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Title: The Flower and The River
Chapter: 25
Pairing: Xiuris (Xiumin/Kris)
Rating: PG - 13
Summary: The flower naturally grows near the river that flows with love and patience. It is happy and content near the wide expanse of water that drifts downstream. The river needs the flower, it finds it too beautiful to let go. It give whatever it has to make sure the flower and can bloom.
A/N: we at twenty-five and we still alive now do the jive~

Yixing pulled the trigger.

I squeezed my eyes shut as the boom of the gun made my heart jump. Tao's hand was in mine and she jumped next to me. We all flinched. Yixing's body was pushed back by the sheer force of the blast.

Yixing don't!” Jongdae reached out with a panicked cry a little too late. Too late indeed. There was a red crater in the other man's forehead. His innocent eyes were frozen and his mouth had gone slack. His blood spattered across his pale skin like paint on a clean canvas. We were all stunned as his body fell. Like a puppet being cut lose his legs went out from beneath him and he clumped to the floor.

“Yixing...” Wu Fan whispered. His stunned eyes couldn't blink as he looked at his brother. Yixing slowly lowered the gun and turned around to face us. He didn't look afraid like we did. He looked cold and mean. With an apathetic sigh he wiped off what little blood had gotten on his own face. His fingers left faint smears of the scarlet color on his cheek and forehead.

Jongdae backed away when Yixing reached out to him.

“Yix...what?” Jongdae panted with scared eyes. I don't know what Jongdae was feeling then. Maybe he was suddenly afraid of Yixing? Could it have been he was mad at him? All I saw was that for a few minutes every time Yixing reached out his hand was slapped away. Jongdae kept backing away with wide eyes. I did see a small hint of denial and anger in his face, maybe some confusion. Either way he didn't want his lover touching him and he seemed determined to push Yixing away. Jongdae kept one firm hand clamped over his mouth to keep from crying out loud, the other smacking Yixing away.

“You wouldn't do the same for me?” Yixing defended with dark eyes, “He was getting too close. I didn't want him anywhere near you. Especially after the way Minsoek looks now. Don't look at me like that Dae.” he growled. Jongdae couldn't utter a word. He started to cry again with his hand clamped over his mouth. I wasn't sure why Jongdae was so upset. I, myself, felt mostly shocked at Yixing's sudden actions. And I couldn't help but realize the shit had just hit the fan. In a way Yixing had ensured that they were definitely going to come for us. Maybe that was why Jongdae was upset?

Finally Yixing lunged for Jongdae, and the smaller man couldn't fight much since Yixing was much stronger than he. The Chinese man rolled his eyes as Jongdae finally gave in and fell in to his arms. Yixing met Wu Fan's gaze and shrugged.

“Tell me you wouldn't do that same for Minseok.” he challenged. Wu Fan could only give Yixing a curt nod. It was the truth wasn't it? Wu Fan turned to me and held my face.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“I'm fine.” I assured him with a weak smile.

“Was he one of them?” he asked after with a hard gaze.

“What do you mean?” I tilted my head. His eyes softened, and his thumb gingerly traced part of my cheek that felt raw and bruised.


“He was.” I confirmed meekly. Wu Fan nodded his head to himself whilst biting his lip. I still don't understand why he asked me this. Why did he need to know who had beaten me up, when the man was already dead? He couldn't punch him or kick him at the point. Well he could have, but it would have been pointless. So why did he need to ask? It just made me relive one of the most terrible nights of my life. As Wu Fan hugged me in a comforting manner, I stared over his shoulder at the dead body. Those eyes still haunted me. While the tall man's smile taunted me, the innocent man's eyes haunted me. Even when they were dead with no emotion behind them they made me shudder.

“We should go inside soon. We don't know where they are, they could ambush us any second.” Yixing mentioned to Wu Fan. This alerted the smaller man in his arms. Jongdae pulled Yixing's face quickly and kissed him with so much passion I had to look away. We turned away from the body and started to head back inside. Tao went in first, then Yixing and Jongdae. Wu Fan was hugging me from behind as we went inside.

Wu Fan suddenly let me go. His head snapped back and forth quickly on high alert.

“I'm hearing it again.” he told me before I could ask, “I hear someone calling me.”

I strained my ears to listen too. Besides Jongdae sniffling in Yixing's arms I didn't hear anything.

His anxious face reminded me of the time when I'd first heard Rui's cries from the river. He heard something, but no one else did. Wu Fan was holding on to my arms, his eyes searched out in to the fields. When his mouth fell open I looked in the direction he did.

Earlier when he'd asked if I'd called him I had been telling the truth. I hadn't been calling him. But someone else had been.

I couldn't believe it. That wasn't possible. There was no way.

“I thought you said he was dead.” Wu Fan breathed in amazement next to me.

He was alive?

“But I heard the shots...” I whispered mostly to myself.

Unless my eyes were deceiving me, the person who was calling Wu Fan was...Luhan.

I could see him standing far down the road from us. His blonde hair shaking as he tilted his head up and screamed at the top of his lungs. My fingers held on to Wu Fan so I wouldn't fall down.

It was really him. My heart couldn't stop pounding, trying to take off in to flight. He was alive. Luhan was alive. He was standing down the road from us, screaming for Wu Fan.

Wu Fan started walking forward at a brisk pace. He didn't forget to turn around and call for Yixing and Jongdae. The couple came out. When they spotted Luhan as well they grinned and ran forward to where Wu Fan was. I too walked forward. We were too happy to see that Luhan was alive and well. He was alive, and my heart immediately forgot all the pain I'd experienced. My friend was alive.

We were all so happy as we ran forward with smiles on our faces.

We were so happy that we didn't notice the man standing behind Luhan with coal-rimmed eyes. We didn't see the sharp knife pressed in to Luhan's neck.

We didn't see the two men approaching us from the left, and the third moving in on the right. All we saw was Luhan. We were too happy to see him alive and well.

So happy we didn't even hear how he was screaming, and crying. He wasn't just calling for Wu Fan, he was warning Wu Fan. He was panicking as we got closer.

Because he could see the two men swiftly moving behind Yixing and Jongdae with their guns in their hands. He could see the man who'd chased me down coming up from behind me with a sharp knife pointed for my neck.

Luhan saw it all. How did we not hear that his screams were of panic and agony? How did we not see how badly he was bruised with purple marks and scabbed cuts?

When we finally realized, it was too late. Tao had started screaming at us from behind. She had stayed in the house. And she could see everything happening as clearly as Luhan could. The kind-hearted Jongdae had taken a second to look back at her with worry.

And he'd been met with quick bash to the head.

That's when Yixing had turned around. Chanyeol had jumped on top of him. Over and over again he'd brought his fist down on to Yixing's face and body.

That was when I'd been pulled down by my hair, and I'd felt the pain in my back as someone stomped on to it.

We could finally hear Luhan's voice, how it really was.

Luhan was going back and forth between telling Wu Fan to get away and begging Wu Fan to come save him.

Every time Luhan told Wu Fan to run, an ear piercing scream would follow. That led to Luhan whimpering for his brother to save him. But then Wu Fan would get closer and he'd return to telling Wu Fan to get away.

We were so happy. But of course, the second we could all be happy it would all come tumbling down.

I pushed at the man who pulled me to my feet. My head was smacked back with the handle of his knife and I roared at the throbbing in my nose. The man punched me in the gut and I heeled over coughing and almost fell to the floor. He pulled me back up and pressed his knife to my chest.

“We meet again.” he chuckled. It wasn't the tall man. It was the man who'd chased me down. My chaser with dark hair and dark eyes.

“Careful, if you move too much I could slice your chest right open. That would be a shame.” he lightly tapped the sharp metal against my shirt. I gritted my teeth and stayed as still as possible.

“Get off of him!” Wu Fan's yelling made my eyes snap up. He was running back at us. He stopped a few feet away from us and pulled out his revolver.

“Wu Fan don't!” I warned. What if the man decided to hurt him instead? I didn't want that.

“You wanna play with guns? I can play!” the chaser cackled. With lightning speed he reached back and the knife pressing in to my chest was replaced with a heavy gun instead. The gun was black and thick.

“You wanna shoot first or shall I?” the gun pressed against me painfully. I gasped when the man smacked my face just for show. I heard Wu Fan growl on his own.

Wu Fan aimed his gun with shaky hands, his eyes were on fire. He looked so determined to save me. But another voice cut in. The man with eyeliner had approached us slowly with Luhan in his grasp.

Luhan's hands were tied together. His neck was lined with green and yellow blotches, his right eye was almost shut completely. Small scabs covered his lips. The blood drying on his hair line made me squirm.

What had they done to him?

“How about we make a deal,” the black eyed man smirked and threw Luhan to the ground. I went to move forward to help Luhan. My chaser grabbed me by the neck abrasively and I was pulled back. Wu Fan stood in the middle. Behind him stood me with the dark haired man's gun to my head. In front of him was Luhan and the black eyed man.

“I'm not giving you Tao.” Wu Fan said quickly. The black eyed man laughed out loud.

“Who said anything about her? I mean we can add her in to the deal if you want. She'll be with us soon enough anyways. But for now we have other things to talk about. Like the fact that you just took one of my men.” he motioned with his knife over to the dead body near our house.

“Technically they took two Baekhyun.” the dark hair man reminded his companion. The one named Baekhyun nodded his head with thought and yanked Luhan up to his feet. I watched as Baekhyun turned Luhan around and swiftly lifted his shirt.

Long red lines decorated Luhan's back. They looked infected and angry. They sometimes crossed paths. Some were extremely fresh and bleeding, others scabbed and cracking.

“Shall we add another blondie?” he asked the question aloud. Luhan began to scream for it to stop, please no more, just kill him instead.

“Oh he wants to die? How surprising.” Baekhyun smirked and quickly brought his bare hand down to slap Luhan's wounds. Luhan fell to his knees and gasped for air.

What do you want?!” Wu Fan screamed and took a step forward. Baekyun aimed his knife at Luhan's back, causing Wu Fan to freeze.

“It's really simple. You either give me the woman, or I kill two of your men. You know since you took two of mine.” he shrugged with a playful smile. Kill?

My heart hammered as I began to cry. Not Luhan, not Jongdae, not Yixing. I didn't want my friends to die. But then again I didn't want to give Tao to them. She would surely suffer before they killed her.

“No.” Wu Fan grunted. Why did I feel so helpless again? I felt like I was powerless. I couldn't do anything but stand in my chaser's arms with his gun to my head and wait. What could I do? How could I stop this?

“No what?” Baekyun barked. Wu Fan opened his mouth to answer, but another scream was heard. Jongdae's screams made me turn my head.

He was fighting furiously while a blonde man held him tightly. Besides the man holding him, Jongdae wasn't being hurt. So why was he screaming so desperately?

Chanyeol was on top of Yixing's lifeless body. He was pulling out his knife, the one I was so familiar with, and bring it slowly down to Yixing's head. He was bringing it down slowly with his wide evil grin. Jongdae kicked and screamed for him to get away from Yixing.

Leave him alone! Yixing! Please don't!” Jongdae shrieked. He couldn't reach for Yixing, he couldn't get to him. I spotted blood trickling down Jongdae's face and his lip was broken.

“You were saying?” Baekhyun asked casually. He blinked at Wu Fan cutely and waited. I could see it. Wu Fan was breaking down. He was starting to question everything.

“You can't have Tao.” Wu Fan breathed.

But I heard it. The hesitation in his voice. He wasn't sure anymore. He couldn't be with the image of Luhan and I near death, and the sound of Jongdae's endless screams for Yixing not to be hurt.

“Are you sure?” Baekhyun smiled. He fucking smiled and giggled with joy. I could see Wu Fan trying to breath steadily at his panic rose. He was going to break soon. His head quickly snapped back and forth between me and Luhan, his body turning to look at the Jongdae and Yixing.

Yixing was still on ground, and he was laying very still. Chanyeol was doing something with his knife that was causing Jongdae to cry and beg. He was crying so hard his voice would shake and his words were incoherent. My heart was tearing. What if they got to Rui? What if they killed Yixing?

What if Luhan was right when he'd said that Wu Fan would be the death of us?

“Please stop.” Wu Fan whispered. That was not the answer Baekyun wanted. He motioned at my chaser with his knife.

“Jongin, take that one away. I want his heart.” he ordered. My chaser immediately started to drag me backwards. I called out to Wu Fan, I screamed for him to help me. I watched in horror as he stood there motionless and my world started getting smaller.

“Minseok!” Luhan screamed for me. I started to sob and kick. I didn't want to die. What did he mean by my heart? He wanted the man to cut my heart out?

“Please stop this! Please!” Wu Fan was sobbing as well. I could see screaming at Baekhyun but never getting close enough. He couldn't even lift his gun.

“Or maybe I should just kill them all, and then take that kid and sell him. I tell him his daddy didn't want him anymore.” Baekhyun joked. I heard the dark haired man chuckle from behind me.

No! Wu Fan!” I panicked. They were talking about our son, about my Rui. I wouldn't let them have Rui, not my baby.

I realize now how much stress Wu Fan was under in that moment. He had never wanted any of that to happen to any of us. He'd tried so hard to do the right thing, to continue to be Tao's protector.

But he'd ended up surrounded by four men. Each of them holding someone precious to him. The only thing missing was Rui, who I'd safely tucked in to bed and locked the door from the outside. But even then, if we were all dead...

I honestly wonder if for a second he actually considered letting two of us die. Just so Tao could live. My poor husband must have felt so scared and guilty. He was too afraid to offer himself, and we all knew no matter how many of us died they'd still want Tao. And then she'd be tortured until her death. We were running out of options. Wu Fan was running out of options.

The louder I screamed for him the more he shook, the deeper Baekhyun's knife went the higher Luhan's cries. The wider Chanyeol smiled over Yixing's body got the more Jongdae wept.

And then Baekhyun sighed with impatience, “Just kill them.” he shrugged.

Wait!” Wu Fan bellowed as Baekhyun finally raised his knife over Luhan's thraot. Baekhyun paused with excited eyes.

“I'll get her.” he whispered in a defeated tone. He whispered it in a low and hushed voice, with shame dripping from his eyes.

“Don't hurt them. Please,” he gulped for air, reaching his hands out for Luhan. Baekhyun shoved Wu Fan back, “Don't hurt them. You can have her. Just don't hurt them anymore. Please.” I couldn't believe I was hearing this. This was impossible. Wu Fan would never give up Tao. He was her last defense wasn't he? She trusted him with her life, and he was really going to give her to them?

“Jongin! Chanyeol! Sehun!” Baekhyun called out to his other men. Jongin stopped dragging me suddenly and his hold on me loosened. I saw the blonde man throw Jongdae to the ground while Chanyeol hopped up and off of Yixing's lifeless body. Jongdae was instantly over him, cradling his face and sobbing his name.

Baekhyun waved his knife at Wu Fan.

My heart fell.

Wu Fan went jogging back to our house. He didn't make eye contact with me.

He was really going to give them to her.

That was not the man I loved.

I couldn't blink and I could barely breath. This was what I'd wanted all along wasn't it? I wanted her to go away, to just let her die so Rui would never be harmed.

This was what I'd wanted all along right? I'd wanted her to...die?

My stomach clenched. I could hear Wu Fan and Tao wrestling around in our house, surely she knew what was going to happen. She knew Wu Fan was going to let her die.

You promised! You said you'd always protect me! Fannie!” the sound of Tao screaming, begging, crying made me feel terrible. It made me feel like a terrible person. I'd almost experienced what she had as a child, what she'd gone through. Here she was again, calling out for help and no one was stepping up to save her.

But this time it was so much worse. The man she trusted with her life was the one dragging her through the dirt and offering her up to them. He was giving her up so we could all live. Just as I'd once asked him to do so Rui could be safe.

What kind of person was I?

She was no match for Wu Fan, who dragged her with cold eyes and a steel grip. She urgently kicked at the air and held on to the plants in the ground. She screamed out his name again and again.

What kind of person was I? To let her die so that I could live? Hadn't she been through enough?

And secretly...I almost stood by and let it happen. I almost thought; Good. Now everything is solved.

But her eyes fell on me. Wu Fan had picked her up and tossed her on to his back. Her claws scratch and tore at his shirt, and she lifted her head.

What kind of person was I? Could I ever look back on this and proudly tell my son that I let someone else die?

Minseok!” her arm reached for me and I saw the red finger nails she had painted about two days ago. There were black stains from her mascara as she wept. She looked so heartbroken. So lonely. Oh god she was calling for me. How hopeless could she be, that she called my name as well?

The dark haired man let go of me and began following Wu Fan. Baekhyun shoved Luhan down and started walking toward Wu Fan.

I saw Chanyeol and the blonde man also begin to move forward. All of their hungry eyes falling on the screaming girl who was finally going to be in their grasp.

I saw the way Chanyeol was looking at her. His sadistic smile and his fire like eyes. Those eyes had once fallen on me, they'd been hungry and I hated it. What he'd tried to do to me, he was probably planning to do to her. And what if the other men had the same plan? What if they were all planning to rape her? Her story echoed in my head.

I kept crying out for someone to help as he dragged me...

Tao screamed louder, begging Wu Fan to not do this. “You promised! Wu Fan please! No!” she sobbed. But Wu Fan wouldn't stop walking. He was getting closer to Baekhyun. The other men were closing in on him. Her story was coming to life again right before my eyes.

He dragged me through the dirt...

Tao kicked so hard she fell to the ground. But that didn't stop Wu Fan. He grabbed her arm and kept dragging her forward. The mud was gathering on her clothes. Soon it would be mixed with her blood. No Wu Fan, I thought, don't do this.

I called out to Kane, to God, to anyone. But no one came to save me. I was all alone.

When she started crying out in Mandarin, I saw her. Thirteen year old Tao. She screamed for her life, she fought with everything she had. This was so wrong. To let her die was wrong. Who was I to ask for her death? She was young and she was scared, why was no one helping her? Her desperate eyes fell on me as she threw her fit. Those feline eyes that usually glared were sad and scared.

I ran forward. I ran as fast as my feet could carry me. I flew in between Jongin and Chanyeol. I ran right up to Wu Fan. I plucked his revolver out of his hand.

I aimed it right at Baekhyun. His smirk fell and his coal-rimmed eyes widened in fear.

Just like Yixing had done I pulled the trigger.

The sound I hated so much. The sound of gunfire. I'd just created it.

I'd pulled the trigger. I'd taken a life. Just so Tao could live.

What kind of person was I?

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