till on cloud 9.

Just as Jinki opened up his bag of beef jerky, Minho reached out and stopped him. He looked up to his vampire with a pout because he'd been craving these all week.

“I know,” Minho read the wave of emotion sent to him, “but I'm hungry.” he licked his lips and placed the grape bottle of soda in Jinki's hands.

“Right now?” he asked in disbelief. They were in the middle of a parking lot. Couldn't Minho wait until they at least parked somewhere secluded? Or until they found a motel to stay in?

He felt Minho's hunger, his need to drink something warm and he didn't wait for an answer. The want to satisfy his lover was overwhelming. He was loyal to Minho now.

Jinki sighed and popped off the cap, quickly chugging down what he could before taking a breath. He pushed at the face that got extremely close. Minho would have to wait a freaking second for the sugar to disperse damn it.

Minho liked sugary blood this way, not the crap they made in the cans. It was too sweet for him he said. But just after a human had consumed a soda? Apparently it was like dessert for him.

Jinki winked at the vampire who glared at him before guzzling down some more. The instant his lips left the bottle again, he felt the prick of fangs sinking in to his neck. Minho tugged the collar of Jinki's shirt over his shoulder, knowing that the human hated when his clothes got stained.

Jinki sucked on his bottom lip. He loved that it was him who Minho bit in to. That he was the one, the only one, Minho would ever feed on again.

He groaned as the feeling of ecstasy flooded his senses. It happened every time Minho drank from him now. Part of the feeling was his own, the other was Minho's. He could feel how the vampire was enjoying himself, how Minho was getting horny. And the more Minho felt that way, Jinki felt that way. So the emotions got tossed back and forth, multiplying until they couldn't take it anymore.

Minho rapidly licked at the wound he'd created, lapping up any spilled blood on Jinki's exposed shoulder. He sucked lightly on the soft skin. In turn Jinki leaned closer so he could place open mouthed kisses on his lover's ear. Their soft make out session quickly turned heated, and their tongues mixed together. It didn't take long for Jinki to submit, he wanted to anyways, and Minho to press him against the driver's window.

“Minho...” Jinki breathed with hooded eyes. Minho quickly ripped the annoying clothes hiding his lover's body from his eyes, the shreds of cloth falling from his black claws to the car floor. He yanked on Jinki's legs, bringing his human closer and immediately taking a mouth full of thigh and sucking harshly. His lips engulfed as much it could, moving up when he'd left nice red marks where he wanted. He moved upward to Jinki's hardening length, teasing the skin around it carefully with his extended fangs.

“I love you” Jinki gasped and threaded his fingers in to Minho's mop of hair. The vampire left a love bite on the tender skin and crawled over his human. He didn't mind the tight space, he only focused on the flustered and in need beauty beneath him. Everything about Jinki was beautiful.

His human panted and reached for him, already hard and ready for Minho to touch him in anyway he desired. Jinki was Minho's for the taking.

Minho tugged down his pants just blow his knees, he opened Jinki's legs as much as possible before he pushed in to him. The heat was still tight, but it was welcoming nonetheless. It sucked him in and he loved it. He sank his teeth back in to Jinki's neck. He tried to match his thrusts with Jinki's rapid heartbeat, he felt his human's wave of pleasure heating up his own cold body.

Dear Jinki,” Minho growled low in to his human's ear. He bucked his hips harder, trying to get deeper in to the warmth that he loved so much. Jinki's toes were curling at the sensation, his nails scratching in to the back of Minho's skull. The gear lever of the car was digging in to his back in a very uncomfortable way but Minho's dick felt incredibly good. Mind over matter really. He didn't mind the stabbing pain the middle of his back when all that mattered was the sweet friction of Minho's girth against his tight walls.

Jinki groaned in pleasure as he got close, causing Minho to grunt back. That was another pro of being bound together. Their orgasms were almost always in sync. The cycle of physical emotions kept running through them at the same time. Minho could feel Jinki on the edge, Jinki could feel Minho about to burst.

His human let out a raspy and broken cry as he came, “Fuck” and at the same time Minho growled and came inside of Jinki. They both enjoyed feeling each other's orgasms in their own bodies. It was absolute bliss to Jinki, his senses were drowned out in his and Minho's climax.

Minho gingerly licked at Jinki's tired face, kissing over the eyes that began to close with exhaustion. Really he wanted to go another round or two. But he felt Jinki's tired state, his contentment with the situation. So Minho pressed one last lazy kiss to full lips before pulling out.

He used a piece of Jinki's torn shirt to clean them off. So much for not getting blood stains on it, before tugging up his own pants and getting out of the car to go to the trunk. They kept extra clothes there. The ripping of Jinki's clothes happened quite often.

When changed in to a soft pair of sweats, Minho put his sleepy human in the back seat to lay down. He got in to the driver's seat and started up the car, taking them off to some abandoned field or lot where they could sleep for the night.

He found a gravel lot with weeds growing around the edges, he parked in the dark corner of it. He pulled out a thick black blanket, designed just for his kind, and climbed in to the back seat to join his lover. Jinki only shuddered at the feeling of the icy marble touching his warm skin and then welcomed Minho's embrace. The vampire pillowed his human's head with his arm, wrapping his other arm tightly around the soft waist. Their legs entangled and Minho kissed Jinki's forehead goodnight.

~~Four Months Earlier~~

“This makes you brother in law.”

Jinki chocked on his drink and started to laugh lightly. Minho chuckled beside him as well, but shoved at the shorter vampire who was sitting with them. They were seated at the empty bar of Fang Bang. It was closed hours and all the lights in the place were on.

Compared to when Jinki had first walked in to Fang Bang, the place wasn't so mysterious and creepy looking. He saw that the walls were painted black, but it needed a new paint job. The booths needed some new cushions, and the floor a good mop. Over all it looked like a crappy bar. Just with beautiful people inside it.

“Did you just come to that conclusion Kim? Two months?” Minho shook his head at his best friend. The short vampire nodded with an idiotic smile and scooted closer to his said brother in law.

“You've been bound to Minho for two months already?” Jonghyun gasped in surprise. Jinki blushed but nodded. He busied his mouth with his bottle of grape soda. It was mostly what he'd been drinking these days. That and water really. His vampire had been really strict about Jinki's eating habits now that he was going to be his only feeding source. Before their bond Minho had indeed been feeding on other humans through out the week, he had to. But now he wouldn't be able to. Tasting just the way his vampire liked was the least Jinki could do.

Plus he liked grape soda.

“To think that little Choi has a mate” Jonghyung purred with a wicked grin, “one person who actually tied him down. Amazing.”

“Your sense of sarcasm isn't very funny.” Minho retorted. His long black claws grazed the back of Jinki's neck. The human shuddered lightly and gulped down more of his soda.

Jonghyun slung a friendly arm around Jinki's shoulders. Minho's chest rumbled with a warning growl, causing Jinki to share his feeling and glare at the brunette vampire. Jonghyun's arm retreated, “Scary...”

Suddenly the happy smile left Jonghyun's features completely as he mumbled under his breath, “Two months...” and stared at Minho with caution.

“So you talked to BoA yet? She'll want to know that you're bonded...” Jonghyun mentioned casually.

He said it casually, but his movements became very careful as he moved away. Jinki felt Minho's emotions slam in to his body hard and fast, a gallon of panic dumped in to his stomach. Jonghyun hopped up from his stool next to Jinki and went behind the bar. He fiddled around with some bottles in the back. Jinki quickly realized that the vampire was choosing between different bottles of blood. The thick red liquid sloshed around in the clear bottles as Jonghyun picked between them.

Jonghyun put a tall martini glass on the bar and poured a generous amount inside. As he headed in to the back to get something, Minho watched him with an angry look. When the vampire was finally gone, Minho turned to Jinki with a worried look. They sat in silence for a quick moment.

“They came by again last night.” the vampire said suddenly as he pulled Jinki off his stool to lean in to Minho's arms. His human nuzzled his neck and mirrored his sigh. He knew what the vampire was talking about. Key and Taemin had been coming by Fang Bang Bar every couple of nights, asking if anyone had seen Jinki or Minho. The vampires weren't ones to rat out their own kind. They lied and said Minho hadn't been back for weeks. No human named Jinki either.

Humans didn't exactly know what bonding was. They new what vampires were of course, they knew that vampires were dark creatures who needed blood to live. Did humans know every little detail about vampires yet? No. Humans were unaware that a vampire could physically and mentally bind them to each other, that humans could be a vampire's loyal mate with out their permission.

Not that vampires wanted to just go about making every human who tasted good bound to them. Vampires wanted a willing candidate, someone who voluntarily said, “I want to be your permanent food source.” or something like that.

But leave it to the mortals to make a big deal out of shit.

So Minho advised Jinki not to tell his family just yet. To wait until they were more stable as a mated couple. As time went on, and once Minho was able to renew their bond a few times, it would be easier to stay away from each other. Their waves of emotions and the need to be beside one another could be controlled later on. They just had to wait a little longer. And Jinki knew Minho had the best intentions, so he agreed with out doubt.

Not that it didn't hurt a tiny bit. He felt a tiny bit guilty that his parents hadn't heard from him for two months. He also knew that Taemin and Key probably felt like it was their fault Jinki was missing. It must have scared the crap out of little Taemin, waking up and not finding your friend where you'd left him. And then figuring out that he wasn't at home either.

Yeah it hurt a tiny bit. But in time good things would come. He'd tell his friends what had happened, they'd probably freak out, and then he'd show them that he was no different and their lives would move on. Only he'd have a vampire for a lover.

The gentle clearing of a throat caught the couples attention and they released each other. In front of the curtain leading to the back rooms stood a very beautiful woman. She was short and petite, her beauty was discrete but her eyes were not. BoA was a very old vampire, but unlike most who had black eyes, she had permanent silver ones. Her fangs were almost always out. In fact Jinki couldn't recall once seeing the long teeth depart from her bottom lip.

“Choi.” she greeted Minho with a tilt of her head. Jinki always felt nervous around BoA. He didn't want to do anything wrong or stupid in front of someone Minho so greatly respected.

“Hello Miss.” the vampire greeted his boss with the flash of a bright smile. BoA didn't return it. Instead she frowned. Her silver gaze shifted from the other vampire in the room, to the only human present.

“You're a very common face here.” she hissed at Jinki. He felt his palms sweating and he held on to Minho's arms for support. The vampire felt Jinki's nerves, tried to counter them with a calm kiss to his temple. But as BoA came closer to them, Jinki felt his heart pounding around in his chest. As the female vampire finally reached them and held up one finger, Jinki began to feel uneasy. And it wasn't his own emotion, it was Minho's. And that made him far more nervous.

BoA leaned forward, her eyes locked on Jinki's. “I just want to make sure of something,” her lips formed a small smile as her sharp black clawed finger descended and poked lightly at Jinki's cheek.

The snarl that ripped through Minho's bared teeth was deafening. His fangs unsheathed so quickly and became the longest that Jinki had ever seen them, Minho's eyes flashed bright silver to match BoA's as he put a firm arm around Jinki's waist.

BoA in turn hissed back with rage and grabbed at Minho's throat. Her mouth wide and her teeth growing at least double in size. “How dare you.” she breathed over the young vampire's raged face.

Don't touch him.” Minho ordered. He stood up, towering over his boss. Despite his height, BoA didn't back down, she grabbed at his throat again and yanked his head down to her level.

“You've lost your mind Choi. I was checking to make sure the rumors weren't true,” her free hand slivered in to Minho's hair and pulled tightly to make the vampires head snap back, “but I can see now that they are.”

Rumors? Jinki wondered for a second. And suddenly the image of a cautious Jonghyun retreating in to the back flashed through his mind.

“You know the law Choi. You can't just go binding a human to you because you like him damn it.” her silver eyes glanced at Jinki for a split second and he thought he'd piss his pants. She was talking about their bond. It was true that Jinki didn't know much about vampire rules, but he didn't think that he and Minho mating was against anything.

Minho grunted as his head was pulled back further, BoA getting so close she could kiss him.

“I should rip your head off and eat your fucking heart.” she sighed. For a moment Jinki feared that she was going to do exactly that. But suddenly she released Minho and stepped away. Her fangs retracted a bit and she glared at Minho with a look of thought.

“I have to tell the king. You know I do. You didn't ask for permission and it will be my head if I don't tell him.” she explained with a creased brow. Her silver eyes once again landed on the scared human.

“Does he taste that good?” she mused with a small smirk. Minho shook his head and laughed lightly. Jinki thought that was kind of rude...

“I love him.” Minho confessed with confidence. BoA actually laughed in his face and shook her head. She turned away from the young vampire, raking her long claws through her hair. “Love is impossible.”

“Well I do. And I wanted him. I apologize for not getting permission but-”

“But nothing Choi! You broke the law! You made a blood bond with a human and you kept it a secret from me and your maker for two months!” her head whipped around and her eyes could have shoot lasers. She looked annoyed, angry and completely conflicted. “Did you think I wouldn't find out? Did you think you could just keep going, wait until the bond was strong enough so you two could walk around unnoticed? I'm supposed to kill both you and your human for what you've done.”

Minho was suddenly at Jinki's side, a good distance from BoA. He quickly made Jinki hug him from behind, wrapping his human's arms around his waste. Jinki could feel the instinct to protect, the want to run away. Minho wanted to protect Jinki. He could feel the devotion Minho had for him running in his veins. Jinki returned the feeling, letting Minho know he was ready to die for the vampire if need be.

“Once the sun sets, get in your car and take your human away.”

Minho tilted his head in confusion. “What?”

“I'm not going to stop you if you run away. And I'm not going to hunt you down either. But once others know about this I can't promise they won't come after you. You know them, always trying to please the king to gain more power.” Jinki heard BoA sigh again, followed by the sound of a crisp jingle in the air. Minho caught something.

“Keep this. I'll get in contact with you when its more safe. I'll try and talk to him, maybe set up a meeting or trial in Disturbia. But until then, get away.” BoA's voice was soft now, no trace of anger or frustration to be found. Minho muttered a thank you and then forced Jinki to piggy-back him. With a flash of movement and rush of air they were inside Minho's room. Jinki stared at the vampire dumbly as he dashed about the room quickly. It took a second before the man realized Minho was packing.

“What just happened?” he asked in a small voice.

“We have to leave. We won't be safe here.” Minho answered but didn't look at him. The vampire was grabbing clothes from a dresser, stuffing silver necklaces in to a thick duffel bag. Jinki frowned and stepped closer to his lover, his hand reaching for Minho's shoulder. The vampire turned quickly and grabbed Jinki's hand before it touched him and stared down in to the human's eyes with regret.

“I'm sorry. I know you were waiting until we were more stable so you could see your family and friend's again. But things have changed. I didn't think about these consequences. I'm taking you with me.” and for the first time since they'd been bonded Jinki doubted Minho. And he felt guilty as he saw the spark of hurt in his vampire's eyes when he felt Jinki's emotion.

“I didn't ask for permission to bond with you. I didn't go to my maker and get permission, so my punishment should be death by order of the vampire king.” Minho thought that if he explained more that Jinki would doubt him less. But the taste of uncertainty was still in his mind.

“Vampire king? Death just for a tiny rule being broken?” Jinki asked with a pout. It really didn't seem to be that big of a deal.

Minho shook his head,“Death for betrayal. Vampires see things as black and white when it comes to our laws. Either you broke the rule or you didn't.”

And according to BoA's words, Minho had definitely broken a law. So what now? They just run away forever? Jinki never gets to return to his home and see his family or friends again?

“BoA will have to report me, tell both my maker and the king. There'll be a hunt for us within a weeks time. While we're being hunted BoA will try and get a trial set up for me. If it's approved then the hunt will be called off and BoA will contact me. It'll be safe then for us to go to the trial and state our case.”

Minho was done packing and explaining for the moment as he zipped up the bag and grabbed for Jinki's hand. The vampire lead him outside where the sun had already gone down and the sky was a dark blue. They walked to Minho's car with a brisk pace. The vampire rarely ever used the automobile, since he could run to his house rather quickly. But he kept it in case he had to travel across the country or something in a bit of hurry with out tiring himself out. He knew it would come of use someday.

“You have a Honda?” Jinki almost wanted to laugh. His dark and mysterious vampire owned a regular black Honda. Amazing. The tint was so black you couldn't see inside at all.

“Does it matter?” Minho scoffed back and threw the duffel bag in to the trunk. Jinki shook his head and got in to the front seat. His lover got in a second later, turning the engine over immediately and driving out of the parking lot with a loud screetch. Jinki fiddled with his thumbs nervously.

“How long do we have to run for? Where are we going to go?” he whispered in to the silent air. Of course Minho heard him and glanced at Jinki with his peripheral vision. He reached over and gently held his human's hand. “I'm going to protect you. No matter what. The trial will come through and everything will be fine. Just trust me okay? I love you.”

How could he not trust Minho when he could feel his sincerity with in his own heart? The way Minho said he loved Jinki, the way he looked at Jinki...

He felt Minho's love for him, pulsing in his own heartbeat and in his own blood.

“I love you.” he answered back with a small smile. And the black Honda ran down the long road to nowhere.

~~ Present ~~

He didn't feel a heartbeat, or hear a soft snore when he opened his eyes. He saw black interior of the back seat. He smelled the beef jerky he'd craved the night before. He felt the shockingly cold arms wrapped around his torso tightly.

“Minho?” he croaked and tried to turn over. The arms around him flexed and all the air was pushed out of his lungs. His fists tried to hit and push the restraint away but the grip only intensified. He was going to be crushed and ripped in half by his vampire. The burn for oxygen made him struggle with panic, his eyes going wide as he opened his mouth and tried to breath. He gasped, trying to call for Minho to stop.

Bright silver pupils looked him straight in the eye, and Minho grinned as he dug his claws in to Jinki's flesh and tore him in half. The pain racked through Jinki's body and he screamed—

“Jinki wake up.” Minho's voice whispered in to his ear. He sat up quickly and tried to control the spasms of his chest. He clutched the part of his stomach where he'd felt the claws tearing him open. His skin was fully in tact, and Minho was sitting idle behind him and not trying to kill him.

It was just a dream. A very scary one.

Jinki wiped the sweat from his brow and threw the silent vampire an apologetic look. Minho was always breath taking, no matter what state he was in. But Jinki took a moment, after calming his hyperventilating, to take in his beautiful lover now.

Minho's usual leather jacket was no where to be found, his shaggy hair was sloppy and untamed. Although Minho didn't sleep, the vampire looked extremely relaxed as if he had been dreaming, his lips in a small downturn and his eyelids heavy. He still wore his black skin tight jeans with a heavy silver buckle, matching a long silver chain he wore on his neck.

It was the chain BoA had given him, to contact them when the time was right.

Minho ran a lazy hand through his locks before pulling Jinki to lay on his chest. “You had a nightmare?” his lips grazed Jinki's earlobe subtly.

His human nodded and turned to cuddle in to the marble like body. “About?”

“You tore me in half, you killed me.” Jinki sighed and tried to erase the terrible image in his head.

“I would never.” Minho almost let out a growl but held it back in his throat. The man in his arms laughed under his breath, “I know you wouldn't. It was just a dream.” he arched his neck up to receive a soft kiss from soft lips. That was when he noticed Minho's eyes were silver just like in his dreams. It didn't scare him though, in reality he knew what it meant. He reached over Minho's body to the car floor and searched around until he found the six pack he'd bought the night before.

“We should start driving,” he offered the can of blood to his vampire, “here.”

“I'd rather have you.” Minho scowled at the aluminum can. Even though Minho actually sucking his blood sounded tempting, they needed to get back on the road.

Jinki wouldn't be able to drive right after a feeding, even with vampire blood in him he'd be weakened for a bit. Something they did not need. The sun was going to rise soon and Minho had to get in the trunk and stay there until dusk at least.

“Take three, just in case you get hungry later.” Jinki grinned and pecked his lover on the cheek. Minho huffed but took the can and two more as suggested. He left Jinki with a deep kiss before laying in the trunk with his protective blanket wrapped around him.

Jinki twisted the key in the ignition, bumping up the music that Minho liked best; classical. He had to swallow down the need that erupted from the small distance he had with his vampire. It was still hard for him, if they weren't with in a few inches of each other or physically touching, the desire to be with Minho became very strong and very needy. Especially when Jinki couldn't see Minho in plain sight.

But it was safer for the vampire in the trunk. There was no way sunlight could get in there and cause Minho harm. Jinki swallowed hard and pushed away his emotions. The vampire didn't need to feel Jinki's anxiety, he needed to feel calm and confident in his mate.

He'd honestly gotten past the fear of running away. He'd accepted it, this was his life with Minho at the moment. He couldn't look back, couldn't push away his feelings for the vampire. He had to deal.

He pulled the car out of the gravel lot and back on to the road, stepping down on the gas pedal hard and speeding down the highway. He'd drive until dusk, or maybe even later. Then Minho would get out and sit beside him, but then they'd keep on driving until they were in a whole new area. He'd drive until his body ached to be moved or his stomach begged to be fed. Then he'd probably stop to get food honestly.

But after that, yeah he'd keep on driving. To keep him and his vampire safe. Until Minho heard from BoA, they had to keep running.

~ ~ ~

Victoria clicked her tongue absently as she watched the small black car speed down the road and past her own vehicle. She racked her nails through her bangs to make sure they were in perfect alignment and pouted when one strand of hair became rebellious.

“Uh. They're getting away.” a very annoying voice informed her of the obvious. She ignore it and pulled down the sun-visor to look in the mirror as she adjusted her hair, flipping it and tossing it around. The air around her suddenly became very warm. She clucked her tongue and threw a frown at the passenger.

“There's only one road dodo head!” she whined and turned back to the mirror. Oh her make up was a little off. She pulled out her pretty pink purse and searched for her sparkly pink lip gloss. With a pop and smack of her lips she smiled sweetly at her perfect appearance.

“Are you done being dumb?” her passenger asked with a rude attitude. His voice was deep and should have threatened her, but it didn't. He was her little brother after all.

“Are you done being a dodo head?” she spat back as she turned on the car. Her little brother ran an angry hand through his warm orange hair and bit his lip to keep from talking. She grinned and giggled that once again she'd won and put the car in drive. She flipped her ice blonde hair once more for effect and tapped her perfectly manicured foot in her cute white heels down on to the gas pedal.

“One day I'm going to kill you and eat your heart. I'll keep your powers and get rid of you at the same time.” Kris warned as he reached for the radio. Victoria snapped her hand out and stopped him. She didn't want to listen to whatever crap he wanted to listen to...just to annoy him.

“Dodo head, you couldn't handle all this power,” she smirked, “you fire sprites have flaming tempers. Add lightning to that? Your little dodo brain would explode.” she cackled. Kris rolled his red eyes. He was fed up with his sister's cockiness for the thousandth time.

He almost regretted taking on this hunt with her, he should have asked for a more calm sprite to join him. He should have asked a water or earth sprite. They were much more calm and actually nice in personality. But no. Victoria had come pounding on his door with news of a big hunt for some vampire who'd created a blood bond with out permission. An easy kill she'd said, and big money from the vampire king himself.

“Kris let's go buy diamonds!” Victoria suddenly squealed. He glanced out the window and figured out why she'd suddenly said that. A small shopping outlet was coming up. One of the stores was an engagement store.

“We have to stay on their trail! We'll lose them!” Kris reprimanded his older sister. Pft. Older than him my a millennium and still acted like she as a few decades old.

“Dodo I've killed a vampire before okay? I know what they smell like, we'll find them later. I want sparkly pretty diamonds!” she cooed with the evil glint that Kris new best.

She didn't plan on paying for them.

But something stuck out in his mind, “You've killed a vampire before?”

Her bottom lip stuck out and she nodded. “Ate his heart too.”

Kris' brow creased and he asked, “So what powers did you get?” He'd never noticed any kind of change in her...

She shrugged as the car pulled in to the outlet's parking lot. “Not much of difference, I already have the speed and stuff. But,” she looked at Kris and smiled happily, “I can drink human blood now and get energy. Cool right?”

Before he knew it, Kris was inside of the cheap store looking down at very expensive diamonds. Victoria's arm tight around his and leading him close to a human sales lady. He quickly shifted his eyes to brown as the human laid eyes on them. The woman had a hard time not staring. Kris didn't blame her, they were supernaturally beautiful after all.

“I want that one.” Victoria pointed her sparkly silver nail at a large ring with a wide grin. All white diamonds in a sterling cut, placed in to a large rounded of square shape. The band was white and thin. The ring was pricey and normal humans wouldn't be able to just walk in and pick it out.

But Kris and his sister weren't normal...or human.

“Madam, are you sure about that?” the human lady asked with concern in her voice. It was a kind concern of course, something even Kris with his fire temper wouldn't get mad at. He watched as Victoria pouted, flipping her ice blond hair over her shoulder. “Yes I'm sure.”

A loud boom could be heard over head. Like something had exploded outside, and close by. Kris sighed, knowing what would come next. Victoria was so dramatic sometimes. The sky outside darkened suddenly, gray clouds rolling in and covering up the sun's light in seconds. Victoria smiled down at the human lady, her sparkly nail still pointing at the ring she wanted.

The human frowned a little at the sudden change in weather, but unlocked the case to retrieve the ring. She put on a sales smile and slide the fat diamond on to Victoria's middle finger. Kris watched in disgust as his sibling fawned over the small thing and shoved it in his face for a look-see.

Just as the human opened her mouth to speak to Victoria again, that's when it happened. So fast that Kris almost missed it, but he didn't. He'd seen it happen a million times now.

Victoria pointed the finger with the diamond on it directly at the woman; a bolt of hot and white thunder came down from the sky, slicing through the roof of the store and tearing through the lady's body. Kris saw as the light hit her body for a split second, saw the color pink as the flesh was lit up and her eyes roll back. He heard her heart explode, splatter inside her. Then she was on the ground dead.

“Are you done?” Kris asked with a bored tone. The sound of screaming began to rise around them, people scrambling and running to god knows where. His sweet older sister turned to him, her pupils white and her smile fixed, “Yes dodo, I'm done.”

Good, Kris thought, back to the hunt of the vampire named Choi.
A/N:So there's that.
Um, just in case you guys got confused by anything, or you have burning questions that don't reveal anything in the future; please feel free to ask me! I don't like it when my readers are left confused. I think that was a lot to take in, and hopefully the next chapter will be just as long if not longer and with twice as much information.
Anywho thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed and you continue to anticipate the next chapter!

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