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Title: Fang Bang Bar: Dark Mania

Fang Bang Bar: Dark Mania Continued

Jinki took note of how uncomfortable Taemin's couch was, and to never take the offer to spend the night ever again.

It could have been worse, he thought, if he was sober he would have been completely uncomfortable on the concrete slab that called itself cushion. But he wasn't. He was in fact so drunk he was sure that if he tried to stand up...

Well he couldn't stand up.

Ever shake of his head made the world zoom over his eyes and make the warm feeling of the alcohol drag over his senses. Key had been very generous in bringing over too many bottles for only three people. A few bottles of vodka, there was definitely some whiskey in there...and Jinki wasn't sure what else. But he'd tasted that whiskey, he remembered grunting as it fired down his throat and coughing afterward.

He wasn't sure how much Taemin had consumed, but the youngest had staggered to his room after giggling at the television screen. He laughed so hard that tears fell down as he hurled over on the floor. Key had become best friends with the toilet during the second movie, but he'd returned with every intention of drinking the vodka like it was water. Jinki hoped his friend got home safe...

He let out a hot puff of air and tried to turn over on to his chest. At least the pillows on the couch weren't so hard. But once his stomach hit the stiff slab of cushion beneath him he turned right back over with a loose chuckle.

Jinki exhaled slowly, another chuckle leaving his grinning face. The feeling of being drunk was nice, it was tingly and funny and so warm. Jinki had to admit that he'd over all had a good night so far. He didn't realize how much he missed his friend's laughs and endless chatter. Taemin and Key were very good at keeping the pace of the night going, there were few moments when Jinki wasn't laughing and smiling brightly.

Also, it wasn't even midnight and Jinki was going to bed. Unlike most Friday nights where he would stay awake with a certain someone until five in the morning and then catch up on sleep all day Saturday.

Jinki aimlessly thought about what he might want to do the next morning. He after all would be awake for the first Saturday in a long time. Did he want to do laundry or go for a walk in the park? Maybe he'd go buy some groceries and have actual food in his apartment instead of instant everything. Maybe he'd come over to Taemin's again for the evening to watch more movies and have some more drinks! That would be nice...


He could take a long hot shower, and waste his time all day. And then when night came...

Jinki thought maybe it would also be very nice to crawl back to Minho. Yes, that would be very nice wouldn't it? To submit to his dark lover that he'd actually been craving all night.

Jinki had tried to ignore it all night. But really who was he kidding? Every time he took another shot that Key passed him, every rush of warmth that over came his body every time he blinked all he could think was why in the hell had he agreed to coming over when he could be wrapped in Minho's marble like body and getting fucked in to complete bliss?

Jinki literally felt like he was loosing his mind, like he was becoming a complete insane maniac. He could picture the pitch black eyes roaming over his body and feel the sharp pinch of the long ivory fangs. He wanted Minho behind him, leaving bruises on his hips and pounding in to him with out mercy.

Why had he come over to Taemin's? To satisfy the need of friendship?

But Jinki had a mania for Minho. It was dark and it was strong and all he wanted was Minho. He wanted to get his high. And he wanted to feel that dead man's kisses and hear his grunts as he came. Jinki missed Minho.

Jinki not only wanted the amazing sex. That wasn't everything. He wanted those sweet moments. When Minho would lay next to the human and nuzzle his neck like a young lover would. He always liked the way Minho would squeeze him and press rough kisses right before Jinki left. And Minho thought he didn't notice, but Jinki especially liked the way Minho would stand outside the bar and watch his car drive away.

“What the hell was I thinking...” Jinki pouted to himself.

And knowing the vampire, Jinki was going to have to explain himself very carefully. Would Minho be disgusted with Jinki? Would he be angry with him? Jinki secretly liked to think so. Because if Minho was upset that Jinki had ditched him...

Then that meant the attachment wasn't one-sided. Maybe Jinki wasn't the only one falling...

The worst fear Jinki had of going back, was if Minho didn't care. If Minho shrugged and didn't notice that Jinki had been missing, surely his heart would break.

Jinki slapped a hand over his eyes and groaned, “The hell was I thinking!” He sighed unhappily to himself and lightly smacked his forehead.

“That's an excellent question.”

Jinki felt his head swirl and he almost fell to the ground as his body sprang forward and he sat upright. He had to put in immense effort to keep his eyes focused and even more effort to not completely topple over.

Was he seeing things?

“M-minho?” he gasped quietly.

The object of his dark mania had arrived in his full glory. Minho should have scared the shit out of Jinki, with his tall dark form hovering over him and blacked out eyes glaring down; Minho would have scared any sane human.

But Jinki wanted to cry with joy.

He wobbled forward until he fell in to the cold arms. Minho caught him easily but turned his head away when he smelled his human's breath.

“You're drunk? This is why you don't bother to show up, to drink?” he snarled but nevertheless held Jinki close.

Although he'd planned to curse Jinki, to growl down at him until the human cowered in fear, he'd ended up wasting his plan the second those glazed over eyes had landed on him.

Because Jinki had looked so happy to see him, so relieved and excited it made something turn in Minho that he pushed away immediately.

“I missed you” Jinki chuckled and inhaled the vampires scent. The smell of leather was what met his nostrils and he gladly took it in again.

“If you missed me so much then why the hell did you not show up?” Minho growled. He laid his human down on the couch and slithered in beside him. He was delighted that his human instantly snuggled in to his side.

“I don't even know...” Jinki trailed off while his fingers slipped under the folds of Minho's jacket and caressed the smooth skin beneath. What was he trying to do again? Socialize with his friends or fellow employees or whatever?

Jinki exhaled and clung to the vampire, shamelessly moving his hips around to give his lover ideas. The alcohol coursing through his veins was making him a little horny. Or was it Minho?

The dead man bit his lip and his mouth began to salivate. Even if his human reeked of cheep vodka and heavy whiskey he couldn't deny that he wanted the willing body that was starting to release little whimpers. He pressed Jinki in to the couch, rolling on top of him and taking advantage of the exposed neck. His human sighed and wrapped his arms around Minho's neck in attempt to pull him closer.

When Minho started licking in to Jinki's ear, the vampire had to remind his human that they were not in their usual private domain. They were in Taemin's living room, on his couch and they should be very quiet.

The vampire clasped his hand over Jinki's mouth, letting the man bite on the skin in between his thumb and index finger to keep his voice low. Immediately he went to work and whipped Jinki's tight jeans off, god he loved how fucking tight Jinki wore his jeans, his talons dug in to the nice cotton underwear and tore a hole so that Minho could pull out the large hardening piece.

“Did you enjoy the time you spent with your friends?” Minho asked while stroking Jinki's hard length and taking in the pleasure he was getting at watching his human writhe beneath him. Like the obedient boy Jinki was, he whimpered and shook his head at Minho's questions. Minho enjoyed that reaction and gripped his human's erection tightly, not letting him get any pleasure.

Jinki whined around Minho's hand and tried to move his hips around to gain friction. But the vampire held him down and snarled down at him lowly.

Don't you ever do that to me again.” Minho murmured against the full lips he adored. Jinki sighed at Minho's influence, his body giving up and unwinding.

The sight of his human beneath him, so willing and ready for him made Minho so hungry. But not in a manner of feeding. There was something else he felt. Only one day, a few hours really with out his human and he'd almost gone insane. He'd craved Jinki, missed him maybe.

And even though it had been brief, he never wanted to feel it again.

The feeling of being rejected, that needy emotion that upset him. He wasn't going to admit it aloud, but Jinki was special. He was something else that Minho enjoyed a little too much.

He removed his hand slowly from Jinki's mouth, staring down at the human he desired. Jinki stared back, his lips parted and eyes hooded.

“M-minho, please...” Jinki gasped in a hushed tone, “I won't. I promise.” he panted and leaned forward so his lips pushed and moved against the dead man that made him feel so alive.

Jinki thought he must be completely wasted, because he had to be imagining the way Minho was kissing him. Minho had never kissed him back like that. Minho didn't usually cup Jinki's face tenderly and move their lips in sync. The vampire was prone to biting and forcing the human's mouth open, not caressing Jinki's cheeks with his clawed thumb.

Even if it was just his imagination, Jinki melted in to the unusual kiss.

He held back a surprised squeak when he was suddenly lifted off of the couch and slammed in to Minho's chest. He gripped tightly on to the leather jacket and locked his ankles around Minho's waist, panting in a bit of a panic. Minho was standing now in the living room, with Jinki in his grasp only wearing his boxers and shirt.

Minho had realized something while kissing his human.

He'd realized that he really did want Jinki to be his human. He'd given Jinki that title in his personal thoughts, but he wanted to make it official in ever way. And really there was only way to claim ownership on a human. Minho planned on making that happen, but not in this place.

“Hold on tight and close your eyes dear Jinki,” Minho ordered. He smirked at the feeling of Jinki's grip around his neck tightening. Oh his dear Jinki, he listened so easily.

He grabbed Jinki's pants before he started walking out of the tiny apartment, making sure to lock the door behind him. Maybe he should have left a note for Jinki's friend, but he had more important things to get to.

He jogged with Jinki in his arms, back East in the direction of the vampire bar. He jogged past it though, going in to the small collection of apartment buildings behind it and down the long winding road that cut through the outer woods. He picked up his speed and sprinted through the trees, jumping over the familiar stones and swooping in and out of the large tree trunks.

When he reached the other side of the small town, where small houses were scrunched together, he slowed down and went back to walking. He carefully made his way around the houses, squeezing in between buildings with his human wrapped around him tightly, until he finally made it outside of one house among the others.

“We're here.” Minho informed Jinki, who quickly popped his head up from the vampires shoulder and took in his surroundings. Besides the alcohol making his mind wary, he had to take a few moments to breath in deeply from how fast Minho had been running. The whole time Jinki had felt like someone had a direct fan on his skin while he was free falling.

“That was fast...” he mumbled mostly to himself.

He saw a row of houses squished together across the street. And when Minho put him down, he turned around and saw the exact same thing again.

“Where are we?” he asked while pulling at the hem of shirt. He tried to pull the fabric low enough to cover the gigantic torn hole in his underwear. The night wasn't cold, so that was good.

Minho gave Jinki a once over, watching his reaction closely, “We're at my house.”

Jinki pales noticeably and his neck whipped his skull back and forth while his eyes grew in size. He stupidly realized that the small white house in front of him was the place that Minho was speaking of and stared at it for a long silent second.

Jinki took in the small plain house with a brown tiled roof and windows that look completely pitch black. The lawn hadn't been cut in ages and the metal fence had a legitimate lock keeping it sealed. The house looked abandoned.

For some reason the whole time he'd been sleeping with Minho, he'd assumed that the vampire actually lived at Fang Bang Bar. It had never occurred to him that the vampire would have his own home.

But then...

why did Minho bring him here? Did this mean they were getting closer? Was Minho going to ask Jinki to be in some sort of human-vampire relationship and ask him out on a proper date?

Or was it dangerous? Maybe Minho really was pissed off about Jinki ditching him that night and now he was going to...make him pay. Maybe that was why he'd brought Jinki to his personal house where no one would come for him, a place that probably not a lot of people knew about.

Before he could ask though, Minho picked Jinki up and jumped over the fence easily, taking his human forward and in to the house quickly and quietly. Jinki went from looking around with moonlight to light his eye sight, to being swallowed in to darkness. He couldn't see in front of his face and that scared him. His hands searched for Minho but found no purchase on any marble like skin or leather jacket.

“Minho?” he whispered but didn't know why he felt the need to be quiet. He heard a movement in front of him and jumped back. An audible squeak left the human when he felt another rush of air create goosebumps up his back. “Why did you bring me here?” he asked the darkness.

Jinki liked to think that he was a man, a capable one. He liked to think that if the time came, he would defend himself like a man should with courage and...manliness.

And yet when he felt cold hands slide up his shirt he may or may not have let out a very high pitched and loud scream that could have been categorized as very feminine.

“C-could you n-not do that please?” he asked breathlessly. A dark chuckle answered him as he felt Minho's lips caress his neck. When Jinki was pushed harshly, yes he squeaked again. Luckily he fell on to something soft which he assumed to be some sort of bed.

“I can't wait to taste you...” the evil purr came out from the black space. With out any light, Jinki was kind of going on edge. He wanted to see something, anything. At least the bed he was on or the room he was in. Even in the dark spaces of the bar things were slightly visible for the human eye. But here, in Minho's personal domain, there was nothing. Every window and door were sealed tightly so that no light could get through. Jinki couldn't see the vampire and that was seriously scaring him.

“Can we um...turn on a light?” he asked out. He heard quick footsteps and suddenly felt air over his face that was paired with the lowest growl. Gingerly Jinki moved his head forward and sure enough his nose bumped Minho's.

“We don't need a light.” Minho retorted. And why would they? Minho not only could see in the dark, but he knew his human's body all too well. Didn't Jinki trust him to take care of him? His human didn't fight when he reached under his shirt again and pulled it up and off. But he did see the man trembling slightly, which troubled him. Jinki never trembled before him. Jinki moaned and shuddered in pleasure...

Was his human afraid?

“Y-you don't need it but...” Jinki bit his lip. A harsh hissing sound made his muscles coil on instinct, pulling away from the vampire. Minho's claws dug in to Jinki's arm at once and yanked him back towards him. How could his human be afraid? Why was he afraid?

The whimper Jinki let out when Minho joined him on the bed upset him because why the fuck was Jinki acting this way?

“I can't see and it's scaring me!” the man cried in fear.

Minho froze.

Scaring him? Scaring him?

“Why are you afraid?” Minho finally asked, his talon pushed out the hair in front of Jinki's eyes. It was meant to be affectionate and reassuring but it made the man jump and yank his face away, “You don't trust me?” the vampire asked and dropped his hand to his side. He stayed kneeling on the bed, watching Jinki's eyes search the darkness blindly.

It took Minho a second, but he realized Jinki's cheeks were wet, and he wasn't just breathing, he was hyperventilating.

His human was crying.

“Minho,” Jinki cautiously called out. He sucked in a breath as he was pulled flush against Minho's chest, a way of the vampire answering that he was listening.

“Why did you bring me here?” the sound of Jinki trying to hold back his tears was getting to Minho. That was so unusual. Minho was not a creature of compassion and understanding anymore. He was a demon of the night that stole innocence and drank life away.

So why was he shushing Jinki and telling him everything was okay? Minho attempted to wipe the falling tears away, using most of his palm to do so. He was holding his human tenderly and kissing his lips gently, “Don't be afraid.” he requested of the frail being in his arms. Jinki's cheek ended up pressed over his dead heart as they both laid down on the bed.

In a flash of movement Minho reached over and ripped one of the black curtains down. The moonlight flooded in and the vampire watched Jinki's pupils dilate the tiniest bit. He could see Minho now, see the vampire who was stark naked beside him. He could see the four walls that surrounded him and the plain mattress that he laid on. The dangerously and deadly man before him with black eyes was staring at him with a crimped brow and a stiff frown. Jinki couldn't help but push away all the fear he'd had. Minho kill him? No.

“Better?” Minho asked and once again his thumb pushed away some stray hair over Jinki's eyes. The small breath of relief left him when his human gave a small smile, nodded, and didn't flinch away from him. “What were you thinking before? Why were you so afraid?”

“I thought you brought me here to hurt me.” Jinki spoke truthfully. He saw Minho's expression darken. “You just seemed so angry earlier in Taemin's apartment, I thought you were really going to punish me for it. And not in a...sexual way. I thought...” but he left that unsaid.

Minho scoffed at the nonsense his human was spouting, “Well I was angry for one. You said you'd show up, and you didn't. Vampires keep their word in case you didn't notice. If I say I'm going to fuck you till you're so sore you can't walk, I mean it.” he enjoyed the way Jinki's heart beat quickened at his words.

“But you promised to never do it again, so I'm not anymore. And I was never going to hurt you like that.” he added as a last thought.

“What if something happens in the future, what if I get in to trouble and I don't come to the bar when I say I will, you'll be mad at me? Or what if I'm just too tired to get up or maybe, maybe I just won't want to go. Will you be mad at me then?” Jinki accused.

So Minho hadn't been imagining it. Jinki really was growing a pair of balls around him.

Jinki really thought Minho didn't own him, that he could do as he wished and rebel and betray.

Ah but that was why Minho had brought Jinki here in the first place. He wanted to officially own his human. After he had legitimate ownership over Jinki there would be no reason to be upset if Jinki broke a promise. Because what Minho was planning to do to Jinki wouldn't even allow the human to betray Minho or lie to him.

“I'll have no reason to be angry at you ever again after tonight.” Minho informed while tracing Jinki's bare chest with his claws. The vampire grinned as Jinki shuddered at his touch. Now that was more like it. He climbed on top of his human, craning his head down to taste what would soon be his. He was going to claim Jinki in the most intimate way. But first his lust needed to be fed. He pushed Jinki's legs open and settled in between them, groping flesh and teasing sensitive spots. Minho was fucking hungry and he knew how tasty Jinki could be.

But just as he was getting in to it, with Jinki's boxers gone and his fingers shoved far up the human's ass, he heard a sound that made him stop.

Or actually, it was a lack of sound that made him stop.

Jinki wasn't moaning, wasn't gasping or shivering in delight. Jinki was laying there unmoving and his eyes were watching Minho with an emotion the vampire couldn't understand. He pulled his fingers out of Jinki and wiped them carelessly on the mattress. The man sat up face to face with Minho. Why were Jinki's eyes so cold?

“Am I imagining things?” his human asked. That wasn't what Minho had expected. Minho hadn't felt the emotion of confusion in quite some time. But there it was, he felt befuddled. He tilted his head to the side because he couldn't understand what Jinki was asking.

The man scooted closer to him, his eyes trained on him and not blinking. They were so steady. “Am I just making it up in my head, is there nothing here? Is it really just this?” Jinki's voice was gentle, but his words were not. Minho could hear the peak of agitation that was creeping in the background. Minho blinked back with no answer.

Jinki sighed heavily and chuckled to himself.

“I asked you before, and you didn't answer me. Minho,” his eyes were so clear and steady, “Why did you bring me here?”

Was that really his question? Was that the reason he was so agitated?

“To sleep with you.” Minho answered quickly and truthfully.

He spotted the way Jinki's jaw tensed. “That's it? Just kidnap me from a house in the middle of the night because you want to sleep with me?” was there a hint of hope in his voice?

“Yes.” Minho answered.

“So I am imagining it,” Jinki's head fell as he ran a tired hand through his long hair. He felt rejection and stupidity all over again. Because of course Minho hadn't brought him here to hurt him...

but he hadn't brought Jinki here because he gave a fuck about him either.

“Do you really...not feel anything?” he asked just to make sure. He really needed to make sure. His heart was slowly falling apart. Minho shook his head and then asked, “feel what?”

“You don't feel anything...for me?” Jinki checked. And he almost wished he hadn't, because he wasn't sure if he needed that answer. Wouldn't it have been easier to have gone on the way they were? Jinki regretted it all. He should have just showed up at the vampire bar like he usually did. Fuck his friends. They could have gone another weekend with out him. Now he was in a very scarce house on a naked mattress actually naked with an equally naked vampire who probably didn't give two fucks about him even though he'd fallen head over heels for said vampire. Fucking perfect.

“No.” Minho whispered.


Of course not.

Could vampires even feel? Had Jinki ever bothered to ask that? Nope. Fucking perfect.

“We have sex. That's what we do.” Minho said with a stone-faced. No emotion there. How could Jinki be so stupid? To pitifully hope that a dead man would feel for stupid.

The human laughed out loud at himself and plopped back down on the bed. He opened his legs wide and spread out his arms. “Well then go ahead. Here I am Minho. Have sex with me, and I'll be on my way.” he spat with so much acid how could the vampire not notice now? The anger he'd felt earlier, much earlier crept back up on Minho. Jinki was the one that had ditched him, left him standing in a bar for a few hours, and he wanted to talk about feelings?

This filthy little human chucked their usual plans aside so he could get wasted with other moron beings and then pass out on a piece of stone with disgusting smelling breath. He then wanted to talk about feelings, and now have a fucking attitude because Minho didn't want to reciprocate them? “What the fuck is your problem?” he growled down. It really irritated him that Jinki didn't flinch. He just glared right back.

He grabbed Jinki's chin and yanked his head forward to meet him, “Who the hell do you think you are? Quit the attitude before I decide you aren't worthy.” he warned. Didn't Jinki understand the great honor it was to be claimed by a vampire? He was ruining Minho's perfect plans.

“Worthy?” Jinki scoffed, “Worthy of what? Your dick?” the human laughed at him and that really pissed him off.

“Worthy of my ownership you pathetic-”

Ownership?!” Jinki screeched. He dared to push Minho, he dared to try and move away from him how dare he.

“What the fuck are you talking about ownership Minho you do not own me!” Jinki's voice was rising. Minho should of hit him, pushed him down until Jinki understood who was really the powerful one here.

But he stood there and he listened.

Jinki was off of the bed, pulling on his underwear and feeling around for his shirt.

“Are you out of your mind? I don't belong to you, I don't belong to anyone!” but he was so wrong. Jinki was his human. His and his alone.

“I'm not dealing with this anymore.” the human grumbled to himself, “Fucking ownership and worthy and being deserving what the fuck am I doing...”

Jinki didn't have time to scream. The smacking pain to the back of his head made him want to scream, but the problem was that his windpipe was being crushed by a cold hand. His feet weren't touching the floor, Minho was holding him by his throat against a wall.

But Jinki's eyes focused on the opposite wall, and saw the mattress he'd previously been laying on. Of course, the vampire was holding him by the throat against the ceiling.

“Where the fuck do you think you're going?” Minho snarled. His eyes were the shining silver. They were dangerous. Jinki would have submitted in any other situation. But he was so tired. His emotions were strung out and he was so done.

“Why does it matter? You don't care about me, yet you want to own me you idiot! Let me go! Put me down I'm leaving and I am never coming back to see you! You just want me for stupid sex and I wasted all this time thinking that maybe I was special to you, maybe you felt something for me no matter how small it was but of course you don't! Put me down!” Jinki roared. His face was turning red and his vision was blurring from the tears escaping. He wanted to hit the handsome face below him but even more so he just wanted to leave.

Minho did not want Jinki to leave. He'd had a plan.

Jinki was so wrong on everything he was saying, he wanted to own Jinki because...

“That's not it.” Minho whispered and hovered closer to his human. Jinki sobbed with frustration and turned his face away. “You're not understanding” he told his human who was pushing at him.

“I understand perfectly! You said it yourself that all you want is sex. News flash you idiot I want more than that. You don't, so this ends now! Put me the fuck down you asshole!” Jinki sounded like he was begging now.

“Shut up! I said that's not it!” Minho defended.

“Then what is it?” Jinki screamed.

“It's-it's-if I say you're mine then you're mine!” Minho yelled back, he was losing it. He wanted to own Jinki because...because!

Fuck off!” his human reached forward. He slapped Minho. His hand quickly whipped across Minho's face and slapped him.

So Jinki was slammed in to the ceiling. He heard a distinct cracking sound. The world was turning black. Everything was fading out. Everything was going silent.

He thought he heard something. He thought he heard Minho's voice yelling at him, growling in to his face with such passion it could have burned through his skin. But he wasn't sure if he really heard it. He thought it could have been a figment of his imagination.

I want you to be mine because I love you Lee Jinki!

He must have been dreaming. The world was dark and it was cold. Just like the demon like eyes that looked down on him as he faded away.

~ ~ ~

What was the point of loving, Minho thought tiredly. Jinki's limp body in his hands, blood falling from his human's head after the impact with the ceiling. The impact Minho had caused after losing control.

Jinki had ruined his plan. His perfect plan. Fucking perfect.

“I didn't want to tell you.” he whispered to no one.

“It's pointless to love humans. They always die anyways.”

Humans were too frail. They always died. Minho had learned that long ago. It was pointless to get close to the mortal beings with weak hearts and weak emotions. They always died.

He hugged the lifeless body close, inhaling Jinki's scent and kissing the plump lips he adored, before laying him down on the naked mattress.

He didn't mind if the blood stained.

It didn't bother him.

My dearest Jinki, “ his voice croaked in the silence, “I wanted to claim you as mine. Because I've always been yours.

A/N: So there's the sequel! Hope you enjoyed and feel free to comment cuz I love hearing what you anyone thought! Also I will be continuing this in the later future. There are more characters and stories to tell in this world. Thank you for reading and commenting <3

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