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Title: The Flower and The River
Chapter: 31
Pairing: Xiuris (Xiumin/Kris)
Rating: PG - 13
Summary: The flower naturally grows near the river that flows with love and patience. It is happy and content near the wide expanse of water that drifts downstream. The river needs the flower, it finds it too beautiful to let go. It give whatever it has to make sure the flower and can bloom.
A/N: thirty one and we're almost done!

Wow I updated this fast! woot!

Only cuz inspiration wasn't that hard. I felt like I too had been left on a cliffhanger and I was dying to know what happened next.

So I wrote it! hehe ^^

Song(s) for this chapter are HERE

Hope you enjoy


There was only one time that a knock on a door stumped me.

And that was back in Hawaii, when my family was happily going about our day. That was when someone knocking at our door was very unusual because no one lived around us for miles, and Ani never came down to our house. So the great silence in the room asked who in the world could that be at the door?

This knock in Thailand though, at four in the morning was not unusual. We'd after all moved in to a small community. I was actually used to being woken up around this time at least twice a week.

Two houses down there was a family with two little girls, twins, and the father sometimes picked up extra shifts as a construction worker. Which meant he had to wake up that early and head out, leaving the mother alone with the children. The problem was that the mother had to leave just as early to go start her job down at a coffee shop, and someone had to watch the children. That someone was usually me. The motherly liked me since I cooked well and I was already a parent, plus Jongdae didn't leave the house until Rui had to go to school.

So this knock at four in the morning didn't faze me. I crawled out from Jongdae's grasp and racked my eyes over Rui's sleeping form before I went to open the door. I fully expected to see the tiny Vietnamese mother with her pulled back hair and her little work outfit on, looking up at me with sorry yet pleading eyes. And I was fully ready to say yes to her, I had no problem going over to watch her twins and feed them before they had to go to school.

But instead of looking down at someone, I found myself looking up.

I stared at the stranger, blinking away my sleep and wondering if maybe the father of the twins had come to ask me for help instead.

The stranger stared back at me and I slowly took in his form. He was much taller than me, brunette, and brown eyes. He hadn't said a word to me from the time I'd opened the door and I huffed with exhaustion.

“Can I help you?” I asked in Thai. If it was any of my neighbors I hadn't meat, surely they could understand the basics of Thai greetings.

“Minseok?” the stranger spoke, and called me by a name I hadn't heard in long while.

My heart dropped to my stomach.

I blinked several times, trying to push away whatever grogginess that was left. I took in the form again, making sure my ears were not deceiving me. I knew that voice, the way my name sounded on that tongue made my heart leap.

He was indeed still tall, still brunette, and his eyes were still brown but...

I knew those eyes. I know that nose and those lips and that face and this man. I knew him.

And those felt like they could see right through me. I knew him.

“You can't be real...” I gasped quietly. I'd given up hope and it had been two years. Two whole years of pain and waiting, of disappointment and grief. And I'd finally given up on him.

Wu Fan stood there, looking down on me. He didn't exactly look like himself, like he'd been on a very long journey with out any sleep. His eyes were sunken with dark bruising starting to form. His lips were chapped and his skin looked pale and sick. His hair was brown.

I was so in shock that I couldn't move, I couldn't stop blinking and staring at him. Was this real? Was this another one of my nightmares? This one felt so real that it hurt. I was terrified of waking up.

“Minseok, it's me.” he breathed. I saw the light in his eyes, a feeling of gratitude and amazement shining from them.

I opened my mouth to speak but no sound came. This was the scariest nightmare yet.

My fingers trembled as I reached forward, so tense and afraid to touch him. I swore on everything that if he wasn't real I would rip this house apart.

My hand was almost to his shoulder when instead he grabbed my hand. My body stilled and my heart hammered. I noticed a gleam of silver on his ring finger as he stared down at my hand. It was his wedding ring. And he was staring down at mine.

He was touching me. I knew this touch. I'd forgotten it, but I remembered it.

I rushed in to his arms and whimpered in relief as I felt the security I'd been missing wrap around me. He was holding me again. He was whispering my name and he was real. My body could have burst with joy, the world could have started to crash down. He was real and he was holding me, I was in his arms. This was heaven.

“You came back.” I closed my eyes as small tears ran down my cheeks and on to his shoulder. I felt him inhaling in to my neck and his hands rubbing my back.

“I missed you Minseok, so much.” his voice was heavy and thick and he squeezed me tighter.

When I pulled back to look at him, really look at him, there was no mistake that this was Wu Fan. He was my other half, he was my husband and my best friend. He was real. My fingers gently traced from his brow down to his lips.

“Wu Fan, I love you. I missed you.”

“I'm so in love with you Minseok. I'm sorry I left.”

When he kissed me, for the first time again, I felt like I was somewhere far in my past. I felt like I was taken back to the moment when I'd first confessed to him, under that waterfall. It was the feeling of excitement and young love. His one hand pressed to my cheek and ran his thumb over it lovingly like he always had and my breath caught short. He kissed me slowly and precisely, with the sense of finality that made my knees weak.

He was mine and I was his. He was finally back in my arms and I never wanted him to let go of me. I had needed him, prayed for him to return. I had missed him so much. All the pain I'd felt from waiting and the nightmares suddenly vanished. Forgotten in the moment as I felt his warmth and love surrounding me once again.

When he finally pulled back, after quite some time, his eyes sparked with realization,

“Where's Rui?”

I couldn't help but smile and hold his hand to quietly walk him inside. The bed on the floor was just ahead of us, and we could plainly see Jongdae's back as he snored lightly. Tucked in to the wall was Rui, his black hair flying away against his pillow. Wu Fan's hand tightened around mine as his eyes took in the smaller form.

“He's so big.” he grinned. I put my finger to my lips and he nodded with the glee still in his face. Quickly I walked over to the sleeping pair, Jongdae didn't wake as I reached down and made an effort to pick my son up and in to my arms. Rui was heavier now, I couldn't just pluck him up and in to my arms like before. My baby groaned in protest but his arms still wrapped around my neck, his body allowing me to pick him up and carry him over to my husband.

Wu Fan almost looked scared to hold him. Like he had when we'd first found Rui, unsure if he would harm the small life in my hands. He looked to me for help, and I only pushed my sleeping son in to his father's grasp. Rui didn't open his eyes and quickly nestled in to Wu Fan's chest to go back to sleep, my husband's hands automatically supporting him. It was touching, to see Wu Fan fall in love with Rui all over again. How he touched Rui's hair softly and pressed sweet kisses to his hands. Wu Fan just looked delighted, like there was nothing more perfect, liking nothing could touch this happiness.

Was that what I'd looked like when I'd first held him as an newborn?

I put Rui back to bed eventually, knowing he would probably wake up with shock if he opened his eyes and found himself in Wu Fan's arms. After he was back in bed, snuggled next to Jongdae no less, I quickly hopped back in to the arms I'd missed so much.

“Shall we go have a talk?” he asked quietly. I nodded in agreement. There was a lot we needed to catch up on.

~ ~ ~

“Where's Yixing?” I realized that there should have been one more Chinese man greeting me at the door that morning.

We sat together in front of the house, leaning next to the door. My back was to Wu Fan's chest, both our hands interlocked as he hugged me close. I couldn't help but stare at our wedding rings together again. I thought I'd never see the sight.

It was still early morning, almost six. The sun was starting to give light to the sky.

“On his way, he said he had to get something for Jongdae first.” he murmured against my ear. His deep voice made me shudder since I hadn't heard it in so long. I forgot how rich it was, how warm his breath was on my skin.

“What is he getting?” I asked and pecked his wedding ring quickly. I heard him chuckle at me and pull me back against his chest in a tight hold.

“No sure. When we finally figured out where you were for sure, he told me he had to get something first. He said it was important.” Wu Fan explained and I nodded silently. He stayed quiet after that as well and we both watched as the sun started to rise out of the ocean.

It felt like we had so much to say and just didn't know where to start.

The two years had felt like an eternity to me. From the moment he'd pushed me in to that cart, I felt like I'd been missing a piece of me.

I was a half to a whole, and I wasn't sure if I would ever be whole again.

Through the course of the two years I had gotten older. I'd gone through my heartache and I'd learned to live with it. I'd even come to the conclusion that I might need to find a new half to complete me. I'd had to deal with Rui realizing that Papa was no longer there, and then remembering him. It was exactly as Jongdae had said, I felt like I was abandoned on an island waiting for nothing.

But here was my something, and what had he been through?

I wanted to ask him how he felt, and I wanted to listen to everything he had to say. Did he feel the way I did now that we were reunited? Was the feeling different for him? Maybe he'd expected for me to look just as young and fair as I was in the past. I was older now, I had callused fingers from working and I probably smelled like cleaning product and fish.

“Here come's Yixing.” Wu Fan informed me. I looked up and smiled at the familiar form walking up our avenue. Like Wu Fan, Yixing's skin looked pale and his eyes sunken. But that soft smile could belong to no one else. He walked right up to us and grinned down at me.

“Minseok.” he greeted.

“Hi Yixing.” I smiled back. I noticed a small box in his hands and I upped my brow. Was that what I thought it was?

Wu Fan and I watched Yixing shift from foot to foot, nervously looking upon the tiny house behind us. He looked thrilled and excited. But the anxiety was holding him back.

“Do you want me to go and get him?” I offered. A quick nod of Yixing's head and I sprung out of Wu Fan's arms and ran in to the house. I did my best not to be slap happy and start screaming at Jongdae. But I did kind of shake him...violently.

He didn't open his eyes up immediately, but he did swing at me and curse.

“You can't trick me this time, I know its the weekend.” he coughed and turned over to try and go back to sleep. I grabbed his hair tightly and pulled. This caused Jongdae to whip around and threaten me with his fists.

“Come on, get up!” I stage whispered. We both froze for a moment as Rui wiggled around in his sleep.

“Get up! Hurry!” I tugged at his shirt. He threw me a glare and attempted to pull away. I hissed and grabbed him by the hair again. I was able to drag him all the way outside with my fingers tangle in his hair, him trying to keep his cries of pain down.

I finally tossed him out our front door and in to the early morning light.

“Ya! What the hell is your problem!” Jongdae yelled at me. It was too funny. Yixing was standing right behind him and Jongdae didn't notice as he had his back to him and was busy screaming at me.

The sight of Jongdae was apparently mesmerizing to Yixing. Even if his beloved was red with anger and spitting out a few curse words at me. I guess to Yixing that was the perfect Jongdae that he had missed. I bit back my grin.

“What the hell did you wake me up for you idiot!” Jongdae growled, rubbing his head where I had pulled and making his way back inside.

Wu Fan had been sitting the whole time, watching his brother bitch me out. He finally got up and stood in front of Jongdae. “I know you haven't been talking like that to Minseok this whole time right?” his threatening eyes didn't faze Jongdae.

“Shut up Fannie! You can't always protect him!” he shoved at the taller man. He still hadn't realized.

“Jongdae?” Yixing called with a strung out voice. His lover turned back around and glared at him.

“Oh my god its the weekend! I'm sleeping in! What is the big deal?” Jongdae yelled at all of us, rolled his eyes and walked back in the house. He made sure to slam the door behind him. Yup, he still hadn't realized.

Yixing stared at the closed door, his brow written with confusion. Wu Fan looked impressed for some reason. And I was waiting for Jongdae to realize what I had; this was not a dream.

“Give him five seconds.” I told Yixing, whose face had fallen.


I heard Jongdae storming across the house and back to the bed.


There was brief silence.


I shrill scream made all of us jump.


Storming foot steps back across the house.


Jongdae almost kicked through the door way. His chest heaving and his eyes wide as he stared down at the man he'd been missing for two years.

“Yix?” he said with little breath.

“Hey Jongdae.” Yixing gave an impish smile.

While I had been the one to rush in to Wu Fan's arms and share a sweet kiss, Jongdae was the one to jump on to Yixing. Who caught him of course. Their kiss became too passionate too quickly and I shared a surprised look with Wu Fan. He pulled me against his side and laughed easily.

You asshole!” Jongdae's angry voice shocked me. I turned back around to find Yixing a distance away, Jongdae's glare more prominent than when he'd looked at me.

“Dae I'm sor-”

“You fucking asshole! Two years! I sit around for two fucking years and all you say is 'Hey Jongdae'? Are you fucking kidding me! You're such an ass! I fucking hate you! Go away!” and although he was smaller than Yixing, he did shove him pretty far. But Yixing knew Jongdae like the back of his hand. He grabbed Jongdae's arm and didn't let go no matter how much his lover cursed at him.

Just like old times, eventually Jongdae fell back in to Yixing's embrace and cried. And eventually they kissed and smiled together.

“I love you too Dae. I always did, I always will.” Yixing grinned and kissed Jongdae's cheek.

“Shut up you jerk.” the smaller man's face had softened and his fingers slowly traced the light scar around Yixing's eye.

I squeaked when Wu Fan suddenly picked me up and began to carry me away and in to the house. We left Yixing and Jongdae by themselves outside, and I was a tiny bit sad that I would miss the moment of Yixing proposing. But I forgot about it as I was laid down next to Rui, and Wu Fan laid down behind me. I laid flat on my stomach and grinned when I felt the weight of his head rest between my shoulder blades. His leg slung over mine, trapping me under his body.

“I missed this most.” he whispered to me. I nodded and gently reached over to pull Rui closer to me. My son turned over and snuggled under my arm. It was Wu Fan, Rui, and I together again. I never thought I'd be so happy again, I never thought I'd smile like that. Wu Fan pressed one last kiss to my back, and murmured one last thing before he drifted off to sleep,

“I always loved sleeping with you like this...I can hear your heart beat...”

Minseok gasped in surprise as a moment of horror whipped through his heart. But he knew these arms too well and quickly laughed.

What the hell are you doing!” he giggled when lips kissed his neck lightly.

Kidnapping you.” Kris bit the soft skin and enjoyed Minseok's whine. He allowed his small husband to turn around and face him, quickly placing a kiss on his forehead and hugging him tight.

I'm glad your home.” Minseok murmured between their pressed mouths. When Kris deepened the kiss, Minseok automatically threaded his fingers in to his husband's hair. He was backed up till he was against the kitchen counter.

Where's Rui?” Minseok panted at the friction Kris was causing with his hips. This little sexy time was a nice surprise, but it would soon end if their son came barging through the front door.

At Dae's. Our son is in love with their daughter by the way.” Kris left open-mouthed kisses against Minseok's jaw and began to suck lightly on his neck. He instantly relaxed and let himself get caught up in the moment with the knowledge they wouldn't be interrupted.

Minseok pushed under the tall man's shirt and caressed the smooth skin underneath. He moaned in delight as Kris started rolling his nipples around through his shirt.

Well, Jia is really cute.” he admitted and rolled his hips towards Kris's stiffening arousal. His husband hummed and picked Minseok up to place him on the counter.

Minseok's pants were quickly removed and he let out a high whine as Kris took to running his mouth over his member through his underwear. He slapped the back of his husband's head when said man started to nibble on his thighs. He knew it tickled Minseok.

Kris chuckled and pecked the sensitive skin one more time before pulling down Minseok's boxers and almost swallowing Minseok whole.

Minseok's head banged against the cabinets, but he paid no mind to the pain. He spread his legs wider with invitation while running his fingers through Kris's hair. He gasped and moaned as Kris massaged on the underside of his member, creating suction and bobbing his head up and down.

Wu Fan...” Minseok cried softly when his slit was teased. His toes curled as the pleasure shot through him. Kris grabbed on to the smaller man's thighs and started to move faster, making Minseok's back bend off the cabinets. He closed his eyes and let out one more soft cry as his orgasm hit.

He had to whine for Kris to stop touching him, he was too sensitive now. Kris gave one last playful suck to Minseok's softening piece before letting it go with a pop.

Did you have fun at work?” Minseok snickered and wrapped his arms around his husband's waist. He was picked up easily and taken to their bedroom, where he was laid down to spread out on display.

It was terrible. So long and boring. All I could think about was getting home to you.” Kris laid down on top of him. Minseok could still feel that Kris was hard and in need.

What were you writing about?” his husbands lips started working to leave a mark on his chest.

Minseok sighed and relaxed under the coaxing mouth, “About the day you came back.” his body twitched as Kris moved up to go back and forth between his hardened buds.

Good memory?” Kris asked while his tongue flicked one of his nipples. Minseok squeaked and nodded quickly, “the best.” He placed his hands on either side of Kris and pulled him up close.

Make love to me?” he asked a little breathless. Kris grinned and kissed him slowly, with finality. He kissed him the way that made Minseok's knees weak.

Kris belonged to him. Minseok belonged to Kris.


Before you think it is, this is NOT the end yet.

There are just a few more things that need to be summed up. But the end is near.

Was the music too emotional? I just felt like this music was right for their renunion because it was the music for their seperation.

It just felt right lol. Thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed ^^

Date: 2013-09-03 09:03 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
i am so emo right now !!!! omfg thank god this is not ending here <3 i am still crying GDI .... people in the train think i am nuts @ i am so so happy tho !!!!!! thank youuuuuuuuuu i lovr youuu

Date: 2013-09-03 05:29 pm (UTC)
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i missed this story T.T <3 lol i just can't help laughing at jongdae XD

Date: 2013-09-09 07:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
uaahhhh they're finally back ;u; kjdhkjshfjskdj and yixing is proposing and everything sounds so perfect and ahhhh~

damn, that last part was so hot though! i just love the way you mix emotions with sexy times~ lol

and the music, the music was good! emotional indeed, but like you said, it went well since it was their separation theme. <3
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