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Title: The Flower and The River
Chapter: 27
Pairing: Xiuris (Xiumin/Kris)
Rating: PG - 13
Summary: The flower naturally grows near the river that flows with love and patience. It is happy and content near the wide expanse of water that drifts downstream. The river needs the flower, it finds it too beautiful to let go. It give whatever it has to make sure the flower and can bloom.
A/N: we at twenty-seven...stop revvin' the engine. (did that rhyme?)

“Are you going to stop this?” I elbowed Wu Fan lightly in the ribs. Luckily our son was fast a sleep and not witnessing the...activity that was going on in the kitchen.

Wu Fan's mouth was hanging open and his brow was scrunched. His face was paralyzed in that expression, not moving and he seemed to not be breathing either. He must have been going through what I was going through at that moment.

The 'What the fuck' emotion seemed to be dominant at that moment.

Wu Fan and I were still stuck in our sitting position, literally watching our friend kiss the enemy, and then my eyes almost popped out of my head as Jongin's hand trailed down Luhan's body and got dangerously close to a place I just did not want to see groped ever in my life.

I shot up from my chair again and made my way over to the steamy session with more confidence than before. I actually had the guts to grip Jongin by the arm and drag him up and off of Luhan, “Okay that's enough now” I tossed him against the cupboard under the sink. He shot daggers at me, and Luhan was breathing rather hard like he had just ran a few miles.

I held up my finger to begin speaking. I pointed at Luhan, and his half-lidded eyes fell on me. Nope.

I turned my head and moved my pointing finger to the man who'd tried to kill me. Jongin smirked at me with eyes of lust.

I opted for crossing one arm over my chest and tapping my nose lightly in thought. How to begin...

“Explain...this...please.” I requested slowly, putting the words together and making sure I got it right. That about summed up what I needed. I heard Jongin scoff and turned my attention to him.

He shrugged like it was simple and so easy to understand, “I love him” he stated and flipped his dark hair around. That seemed to be a habit of his.

“You kidnapped him” I clarified.

“I also fucked him”

“Wu Fan take Rui to his room please.” I rushed at the fowl language in front of my baby. Wu Fan didn't even question me and walked to our bedroom.

I was left with my friend and my enemy in the kitchen.

And they both...wanted each other.

“I'm sorry I just-you both-he tried to kill me!” my voice went shrill as I spoke to Luhan. The Chinese man bit his lip with a small drop of guilt in his eyes.

“I saw you attacking him, like fighting with him.” I pushed my memories on to my friend. Luhan sighed and nodded at me, but didn't make any move to explain. I threw an accusing glare at Jongin and growled, “You Stockholmed him

Jongin snickered at me, but actually agreed. “That I did.” his smirk was starting to get on my nerves. Luhan's whimper of pain stopped me from attempting to smack the smug look off of Jongin's face.

Luhan was easing himself up to sitting position by himself. Slowly but surely his limbs groaned and moved. Both Jognin and I moved to help him, but he shooed us away when we got close. It hurt me to watch Luhan hurt, as he groaned and bit his lip to stop from screaming out. I'd seen those cuts all over his back, and now that I thought about it some of those would have to be treated.

When I noticed his eyes gaining moisture I'd had enough. I moved forward and told my friend to stand instead of just sit. Jongin and I worked together for a second, he turned one of the dining room chairs around while I guided Luhan to it. He was finally seated backwards in the chair with his back on full display. He still had his shirt on, but the blood had soaked through and was covered in dirt.

“Go to my husband and tell him I need a bucket full of hot soapy water and a cloth. And then ask Yixing to give you medicine for Luhan's back and some bandages.” I ordered the dark haired enemy. He threw me an upped eyebrow before finally leaving to do what I asked. I made quick work with a kitchen knife, tearing open Luhan's shirt and revealing the ugly and infected expanse of his back. Most of the cuts were a few inches long, red and puffy and lined with dirt and pus.

Jongin came back in with the bucket I'd asked for. He then retrieved a small box from under the kitchen sink and set it beside me, “He said everything you need is in here.”

I thanked him and then asked him to go in the living room. As I carefully started washing Luhan's back, trying to be careful as my friend hissed and tensed, Jongin didn't move from his spot. He stood on the other side of Luhan, arms stiff at his side with a determined pout on his face.

“I need to talk to him alone. Go.” I growled. His glare intensified.

Luhan gently reached out and held Jongin's hand, pressing a sweet kiss to his knuckles. They exchanged silent looks before Jongin finally sighed and briskly made his way out. I plopped the hot rag back in to the steaming water and squeezed it, Luhan's back muscles froze again when I laid it back over the cuts and scrubbed gently. We stayed quiet the rest of the cleaning time, I figured he couldn't really talk while he was in extreme pain anyways.

By the time I was done, some of the older cuts had reopened and were bleeding, but his back was clean and didn't look so horrible anymore. I scrimmaged through the box of supplies and found what I needed. I plucked out the bottle of clove oil that would take away the pain and clean the cuts better than I had, and plenty of bandaging wrap along with cotton squares to cover the bleeding.

As I began to dab each cut with the clove oil, Luhan finally spoke up.

“Do you hate me?” he asked quietly.

“Never.” I answered with out hesitation, “But I can't understand it.” I added after a moment. With out saying it, we knew we were talking about the situation going on with Jongin.

Luhan sighed lightly, and I could picture the small smile as he spoke, “He may have kidnapped me, but he save me.”

I rolled my eyes in disbelief. Because the dark bruises and nasty gashes told me different, they told me that Luhan had been tortured. Luhan read my silence easily,

“I know I look bad. But trust me when I say it could have been so much more worse. He kept me next to him, and he fought them off when they attacked me.”

I placed some of the cotton squares on to the open wounds, pressing down to stop the bleeding.

“I was afraid of him at first,” Luhan continued, “but I realized that he had no intention of hurting me. He didn't say much for the first hour or so, but he started calling me Blondie and telling me to eat, he made sure I was comfortable...” I rolled out the bandage wrap, beginning to place it under Luhan's armpit and working my way over his back and around.

“He showed me pictures of his family in Korea. You know he only does this job so that he can feed his family? His father passed away, he supports his mother and two older sisters. He told me how this is supposed to be his last job. That this job is supposed to be enough to pay off the rest of his father's debt. That after this he can go home happily and find a normal job to continue to feed his family.”

Luhan leaned back as I brought the white fabric around his torso, his arms spread out as the tape wound around him continuously.

“I don't know what it was...or I do and there are too many things...but I love him Minseok. I will love him till the world ends.” Luhan sighed lightly and rested back on to the chair when I was done. I sat down next to him, my brow creased as I stared at my best friend. A few days ago, Luhan had questioned me for not leaving Wu Fan when he'd betrayed me. And at that time Luhan had done his best to understand my feelings and assured me that he still loved me and supported me. So of course, I was trying to do the same. But it was rather difficult.

“How can you love him? He tried to kill us.” I stated the obvious once again. Luhan's doe eyes stared back at me, I could see them glossing over with affection as he talked about his new lover.

“Jongin wouldn't hurt me. And he knows how important you all are to me. You think he's going to kill you, or that he's here to kill people but he's not. He won't kill any of us. I know he wouldn't.” the conviction and trust that came out of Luhan's mouth made me scowl. I just couldn't understand it. I needed more information.

“Tell me what happened. From the beginning.” I rested my head on the table, Luhan placed his chin on his arms.

“Yes he kidnapped me, he shot at me, but he didn't aim for me. I froze in shock because I thought he'd actually hit me but...and then he took me back to their truck. I fought him the whole way, he ended up throwing me over his back. They all have their personal camps set up. Jongin's is the farthest away, near the line of trees next to our rice paddies. He didn't tell anyone I was there for a couple of hours. He just tied me up to a tree and went to sleep.” I watched Luhan smile to himself. It was a fond memory to was the time I'd been crying in Ani's arms.

“When he woke up he went and got food, and he brought over the youngest one named Sehun. They both ate together and then he fed me. After another hour or so the one named Suho arrived and was really angry about me being there. He told Jongin to kill me, but he said he wouldn't do it. And he fought with Suho for a long time about me. Then Suho, the tallest one...I think it was Channie or something, and Kyungsoo left for Ani's to chase after you. Jongin was supposed to kill all of us, not let you get away and kidnap me. They didn't want to take any chances of us getting away after seeing them. So then he went to watch our house, make sure no one else left...while he was away...” Luhan frowned now, his small pouting lips sticking out.

“The guy with all the eyeliner? Baekhyun? He came and attacked me. All the bruises you see are from him. All the cuts are I got from him and that tall freak when he came back. Seriously Minseok, Jongin protected me. He got in to actual fights with them to protect me.”

Luhan looked at me, expecting me to suddenly trust his dark knight. But how could I? No matter what he said about Jongin, all I could picture was the man who'd chased me down, who'd pointed a gun in my face and threatened to kill me and and Rui. And now Luhan loved this person?

“Don't judge me like that Minseok.” Luhan growled, “If you can fall in love with a complete stranger after one day why can't I? He protected me, he loves me, he would never hurt me.” My temper reached its limit. Accusing me of falling in love with a stranger?

“Love?” I scoffed at how absurd it sounded, “I never loved a stranger after one day Luhan. You think you love this guy? Fine then you do. But he tried to kill me. He threatened to hurt Rui Jing. We're talking about Rui!”

I know that! And I'm telling you that he was never going to really hurt any of us! He would never hurt Rui! And you did too! You were in love with Wu Fan after a few hours you hypocrite!” Luhan cried from his chair. His knuckles were turning white as he screamed.

I really hated how Luhan read me so easily. Even after half a day of knowing him he already knew how I felt about Wu Fan, how easily I'd fallen for him. Of course it had taken me a very long time to open myself up to my husband. But the initial hadn't taken long.

Luhan was right. How could I judge him, when I'd felt the same way for a complete stranger after a day of kindness?

I bit my lip and threw him a stubborn glare.

“I just can't wrap my mind around this. For two whole days I think you're dead. I mourn over you, I cried in Ani's arms and I felt so guilty about you...and now you are actually alive. And believe me I'm so happy you are, but you're alive and you're in love. With...with him. I just...” my thought fell in to a long sigh. My head hit the table with a small thump and we sat in a quick silence.

I looked up when I felt Luhan holding my hand. His dirty blonde hair was scattered across his scalp, his doe eyes popping out from underneath. Looking at the bruises that painted his skin, on his neck and over his mouth, I then saw them as not being so bad. After what he had told me, they could have been worse if it weren't for Jongin right?

“I don't think I've ever given you a real reason to not trust me. I love you Minseok, and you know how much I love Rui. You've always trusted me with him, and I've always been honest.” his eyes begged me, his hand tightened around mine.

“Trust me on this? I love him. He loves me. There is no need to panic. There is no need to be angry. We're all going to get through this and everything will be fine.” he pulled up the smallest smile. I wanted to believe him. He was right, he'd never given me a reason to not trust him. Luhan was my friend, and I trusted him with my son's life. Everything was going to be okay. Him and Jongin were nothing to worry myself over. Why was I even arguing with him?

“I'm sorry. For getting...angry.” I pouted at him. He finally grinned at me, his eyes crinkling as he did so. To think that I'd thought his smile was gone forever. The air was light again. The fear of everything that was hindering around us forgotten for a bit. It was just me and him in the kitchen talking. I scooted my chair closer to him with a small smirk.

“You had sex with him already?” I questioned. Luhan's cheeks turned a bright crimson.

“Oh my god you did! He totally Stockholmed you!” I half whined half laughed. We shared an easy laugh, and I squeezed Luhan's hand tighter.

We talked for a few minutes. He'd already known about Ani's passing. He'd been there when Chanyeol and Kyungsoo had come back from her house and he'd heard them talking about her. Luhan had cried in Jongin's arms that night. And he'd slept in Jongin's arms, and in his bed.

“What are we supposed to do now though? They still want Tao. They're coming back tomorrow.” I sighed and rubbed my temples. Luhan grimaced.

“We escape.” Jongin's voice made me jump from my seat. The dark shadow stood quietly against the refrigerator. He naturally flipped his dark hair out of his face and shrugged.

We escape? How? You're one of them, and we're on an island.” I shot back. Jongin rolled his dark eyes at me and slinked over to sit beside Luhan. He gently ran his hands through Luhan's hair with affection.

“I'm not one of them anymore. I thanked your husband for that by the way, giving me a way out of that group.” he talked to me but didn't look at me. His eyes stayed on his beloved as he carefully traced the bruises on Luhan's face. The same way Wu Fan did when I'd first returned from Ani's...

“So what's your idea then?” I was surprised to hear Yixing's voice. Sure enough Yixing was in the hallways entrance, Jongdae right behind him. They walked in as well, and sat down nex to me at the table. I tried to look away. But I couldn't. My eyes were glued to Yixing's face.

I knew why Jongdae had been screaming like that. I had wondered what Chanyeol had been doing with his knife. And now I could see.

Chanyeol had been cutting Yixing's face. Small and messy x shapes went up his cheek bone and surrounded the outside of his eyes. Jongdae must have been stitching him up the whole time I was talking to Luhan. Chanyeol had scarred him. He'd cut his signature in to Yixing's face.

“Minseok is right you know, we are on an island. A nice one, and pretty big, but an island still.” Tao walked in suddenly and sat down right next to me. Her eyes were still bloodshot, her hair had traces of dirt from the mud she'd been dragged in. When Wu Fan came in after, and I moved so that I could sit in his lap, Tao didn't bother to look at him. I couldn't blame her.

We were all seated, all listening. All of our attention on our enemy turned ally. Jongin smirked and stretched his arms out with ease.

“You swear you love my brother?” Wu Fan spoke to Jongin. The dark haired man nodded.

“Then help us. And maybe you can have our blessing.” Jongdae butted in.

“Otherwise get the fuck out.” Yixing added.

Luhan's bulging eyes made me snicker. Now he knew what it was like.

Jongin sighed and reached in to his jacket pocket. Yixing tensed visibly, as did Wu Fan beneath me. I saw Tao out of the corner of my eye scoot her chair away from the table. But Jongin didn't pull out a gun or a knife. He pulled out a dark piece of paper. A piece of paper that unfolded to reveal a small stack of money. Jongin raised a thin finger and pointed to the stack,

That is enough money for six boat tickets off this island. That is what I have. That is a way to escape.” he crossed his arms over his chest and waited.

So he had a way. He had an option we hadn't had before.

I reached behind me at the same time that Wu Fan reached forward and our hands met.

“A boat? Where does it go?” Yixing asked. He sounded calm. But he was leaning forward with an anticipating look.

“It stops in the Phillipines, Thailand, and then ends up in Korea.”

Wu Fan went still underneath me. The grip he had on my hand was painful.

“But you said that its only enough for six?” Jongdae asked quietly. Jongin nodded, “I know that's not everyone. But that's what I have. Suho and Chanyeol entrusted me with the money for our trip back. And now since you've all kidnapped me, I can help you escape. But only some of you. And me and Blondie are definitely getting on that boat.” he said with determination.

“When does it leave?” Wu Fan asked from behind me. Jongin took a deep breath, his steady eyes meeting my husbands.

“It takes about a day to get to shore right?” he checked. We all nodded at him. Jongin bit his lip in thought. He shook his head to himself as he calculated.

“If we leave tonight, we can make it.”

Tonight. That night. As in a few hours?

“But we need to leave quickly and quietly. If Sehun sees me he won't shoot. He'll probably follow actually...but Chanyeol will be here soon enough. You already pissed him off. He's a fucking lunatic.” Jongin shuddered violently and shook his head.

“Who's Sehun?” Jongdae asked with confusion.

“The one who held you back. Light brown hair.”

“Why should we trust you? You're not just planning to bring us to where that freak can murder us all?” Yixing asked next.

“Because I trust him.” Luhan joined in with eyes like fire.

Unlike me, Yixing stared at Luhan for a few beats before nodding. So easily he trusted his brother. If Luhan said Jongin could be trusted, that was good enough.

“So six people leave tonight. And two stay.” Tao checked the numbers.

“Actually seven. They won't count the boy. I assume he's going” Jongin met Wu Fan's look again, “and I'm going to try and get Sehun on that boat as well.”

“Yes my son is going. And so is Minseok.” Wu Fan spoke again. I turned my head towards him. The smallest spark of panic settled in my stomach. I wasn't sure why just yet. But I could sense it. Something wasn't going to sit right with me. He didn't meet my eyes. He wouldn't meet my eyes. Why did he say it like that? Like he wasn't going?

“Jongdae is going.” Yixing said with finality. Jongdae's eyes went wide and landed on his lover. I saw the panic there as well. He firmly grabbed Yixing's forearms with moist eyes. The spark lit the lining in my stomach on fire. The way Wu Fan and Yixing spoke...

“So that's me, Blondie, these two, the kid and Sehun. And the lady?” Jongin asked and pointed at Tao. Wu Fan answered quickly, “She's going as well.” Tao threw him an skeptical glare that he didn't meet.

Why was the fire of panic spreading through me?

“Tonight?” Jongin checked.

“Tonight.” Yixing and Wu Fan answered in unison.

The way they spoke. It was like they weren't coming. And there were only six spots...and...

They'd just decided it hadn't they? Yixing, Wu Fan and Jongin had already made the decision for all of us. With a few sentences they'd planned it all out.

“But you're coming with me.” I spoke softly to my husband. He wouldn't meet my eyes. He wouldn't look at me. He simply picked me up and carried me to our bedroom. As soon as our bedroom door shut I could hear Jongdae yelling at Yixing.

I stood over Wu Fan, he sat at the edge of our bed.

“But you're coming with me.” I stated firmly. He was coming with me. If there was a fucking boat leaving tomorrow night then he was going to be on that boat with me. The boat was going to Thailand, were he was planning to take me anyway wasn't that perfect wasn't he coming with me?

“There isn't enough room Minseok.” he whispered.

My hands shot out and shoved him roughly. I growled in frustration. He was coming with me.

Even if I'd threatened to leave him, never had I wanted to actually leave him. Never ever had I wanted him to leave me. He was leaving me. He was letting me go? He was deciding that?

He swiftly cupped my face and kissed my lips roughly. He'd done that to me so many times. But the panic in my stomach told me it was going to be for the last time. Wu Fan pressed our foreheads together and took deep breaths while I broke down.

No. He was coming with me.

“You're going to leave me Minseok. This time for real. You're going with Luhan, with Jongdae, you are taking Rui and you are getting on that boat. You are going to Thailand, and I will meet you there.” he promised. His hands were shaking as he pressed another kiss to my lips.

But he was coming with me. He had to. I was not going to be sent away on a boat again.

Minseok was awoken to muffled giggles beside him. He already knew his son was in the bed, and he figured that meant Kris was awake as well. They had a tendency to mess around early in the morning on the weekends. Mostly the classic 'stop hitting yourself' that Rui Jing could never win at. The pair sometimes made weird faces at one another and again Kris always won at that game.

Minseok opened one sleepy eye. Sure enough Rui Jing had perched on top of Kris's stomach. They were playing rock, paper, scissors. And every time one lost (mostly Rui) they got a slap to the head. Minseok smiled when Rui finally won and smacked his Dad as hard as he could. Kris only laughed at the meek slap.

He had to remind himself that they played like this a lot, and that Kris would never really slap Rui Jing. But watching Kris's large palm come down to his son's forehead made him gasp a little. The pair noticed it and they both smiled down at Minseok.

“Appa's awake!” Rui Jing and Kris cheered together. His son fell in to the gap between the couple and reached over to hug Minseok.

“What are two doing? Hitting each other?” the oldest scowled at his husband. Kris snickered and grabbed Rui Jing's head, again with those large hands and squeezed their son's head with a fake growl.

“Rui Jing started it!” Kris laughed.

“No! Dad started it!” Rui giggled even though his head was in the grasp of monster claws.

“Stop it Kris you're going to make his brain small!” Minseok smiled and swatted away the hands.

Kris had to throw Rui over his shoulder and take him to shower while Minseok got up to start breakfast. He prepared some fish Kris and Yixing had caught along with rice and seaweed.

While they were all sitting and eating breakfast Kris mentioned that they'd gotten a letter from Luhan, so Minseok sent Rui over to Yixing and Jongdaes to bring them over. Knowing Luhan, the envelope would probably possess a single paper for each of them.

Kris handed his husband a crisp brown envelope, tied tightly with yarn and the postage in the corner. There was no returning address, only Kris and Minseok's address scribbled in blue ink.

Kris and Minseok knew that it was too dangerous for Luhan to tell them where he was. That would put him and them in danger and no one wanted that. Minseok slipped off the yarn and opened up the envelope. Sure enough there was a piece of paper addressed to Minseok, one to Kris, and three others separately for Lay, Chen and Rui.

“Hi!” a cheerful voice filled Minseok's kitchen. Minseok gasped in surprise. Chen waltzed in through the front door, his hair long and black with his bright smile on his face.

But that wasn't what had made Minseok gasp. Seeing his friend was of course great and all...

It was the adorable baby girl with wide eyes in Chen's arms that caused Minseok's heart to stutter.

He skipped over to Chen and starting cooing at the baby girl who stared at him in panic. Her face was small and her cheeks rosy. She had the widest eyes Minseok had ever seen and they were staring at Minseok in fear. Her black hair was pushed back and out of her face by a large bow. It matched her pink flower top that she was in, a small bow at the center of her chest.

“This is Jia.”Chen sang the littler girls name and pressed a sweet kiss against the child's cheek, “We got her just yesterday”

Jia was still staring at Minseok when Chen kissed her. Chen smiled at the his little girl and quickly wiped away some dirt on her rosy cheek.

“I thought she wasn't arriving for another week.” Minsoek tentatively reached out his finger to touch her pink cheek. She panicked with puppy eyes and hid her face in Chen's neck. But Minseok didn't mind. Just seeing her was making him happy.

Lay had wanted to be a father for some time now and Chen was right on track with him. But unlike Lay, who would be happy with any baby really, Chen had wanted to go to an orphanage and pick their child out. Chen was looking for a sign, anything.

Minseok remembered when the couple had come over, smiles glued to their faces as they talked about the angel that had captured their hearts and given them the sign they'd been looking for. And she hadn't even looked at them much or said a word. She seemed to be an independent baby, quiet like Rui had been through his infancy.

She was cute, just as the other children were. She was quiet, like a few others were.

The only difference was that she had crawled right in to Chen's lap when he'd sat down next to her.

Not a peep out of her, she just sat right in his lap and played quietly. And when she grew tired, with out a word she snuggled in to Chen's arms and fell asleep. And that was when they knew.

It had taken a few months, but the adoption had been finalized. They weren't expecting her for another week, but as Chen told Minsoek, the orphanage mothers had come early the morning before.

Poor Jia had been so confused and scared. She cried for a couple of hours after the orphanage mothers left her. She was fussy and red faced as she screamed and refused to eat anything.

“I was freaking out. I had no clue what to do or how to get her to calm down.” Chen sighed. They hadn't read their letter from Luhan yet. All four of the adults were sitting outside together on the porch. Lay smiled at the memory and pecked his husband sweetly on the lips.

“We got her to calm down eventually right?” he tried to be positive. Chen scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“She fell asleep because she was exhausted!” he exclaimed.

“Yeah but when she woke up she was better.” Lay shot back. The four watched as Rui Jing tried to get little Jia to play 'ninja' with him.

Jia had barely turned one. She was pretty good at walking, and besides that really amazing at watching. All she really knew was how to watch Rui run around and the flee with wide eyes of panic when he chased her.

“Did you guys read your letters yet?” Lay asked with curious eyes. Minseok shook his head. And then glared at his husband open-mouthed when Kris said yes.

“When did you have time?” he accused.

“When you were busy trying to get Jia to look at you.” Kris retorted with a smirk.

The four adults looked up when they heard a loud scream. Lay was on his feet the second he realized Jia had fallen a little too hard on the dirt. Her cheeks were already turning pink as she started to cry.

She was brought over to Chen who reached out to her naturally. Jia seemed to know Chen's touch the best and pushed her face in to his neck again as tears continued to fall.

Minseok couldn't help but grin at how affectionate the other couple was to their new child. When Chen suggested she might be thirsty, Lay was halfway inside the house on his way to get her some water.

If Jia reached to touch something like a leaf or flower Chen snatched it up for his daughter to hold.

“Jia's a pretty name.” Minseok commented suddenly. Lay grinned and playfully nudged his husband. Said husband threw him an annoyed look and continued to dote on their little girl.

“I told him it was a good name. It means beautiful. The orphanage mothers were calling her that in Thai. So I just translated it in to a Chinese name.” Lay shrugged. It was obvious Lay was very proud of the name he'd picked out. And it was even more obvious that he'd been throwing it in to Chen's face the whole time. But no matter how annoyed Chen acted, Minseok could tell he secretly he loved it by the way he pecked the scar tissue on Lay's face.

“Whatever. You gave her a great name but she likes me better.” Chen smirked. This seemed to shut Lay up since it was true.

Jia seemed to only go to Chen's arms. The only time she settled for Lay was when Chen had to run to their house and retrieve Jia's coat when the afternoon breeze started getting strong. And even then she'd jumped right out of his lap when Chen had returned.

Lay pouted at the lack of contact he got with his new child, but still he fondly smiled every time she smiled or giggled.

Kris comforted Lay by telling him that eventually she'd want to play and be thrown in the air, and then Lay would definitely become her favorite person in the world.

“You think you're Rui's favorite person in the world?” Minseok squinted an accusing look at Kris. And his husband didn't even try to hide it and nodded proudly.

“Araso. Believe what you want.” Minseok gave up and rolled his eyes at the wide grin Kris was giving him. They all hung out for a while longer. When Jia began to pout and become fussy Lay and Chen went back to their home to get lunch.

The family of three also went inside to grab a mid day snack of pineapple and watermelon, Kris and Rui's favorite.

“What did Luhan's letter say to you?” Minseok asked his husband. Kris didn't bother telling him anything and pushed the letter itself in to Minseok's hands. After serving their son more watermelon and juice, Minseok sat down and skimmed quickly through the letter addressed to Kris.

Minseok smiled at how Luhan still called Kris 'Fannie' through out the writing. It was a basic greeting, full of rhetorical questions about how Kis was doing and how was their home? He also threatened Kris a few times about taking care of Rui Jing, stating 'I have no problem showing up and burning you with boiling water...after I used it for tea first of course!'

He missed Luhan. He missed the Chinese boy who doted on his son, who called Minseok out when he was being stubborn, who walked around like a zombie in the mornings. Luhan was a part of Minseok's family, and nothing would feel all the way complete with out the man back in all of their lives.

Minseok desperately wished to see Luhan again. He wanted his friend to come to Thailand with the rest of his family and stay forever.

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nope they are all going to DIE. just kidding wow that was terrible of me to say KILL THEM ALL okay i need sleep.


I'm just warning you that I'll be able to post probably one more chapter before I don't update for quite some time, I'm flying back home and settling back in so yeah. sorry omg you're so cute and all excited IM SORRY OKAY okay thank you so much for continuing to read and leaving lovely comments I really love them and appreciate them <333

Date: 2013-05-15 03:12 pm (UTC)
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damn porter you are killing it with all this daily updates!!!! i'm so happy every time i wake up and see a new chapter. but does this mean the story is ending soon? nooo i want you to write happy and loving xiuris forever!!

Date: 2013-05-15 06:01 pm (UTC)
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whoaa i can hardly keep up with these rapid updates!!! :o xD

chenlay and a baby daughter. omg. i'm going to cry because of this image. and i don't think i'll ever get rid of it

Date: 2013-05-17 08:07 am (UTC)
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Can I cry of happiness?!? I'm finally on summer vacation so I rushed to read this chapter and it was so cute, so calm, and so full of love..Yeah that includes Jongin and stockholmed-Luhan's love haha, good one btw... I love how the family is growing and now with the addition of little Jia everything sounds about right. But oh I can't forget that Kris and Lay still have to deal with crazy Chanyeol mwaahahaha, I'm sensing more drama is to come! yay to that.

And you're absolutely right: Baekhyun and Kyungsoo make great crazies, too. Baek with his eyeliner can look mean enough, and Soo with his huge eyes and innocent appearance, perfect for a psycho!

I'm also very excited cause their comeback is around the corner and I don't know what to do with myself skjdfhksjdhfjd.

Date: 2013-05-25 05:28 pm (UTC)
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I had no idea this was up. XD Well, Minseok is certainly a better person than I am since I would have poured alcohol AND salt all over Luhan's back if he was my friend. :p Also, "You Stockholmed him!" = WIN XD
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