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Title: Fang Bang Bar: Yours To Keep
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Minho never thought he'd fall in love. Especially with a human. That was the rule; don't fall in love with humans because they die and you're left with nothing. But then Lee Jink came along. Everything about Jinki is beautiful. What's a vampire to do? Pray that the heavens don't want Jinki, so he can keep this human for himself.
A/N: Third Part to Fang Bang Bar and Fang Bang Bar: Dark Mania


When one is about to die, nothing special happens. There is no white light that your soul reaches out to. Your life does not flash before your eyes.

The world just dims out. As if some one lowered a lamp in the room. The world keeps getting dimmer until everything you know and everything you are is swallowed in to darkness. That is death.

Usually after the darkness takes you that's it, life is over for you. And you may or may not meet your maker. Maybe you are reborn in to an innocent child, or a butterfly. There is the possibility of being sucked right down to hell and burning eternally.

But Minho will never know.

After the death took him you see, he woke up again.

He woke up, and the first thing he saw was a pair of black eyes staring down at him.

He knew he was laying down because he could feel the crisp grass beneath his head, he could smell the moist soil dampening his back and he felt the smallest critters digging around to go wherever it was that critters went. His sense of touch told him this, his sense of smell told him this.

And his sight told him to focus on the black eyes that were watching him and waiting.

Minho was sure he'd been dead. The bullet had gone right through his lungs. He'd known because breathing had become rather difficult. Plus the blood over his rib cage clued him in, maybe the searing pain as well. He remembered falling to the ground as the other men fought his family, they were setting fire to the cabin and taking everything and breaking anything. He'd fallen to the floor, hearing his mother's cries for him, felt the thread of life being cut as someone began to turn out the light.

Everything had faded in to black. Everything had gone cold.

And then he'd opened his eyes.

He was laying on grass, it was night, and a man with pitch black eyes looked at him with a wicked smile. Minho wondered if he should fear the man, or embrace him.

“Welcome Minho.” the black eyes smiled.

“Do not be disturbed young one. You were indeed dead,” But Minho already knew that. So what was he doing here?

“But I brought you back to life.”

That night Minho learned what he was, and how he was going to live from then on. What started off as the worst night of his life, ended being the greatest.

There was only one other night that started off terrible and ended out amazing. A vampire didn't have many days like that. In face it rarely happened. His kind tended to be very decisive in their emotions. If they were upset, they would feel that way for quite some time; sometimes years. When they were in a good mood, and ready to hunt for the fun of it, they did so for centuries.

Minho had only two nights in his mortal and immortal life that he could remember having abrupt mood swings; from angry to happy or terrified to delighted. Yes only two nights.

The first was the night he was reborn. The terror of learning what he had become was quickly followed with joy. He was full of power and full of hunger. He wasn't going to die; or rather it would be very hard to kill him. He was so overjoyed, he instantly embraced this new life and didn't look back.

The second night occurred after someone else's death. He never thought he would mourn over another human's death besides his mother's. But he did. It ripped him apart. One moment he was in paradise, the next he was confused, and finally anger boiled over inside his body.

He wasn't sure what hurt worse; the fact that this human had passed before he could be truly in love with him, or the fact that Minho was the cause of it.

But just as his night of rebirth had ended with joy, so had the night he killed the human he loved.

He'd never fallen in love with a human. It seemed impossible. His first decade or so as a vampire he only interacted with them to drink them dry. He never really got a chance to talk to them, to sleep with them as he did later on. The rule of thumb was to stay in the shadows and never let the humans know you existed.

The second rule, as his creator had warned, was that loving humans wasn't worth it because they always died anyways.

But then things changed. Vampires were revealed to the world, and his creator set him free in to society to do as he pleased. I

t had taken him awhile to get to Fang Bang Bar. He'd ventured out with curiosity of course. He walked a week through China, and strolled through Canada where he met. It was amazing to walk out in the open with out the humans screaming their heads off and fleeing. Although some of them did flee at first, or looked at him with anger and fear.

But still, they knew what he was and he didn't have to hide.

Finally Minho came across an older vampire named Boa who had found a small town with little to no vampire interaction. She was going to invest in this town, she had a plan for a business that the humans wouldn't be able to resist. Minho agreed to join.

Which led him to eventually meeting Lee Jinki.

He didn't realize this man would be the collapse of him. As in Minho's facade that he'd kept up all this time, the rules he'd followed made by his creator would be pushed aside for this feeble human.

Minho convinced himself at first that it was just the Jinki's blood. Sometimes it just happened to vampires. One person's blood tasted so warm and so perfect that you couldn't resist. It was a compatibility thing, sometimes a certain human's blood was compatible with a a certain vampire's appetite. That was it.

But that theory went out the window. Jinki's blood was average honestly. The man was healthy, not too sugary and not too fatty. His blood was warm like everyone else's. So it wasn't that.

He figured it might be the fact that Jinki had a nice body. Minho could not deny that those thick thighs made him hungry all on their own. But that just wasn't it. When Jinki gained a few pounds from stress at work and the muscular legs weren't so muscular, Minho still found himself nuzzling the skin with tenderness and love.

So what was it?

For weeks Minho played their first night together over and over again. He was sure that night was just plain lust. Jinki had been a good meal, a cute play thing. A one time play thing.

Ah but no, there was one moment that he remembered in particular. Something that didn't seem important at all but it very much so was.

The moment when Minho had made Jinki back hug him, and when he'd pulled him closer. It was intimate, something he'd never done to other humans. Holding hands was normal, draping his arm over them was as well. But the way Jinki had laid his head on his back, sighed in satisfaction, snuggled up to Jinki thought he was safe with Minho.

It had sparked something in the back of Minho's mind. Something he'd yearned for a very long time but had locked it away. He'd never been held by someone else so intimately. No one had ever relied on him for safety. No one, living or dead save for his mother, had awakened his need to protect like that. Never.

The night continued on, and Minho found himself looking at Jinki in a new light. He couldn't find a single part of this human that wasn't beautiful. The way Jinki gasped at his touch, or bit his lip before moaning. The way Jinki's hair fell out of his eyes was beautiful. The way he whimpered out Minho's name was beautiful.

The way Jinki smiled at Minho was very beautiful. The way he pouted and rolled around on the bed like a child. His laugh was beautiful, his whine as he asked for more was beautiful. His walk, his voice, the way he held Minho's hand was beautiful.

Jinki was beautiful. Minho thought if his heart could skip a beat, it would.

Every day he fell further, he attached himself to Jinki as a young lover would. He thought about Jinki most of the time. He wondered what Jinki was doing, if he was thinking about Minho as well.

But when he craved blood, when he craved to drink he remembered what he was. And he remembered the rule about humans and their love. It was worthless, because they were not immortal like he was. They could break, they could weaken and then die. And he would be left with nothing.

So he embraced their nights together, he took as much as Jink would give him. Which was everything. But he tried his best to not show any emotions. He couldn't fall in love. That was out of the question.

He couldn't fall in love, but he could make Jinki stay on the weekends. Make the human he desired most lay in his bed and mark him in almost every way. He could fuck Jinki in to oblivion, pleasure Jinki while also feeding his desire.

And so Minho thought he could keep things in control. If he could keep things—his emotions in particular and Jinki's actions as well—under control then he'd be fine.

Everything was fine. He thought he could live like this until Jinki's death. It was far in the future after all. Maybe Jinki would have a son similar to himself, with the same smile and the same laugh and Minho could then wait until the son was old enough to claim him. It was sick, but it was a vampire's way of showing everlasting affection. He couldn't die with Jinki after all, and he didn't want to be left with nothing.

But then Jinki had fucked it up.

That stupid human had done the unthinkable and ruined everything that Minho had worked for.

The jealousy that had crawled up his senses was just disgusting. It drove him mad. He couldn't stop thinking about Jinki and how one part of him wanted to rip his human's throat out. The other side wanted to claim him, devour his body until Jinki understood that Minho needed him, craved him like the blood he drank to survive.

Minho, sadly, had fallen in love with Jinki.

Although his pride was too strong to admit it, and his fear was very real, he had indeed fallen in love with the human named Jinki. And he needed Jinki by his side, make Jinki promise to be his and his alone.

So he'd made a rash decision. After getting his feed, he'd gone out on a mission to find Jinki. He was going to officially claim his human once and for all. He planned to make Jinki an actual part of him, they would be connected. Jinki wouldn't be able to resist him, he would want to be with the vampire as much as possible. It was what Minho craved the most.

He only knew of one way to officially claim a human. He'd seen it done one time, he knew it worked and he intended on performing it on Jinki. Whether or not Jinki wanted it, he was going to make Jinki his own. Minho didn't want any other being looking upon this human, this one ordinary human, and thinking for a second they could have him. And in turn he wanted Jinki's unwavering loyalty. He never wanted to feel jealousy or denial ever again.

Jinki was his.

The plan was perfect.

But things had gone astray. Only for a moment was he back in happiness, ready to dive in to the pleasure of his human again. And he'd noticed that something was on his human's mind.

Am I imagining things?

If his heart could thud to a halt it would. Anxiety set in, and hope as well. Please don't ask it of me, Minho thought. I don't want to break your heart. How could Jinki ruin something so good they had going? Minho had a plan. This was no a part of it.

He had to keep up his barrier. He couldn't let Jinki know. This could go wrong.

You don't feel anything...for me?

His desire to grab and kiss Jinki, to assure the human that he felt everything was shoved down his throat. He couldn't. There would be no point. He was ruining his damn plan. But he only needed to lie for a second more. It wouldn't be long until Jinki was his.

No, he'd told Jinki. He felt nothing. His human's eyes glossed over and Minho felt guilty. A great weight on his chest because he had caused that pain written his Jinki's eyes.

And things had just gone downhill from there. Minho couldn't help it. This human was different, this was the human he loved. His emotions could not be controlled around this ordinary being. He went from happy to confused to enraged in a few seconds.

How could he not react? His instincts came out, made him roar and attack.

He'd heard that fatal cracking noise. He remembered screaming out his confession, forgetting the rules and running on raw emotions.

Minho had expected Jinki to scream back, or shove him and slap him again.

But the human didn't move. In fact he stopped moving all together.

Fear of loving Jinki was nothing compared to the fear that washed over Minho when he realized he couldn't hear a heartbeat anymore. When the blood dripped from the ceiling on to his leather jacket, Minho went numb.

Slowly and carefully he'd lowered Jinki in to his arms. He'd cradled the lifeless body and hated himself. He wanted to cry, but he had no tears to shed. He begged Jinki to wake up, confessed his love over and over again in hopes that it might bring him back.

He should have followed the rules he thought, because just as his creator had warned, humans died. So what was the point in loving them?

I've always been yours. He croaked in the silence. He looked down at the beautiful face, because everything about Jinki was beautiful, and wished very hard.

He wanted his creator to be wrong. He wanted this human. If Minho could die for Jinki, he would.

Jinki's eyelids fluttered.

Minho stared in shock. Minho didn't wait to make sure. Minho bit in to his own wrist to draw blood.

So there it is! This is beginning again god damnit WAE?!
Aish. This will be a short chaptered thing (hopefully)
And then there might be more from this world.
But I'm not making promises.
Hope you enjoyed! Thank you for reading!

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