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Title: The Flower and The River
Chapter: 22
Pairing: Xiuris (Xiumin/Kris)
Rating: PG - 13
Summary: The flower naturally grows near the river that flows with love and patience. It is happy and content near the wide expanse of water that drifts downstream. The river needs the flower, it finds it too beautiful to let go. It give whatever it has to make sure the flower and can bloom.
A/N: double update yo.

That day started out normal enough.

I'd woken up with Wu Fan's face breathing on my back like usual, his legs trapping me beneath him. I'd had to swat him awake and drag him by the hand in to the kitchen. The sun hadn't risen yet, Yixing was already awake and making breakfast. A typical morning.

Wu Fan and I had snuggled on a chair together. We were extra affectionate that morning, after all I was supposed to be headed to Ani's that evening with Rui, we didn't know when we were going to see each other again. Even if Wu Fan promised to stay safe and to see me again, we just never knew.

Jongdae came in a bit later as the sky lightened, a sleepy smile on his face. He slid over to Yixing, wrapping his arms around his lover and demanding lots of food and attention.

A few moment later Luhan dragged himself in, all dead faced and glaring eyes. He didn't say anything to any of us as he immediately retrieved the hot water Yixing held out to him and made his tea.

I sighed heavily before going to wake up Tao, telling her breakfast would be ready soon if she wanted to join us. I realized she was back to her old self when she met my greeting with a cold stare. I snapped some attitude back at her and then she approached the kitchen with caution. Yixing threw her a glare, and Jongdae and Luhan paid her no mind. She sat quietly at the table, not looking up at anyone.

Just as breakfast was being served I went and woke my baby up, carrying his sleepy self in to the kitchen to eat. His full head of fly away hair almost matched Luhan's save for the color. His little eyes weren't even fully open as I cut up his eggs and sausage for him. Rui sat in Wu Fan's lap that morning. I watched happily as my husband kept pressing kisses to the top of my little gem's head and helping him clean up his face when it got too messy.

As they all left for work Wu Fan kissed me goodbye, and he hugged Rui as well. And my baby and I went to pack a few of our things for the stay at Ani's. Technically I didn't know how long we were going to be staying at her place, but knowing Ani she wouldn't have any problem either way. She'd be too happy to have little Rui running around her house. Tao spent the time doing her nails. I wasn't sure where she even got the nail polish from, but she had it. She painted them a dark red.

Rui helped me make a simple sandwich lunch, the boys came back tired and hungry like usual. A typical day. With Rui being much more awake and alert, he spent lunch sitting in between Luhan and Jongdae. The three of them laughed and played, and a carrot stick fight almost broke out until I put a stop to it. When Rui was putting his plate in the sink he almost bumped in to Tao. My eyes threw knives when Tao almost reached down to pat Rui on the head. She caught my glare and thought twice, simply backing away. I might have forgiven her but there was no way in hell I trusted her, especially with my baby.

It was after lunch had ended, and my husband was immersed in a deep conversation with Yixing about fishing, and Luhan was busy making funny faces at Rui and Jongdae, when there came a sudden sound.

Silence followed, because we were all not sure if we had actually heard it. It was after all a very rare sound, something that we just didn't usually hear.

A quiet knock at our front door came again.

Wu Fan and I exchanged glances, and I rose from the table. I sent Luhan a look and my friend immediately placed Rui in his lap securely. My husband was right on my heels as I walked out of the kitchen in down the hallway, in to the living room and to the front door.

On our porch was a man. He wasn't very tall, with pale skin and black hair. He wore a black suit with black shades. When he noticed us approaching the door through the screen he smiled brightly and waved. Wu Fan tugged at my arm until I was standing behind him. Even with the man's bright smile and friendly wave I could already sense it. My gut was screaming at me, loudly and obnoxiously. It was warning me, clear as day.

That man is dangerous. Run while you can. Get away. Run.

“Can I help you?” Wu Fan asked cautiously. He didn't open our screen door for the man, his grip on my arm tightened. I almost squeaked too loudly when I felt something touch my leg. I looked down and was surprised to see my baby peering outside to see what was there. I pushed back the small huff of agitation I held for Luhan as Rui tried to walk forward, towards the danger.

Fear spiked through my system and I grabbed to pick my baby up, holding him close to my chest. Rui didn't sense the danger and gladly wrapped his arms around my neck, still leaning forward to see the man on our porch.

“Hello. My name is Kyungsoo. It's a pleasure to meet you, I actually am I need of some help!” the man smiled brightly. He had his hands in his pockets, his right foot tapped lightly on the wood of our porch. I held Rui closer when the man's shaded eyes seemed to go from looking at Wu Fan to looking at us.

Wu Fan noticed as well and took a step over to block me and Rui from the man's view.

“What is it that you need Mr. Kyungsoo?” my husband's voice was tight. The man took his shades off, revealing wide and innocent looking eyes. But that didn't assure me, it made me more nervous.

“I'm looking for a friend of mine. I'm not sure if you happened to have come across a woman? She's tall, tan, really pretty. Kind of looks like this,” and he pulled out a photo from his jacket pocket. He held it up to the screen and I had to do my best to not start gasping.

A clean cut picture of Tao was in the man's palm, her long black hair was pulled back in to a braid and her face was done up nicely with make up. But it was her. And I knew I'd sensed danger for a reason. He was a man looking for Tao.

Wu Fan leaned forward a bit, pretending to study the picture carefully. He shook his head.

“No, sorry never seen her before.” he lied. My heart stuttered when the man smiled wide and laughed.

“Well darn, are you sure Mr. Wu Yi Fan?” the man asked.

I heard my husband gulp audibly.

He'd never told the man his name...

Excuse me?” Wu Fan checked. And the man laughed lightly. His face seemed so friendly and so kind. So friendly that it scared me.

“I just want to make sure Mr. Wu Yi Fan, that you haven't seen any sign of Huang Zi Tao. I'm looking for her. She's very important to me. I'll ask you again, are you sure?” and I heard the sound of a dare coming from that man's gentle voice. Wu Fan stood his ground, shoulder broadening as he stared down at the man and growled, “I said I've never seen her before.”

The man shrugged, sliding his shades back on and smiling widely.

“Well that's too bad isn't it? Thank you for your time Mr. Wu Yi Fan, have a nice day. You too little guy!” he pointed at my son. I took a step back as my eyes widened in horror. It felt like an indirect threat. Who ever this man was, he'd seen Rui.

I hated it, I wanted to find away to leave right that instant.

“Kyungsoo?” a deep voice bellowed from outside. I could hear my heart racing. Oh god it wasn't just him that was outside. The man turned around, waving at who ever had called him. Two more men came out from God knows where. They joined him on the porch as well, both in black suits with black shades. One of them was extremely tall, almost as tall as my husband, with brown hair and an enormous grin. The other was shorter, but taller than the first. He also had brunette hair that had a slight curl to it.

Three of them now were on our porch, looming over us. I didn't feel safe.

Wu Fan must have sensed this, as he pulled me flush against his back with our son squished in between us. The taller man smiled brightly, it was his extremely deep voice that had called out to the first man.

“Did you ask them already?” he checked. His eyes were definitely staring down at me.

“I did Chanyeolie.” the first man answered sweetly.

And?” the other brunette pushed. The first man sighed dramatically.

“They haven't seen her. Baekhyun be patient, we don't want to scare them!” the first man laughed. The shorter brunette smirked and muttered, “Not yet.

It was really them. The men who had come for Tao were here and it seemed they already knew she was there. The tallest man leaned back, stuffing his hands in his pockets, shrugging.

“If they say they haven't seen her, then I guess they haven't.” the base of his voice gave me goosebumps. His smiled along with the first man's was putting me on edge. The first man waved again before stepping down from our porch and walking away. The tall one did the same and followed.

Wu Fan and I were left staring at the shorter brunette. He pulled off his sunglasses with a smirk. He pointed at my son and me.

“Cute kid you got there.” his eyes were rimmed with eyeliner. He took a step toward our door, looking me straight in the eyes.

I'll see you later.” he hissed. And he left.

Everything stood still. The air around me stopped moving, I couldn't hear my heart beat. Everything was about to go very wrong, very fast. All I could see was that man's wide smile, the way his eyes creeped and slithered. His smile was unnerving and unsettling. It was...evil. The second they were out of sight Wu Fan turned to me in panic.

“You need to go to Ani's. Now.” I heard Wu Fan's voice in my ear, but I couldn't feel him. He sounded totally anxious and worried. And he should be. They were really here, they were threatening us, they knew who Wu Fan was. That evil smile has seen right through us hadn't it?

Were we going to die?

“Luhan take Rui, get his things.” Wu Fan was speaking, clearly I could hear him but I couldn't feel him, and I couldn't see. My baby, he was in so much danger. And they'd seen him. Those wide eyes had looked directly at my baby. They'd pointed at him, would they try to hurt him? I was not going to let them hurt Rui Jing.

“Minseok? Look at me. Minseok!” he called me. My baby was in danger, they'd seen him. They'd pointed at him. I didn't want my little gem in danger. I didn't want Rui anywhere near those creepy eyes and that evil smile.

A harsh slap to my face brought me back. I rubbed my stinging cheek with annoyance, glaring at the person who'd dared to lay their hands on me.

Tao glared back, her feline eyes boring a whole in my forehead.

“You bitch.” I growled. She rolled her eyes at me with a flip of her hair.

“Don't loose your sanity just yet. There's more to come. Pull yourself together.” she spat. Even if she was right, I shoved her away and faced Wu Fan. He too was glaring at Tao, probably for hitting me. His eyes fell on me and softened, cupping my face gently to kiss me.

“You need to go to Ani's now. I don't know how much time we have before they do something else and I don't want to find out what they can do. And I don't want you and our son here.” he whispered against my forehead. I nodded in agreement.

I didn't want Rui here either. This was what we had planned anyways right? We were going to be safe at Ani's. But I didn't want to leave just yet. Couldn't we leave later? Couldn't I spend a few more hours with Wu Fan before I left?

“We can't risk you going at night. We don't even know what they're capable of.” someone answered my question. I must have spoken aloud. I looked up and over Wu Fan's shoulder to see Yixing leaning on the counter.

I'd been so out of it I hadn't noticed that my husband had dragged me in to the kitchen. Yixing was holding Jongdae's hand tightly with worry, while Jongdae was taking deep breaths to calm himself.

“Okay, we're ready.” Luhan came back in to the room with Rui Jing in his arms, his little backpack strapped on. I threw Luhan a questioning look as did everyone else.

“We?” Jongdae asked. But of course...

Luhan's face became set with determination and seriousness, “I'm going with you Minseok. I'm not letting you and xiao basoshi go alone. There's no way.” and really I knew I wouldn't have been able to stop Luhan. He was far too attached to my baby for his own good. Wu Fan nodded, patting his brother's shoulder with thanks.

This was happening very fast, my life was being thrown out of balance very fast and it was scaring me. I grabbed my husband's tank top, pulling him back to me as my body broke out in to a sweat.

“W-we're leaving now? Right now?” I checked with shaky breaths. Wu Fan nodded again, his eyes showing me sympathy and love. He quickly kissed me again. And then he pushed me in the direction of Luhan. “Wait, wait. Wu Fan,” I turned around, my hands holding on as tightly as they could to his. He had such long fingers, his hands were always so warm. What if I never got to hold these hands again?

“Wu Fan I can see then moving. They have a huge truck parked down the road.” Jongdae was trying to say these things calmly but I could hear him gasping. While Wu Fan was distracted by Jongdae's words I hugged him tightly to me, burying my head in his chest.

“What? Where?” Yixing exclaimed. I heard them skittering around to look and see what Jongdae did. And once all of their movements stopped, they all became very quiet. I began to feel myself cringing, tears wanting to escape as Wu Fan's arms clenched around me. It was bad wasn't it?

“We need to get out of here. If they get any closer...” Luhan breathed.

“How many of them are there?” Jongdae whispered.

“I can't tell from here. But they're watching us.” Yixing muttered.

Wu Fan pulled me away from him, pressing many kisses to my lips before he took Rui from Luhan and put him in my arms. He gave Rui twice as many kisses as he had me, taking a second to hug him and inhale. He looked at me one last time, eyes begging me to just do what he asked, and then he spoke.

“Luhan, I'm trusting you.” he called over his brother. Luhan was instantly by my side, arm beginning to pull me away. I could hear my heart beat in my ears. Like a loud drum that signaled an alarm.

“I can make amazing tea, obviously you can trust me.” Luhan faked a smile. He patted my shoulder and continued to guide me away from Wu Fan. The sound of the alarm became louder. It bumped in my chest and rang in my head. I did not want to leave Wu Fan.

But Rui snuggled in to the crook of my neck. I could feel his small hands against my back, his little legs kicking lazily against my sides.

I wasn't going to let anything happen to Rui Jing. I'd once thought that if Rui's survival meant Tao's death, then that's what it meant. And now; If seperating from Wu Fan meant Rui Jing's survival, then that's what it meant.

“We'll climb out the window of Rui's room. Hopefully the back trees will hide us until we get further down in to the jungle going to Ani's.” Luhan informed me. I let him take me to Rui's room, doing his best to be quiet as he opened the bedroom window and slipped out. I handed my baby to him before I followed. The instant I landed on the ground I took Rui back. I didn't want to let him out of my grasp for a second. I was willing to do anything and everything to protect him.

It was still early in the afternoon, the sun was high above us and the heat as usual overbearing. I could clearly see Luhan in front of me. He stayed a few feet ahead, glancing back every few seconds to make sure Rui and I were alright. I kept my eyes trained on that bob of blonde hair as it inched forward, on his wide eyes as they constantly skimmed over our surroundings and fell on me.

At one point Luhan froze and put his hand up to stop me. His palm landed flat against Rui's back, and I tensed up. Luhan looked at me, putting a single finger to his lips telling me to be quiet. I made sure my baby was silent, and I was grateful it was about the time for his nap. His little eyes were heavy as he snuggled in to my chest, totally oblivious to what was going on.

We'd gotten pretty far when Luhan had stopped us. No more than a minute away from Ani's house, maybe three. The thick trees were starting to separate and I could see more sunlight shining through. Yes we'd gotten very far. But something had made Luhan freeze in his tracks, and when I heard the sound that had made Luhan's eyes go wide, I felt my breath leave me.

Very quiet and careful footsteps.

The footsteps were precise and steady...and they were following us.

Luhan looked at me, but not really. He was judging the situation, trying to figure out what to do. His eyes scanned again, looking at the surounding trees, looking ahead at the distance and calculating how far Ani's home was, and then taking a good long look at my baby almost falling asleep against me.

And his eyes softened. Just as Wu Fan's eyes would soften when they fell on to me, Luhan's eyes suddenly had a soft spark in them that I can only explain as love and adoration. Luhan would do anything for Rui Jing. He had said it himself. He'd even give up his life.

Luhan took careful steps back to me, hugging me close and whispering in my ear.

“Keep going, walk straight. Don't stop, it should only be a minute ahead. Okay?” his breathing was thin and his voice so small I almost didn't hear it. I looked at him in panic.

“What do you mean? Where are you going? Luhan, we're almost there.” I grabbed his hand. I wanted him to turn back around and keep going ahead of me, to keep guiding me. He smiled at me. A sad smile, as he gently petted Rui Jing's hair and kissed his forehead.

“I wasn't able to save my Rui, my little sister...from that river...I get a second chance. Keep walking. I'll be right behind you.” he assured. But I didn't believe him exactly. The way he was looking at Rui. Like it was a final time, like he was making sure he had my little gem's features memorized.

His large eyes stared at me, making me promise him, “Whatever you do, don't look back. Keep walking. Do not look back. Understand?” he checked.

“You'll be right behind me?” my hands wouldn't let go of his. He laughed lightly.

“Of course I will.” he shrugged. Like this was no big deal.

“Liar.” I pouted. I held back my tears.

“Brat.” he smirked and kissed my cheek lightly, and then turned my body to face forward. My hand wouldn't let go of his, so he had to forcefully remove it. He pushed me forward.

I didn't look back. I couldn't.

I did as he said, and I walked forward. I tried to focus on my direction and not the pounding in my ears. I needed to remember to keep going in the right direction and not get distracted by the overwhelming urge to look back.

I had to concentrate on each step I took; one foot in front of the other.

I subconsciously patted Rui's back; one foot in front of the other.

Left, then right. Left, then right again.

I heard soft footsteps. One foot, then another.

They were directly behind me. Was it Luhan? Left then right.

My heart pounded loudly. The footsteps came quicker, they came closer. Left, right.

I quickened my pace a bit. I felt the panic in my heart making my skin crawl. The footsteps began turned in to a sprint. And that's when my feet followed the order of my heart:

I ran.

I ran so fast, I weaved in and out of the trees, clutching Rui to my chest. Someone was chasing after me. It was not Luhan. They were running after me and they were very close.

I heard a low grunt and I wanted to scream. I tried to run faster. They were getting closer.

I could see the break in the trees. I could barely make out the white house in the distance, past the field of flowers. I was almost there.

A hand grabbed the back of my shirt and pulled me down. I barely had time to cover Rui's head before I screamed and we both went tumbling down with our chaser.

“Don't move or I'll put a bullet in your head.” a deep voice breathed heavily in to my ear. Rui was still in my arms, I thought, he was still safe.

I was so close to Ani's. Where was Luhan? He was supposed to protect us. Why had he left me?

Our chaser was on top of us, I had Rui pressed in to the dirt. I had to ignore his cries. He was telling me it hurt, that I was hurting him. But I was shielding him. I needed to keep him beneath me and away from the man on top of us.

Our chaser got up quickly, and then he knelt down.

“Get up.” the chaser ordered and grabbed at my arm. I pulled away.

The cold click over my head made it hard to breath. He was standing over me, and he was holding a gun to my head. He bent down to pull at me again.

“Get up or I'll kill the kid first, then you.” he threatened. I stood up.

I shushed Rui, I tried to hold back my tears, I was praying that nothing would happen to Rui. The chaser didn't waste time and stepped toward me with lethal eyes.

“Give me the kid.” he demanded.

Not in a fucking million years.

“Fuck you.” I spat.

He laughed at me. He dared to reach out for Rui. I took a step back. I was never going to give my baby to him. This stranger, the man who'd chased us down. The man who was pointing a gun at us.

“Give me the kid. Or I'll kill you.” he warned. I didn't waver.

“Then kill me.” and the chaser cocked his gun and took aim at my head.

A flash of blonde flew by.

The head of blonde hair took down the stranger and screamed at me. The head of blonde hair told me to run, to keep going, to not look back.

Luhan was on top of the chaser, fighting as best as he could. He was hitting his hardest and kicking the best he could. He glared at me and told me to run.

Run you brat, he said, hurry up and run.

So I did.

Just as my feet reached the pathway to Ani's house I heard it. Loud and clear. That sound.

I fell to my knees as I cried out. That sound.

It was so loud it made the birds in the trees fly away. It was so quick I had to replay it in my mind a thousand times to make sure it was real.

That sound was so clear I knew it was real. And I found myself weeping as I stumbled forward. I yelled for Ani to come out, to help me. My tears blinded me as I fell down over and over again, trying to hold on to Rui while dragging myself forward. He'd told me to keep going no matter what, he'd told me to run. But I couldn't run anymore. Not after that sound had cut through me.

Ani came running out of her home after that sound, she came to me. Picking up Rui and asking me what was wrong. Was I okay? What's going on? What was that sound? That sound.

I wasn't okay. They'd shot him. They'd shot Luhan, I'd heard it. We were being chased, and the man had threatened to kill me and Rui. I couldn't even speak properly, I was crying so hard and screaming so loudly. Oh my heart, it hurt so bad. I'd heard those gun shots. So quick and loud they were, one right after the other and it felt like I couldn't breath anymore.

Luhan had fought him.

Luhan was dead.

Luhan. Luhan. Luhan. Not Luhan.

I'd give my life for him Minseok. Everything he ever wanted I'd give it. No questions asked.

Not Luhan. Not my friend Luhan. The man who'd smile at Rui like he was his son. The man who'd be honest enough to tell me when I was being bratty, when I was being too stubborn. The beautiful man who purposefully lightened his hair, who had wide eyes and an innocent smile the man who'd give his life for Rui Jing. Not Luhan.

But that sound. So quick. So loud. So clear. So deadly. One right after the other. The gunshots that told me Luhan wasn't alive anymore. The sound that broke my heart.

Run you brat! Hurry up and run!

And I'd run. And he'd died.


And that day had started out so normal.


hehe don't hate me okay?
anywho this is a double update! so!
Chapter 23

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