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Title: The Flower and The River
Chapter: 17
Pairing: Xiuris (Xiumin/Kris)
Rating: PG - 13
Summary: The flower naturally grows near the river that flows with love and patience. It is happy and content near the wide expanse of water that drifts downstream. The river needs the flower, it finds it too beautiful to let go. It give whatever it has to make sure the flower and can bloom.
A/N: uuuuh yea chapter seventeen. here we go, to and fro..hoe.

All I saw was red. This blinding red that blinded my eyes. Like an alarm, whooping and hollering in my ears and making my body shake. I could taste in on my tongue, like a bitter acid that I wanted to spit out and gnash my teeth at. I wanted to kill her, or push her hit her strangle her. Something to get her away from my home, from my family, from my son. Slowly the red dissolved, becoming a pulsing fade away smoke. I could see her. She was sitting right inside my home, staring at my husband.
But god she was beautiful. She really was.
Her frame was slim with just the right amount of curves, her long black hair was thick and beautiful. She portrayed a look of class, wealth that couldn't be touched. I hardly believed she'd ever lived on this island, she looked too polished. I spotted diamond studs behind the waves of hair.
Her make up was nicely done, her thin lips glossed with the right shade. Her eyes all by themselves were lethal, and her smug smirk only added to the anger that was swarming through me.
She looked fucking perfect and I hated her.
Rui's voice broke the thick silence, his innocent smile as he held his arms out in my direction. Even though Luhan still held my baby tightly to his chest, Rui managed to wiggle his arms free, “Mama!” he chirped. I could see his little feet kicking at Luhan's legs, trying to get free so he could be with me. And at that second I panicked more than I already was. Because why was Luhan holding on to Rui so tightly? Why wouldn't he let him go? Would she steal him or something?
I sped walked over to the glaring Chinese man and gently took my son from him. Rui was too excited to see me, and for a second I was happy to kiss his chubby cheeks and hug him to me.
“Cute kid,” a venomous voice destroyed my happiness, “he yours?” Tao had her eyes straight on Wu Fan. And she held him there with that stare. It was like he couldn't move, his body gone numb. I walked over to stand next to him. My baby immediately reached over to be held by his Papa. I was releaved when Wu Fan's eyes snapped out of their trance and he held Rui automatically and pecked the his forehead quickly.
“Papa! We play!” Rui talked to Wu Fan with a smile. My husband forced a smile and nodded. But he put Rui back in my arms. With a deep breath he regained his composure and met Tao's gaze again.
“Oh Papa? You've grown up Fannie. When we were together you didn't even want kids.” Tao huffed like she was distressed, tossing her black hair over her shoulder.
“Tao, you shouldn't be—“
“You forgot my nickname? Fannie!” she whined in a high voice. I saw Wu Fan visibly stiffen at her sentence. Someone scoffed at her from the table, and I bit my lip.
“Whose he?” she pointed a sharp manicured finger at me. Her cat eyes laid upon me again, the red mist began to pulse inside me again. When Wu Fan wrapped an arm around me tightly and said in a proud voice, “My husband Kim Minseok” I was touched. I wrapped my arm around his waist as well. I felt like I had won for a second. There I stood, with Wu Fan holding me to his side and our son in my arms. While she sat at the other side of the room by herself. A small twitch in her jaw made me smirk.
She leaned forward in her chair, her attitude whipping out at me
“So how much did you pay for him? That whore I mean.”
I was blinded by red. Everywhere I could see it and feel it. It felt like my heart could have exploded with how much anger unleashed from my body, “You bitch.” I heard myself growl.
Someone was holding me back, I wasn't sure where Rui had gone because I wasn't holding him anymore, all I wanted to do was get my hands around that bitch's neck and squeeze the life out of her.
“Minseok! Let go of her!” it was Jongdae's voice pulling me back.
I blinked, and saw what I was doing. I was in fact chocking her. My hands were actually wrapped around her neck, squeezing as tightly as possible. She was sputtering and trying to push me away. Both Wu Fan and Jongdae had their hands one me, keeping me back but not exactly stopping me.
I very slowly released her neck, leaving her coughing and heaving for air. That felt good.
“Asshole!” she tried to sound tough, but her voice shook and was a bit raspy from my previous actions.
“Get out.” I hissed at her.
“Or what?” she called with a snarl. I was back in her face so fast even Jongdae couldn't stop me in time. I roughly slammed her in to the wall behind her, holding her up off the ground. I was so angry I didn't know what to do with her. So I shook her a bit, I heard her whimper. I stopped shaking her and glared. She was pretty, I'd still give her that. But she was all bark and no bite.
“You will not hurt my family. Get out.” I ordered. I dropped her easily and she fell back in to her seat. Wu Fan's arms came to hold me. I knew they were his with out looking because I instantly felt safe and a tiny bit calmer. “Don't let her get to you Minseok. Breath.” he whispered in my ear. I was clinging to him, trying not to cry. I felt my emotions coming to the surface. I'd been in front of her for less than five minutes and already I was ready to explode. I'd never even met her, but I knew.
I knew she threatened everything I had here. She threatened my life here and I hated her for it.
“Make her leave.” I said in to his shoulder. I hid my face there, I tried to inhale his scent and breath normally. He held me tighter, “Minseok calm down. Rui is watching you.” he warned.
Instantly I pulled away from him and searched for my baby. Luhan was holding him again. And I felt guilty because my baby looked so upset and confused. I wiped my angry tears away in a rush. I bit my lip and focused on my breathing.
Yixing suddenly stood up. He'd been so still this whole time and he surprised me. My head snapped up as he stood up next to me and Wu Fan. He was much better at controlling his anger than I was.
“Tao. What do you want?” he asked. His tone was very calm in a very scary way. Tao had been glaring at me the whole time, and now she focused on the built man in front of her.
“What do you think daizi?! I need some freaking help from you guys!” she hissed. I didn't miss the way Yixing's arm muscles coiled while she spoke.
Jongdae jumped up and ran right in to her, standing at his lover's defense, “Don't call him that! You're the idiot for coming here! No one wants you here!” he barked. Tao didn't even flinch. She stepped up to him, her deadly eyes piercing right through him. I remembered what Ani had told me about how she had treated Jongdae when they were young. She'd outcasted him, made fun of him.
Bì zuǐ, nǐ gè lèsè piàn.” she hissed lowly to him in her mother tongue. She sounded like she was disgusted, insulted by his presence. I watched in surprise as Jongdae's face fell. All his strength left him in one breath of air. I didn't know what she said, but it caused Yixing to reach around Jongdae and raise his hand at her.
I thought I'd been angry, and that I was the most upset one in that room. But the way Jongdae's face had fallen told me she'd said something deep, something that had hurt him when he was a child. And the way Jongdae was hurt enraged Yixing. He looked like he was going to murder her right then and there. I didn't see the Yixing that I was used to then, the one that was level headed, that was always helpful and quiet with a gentle smile on his face. Sure he could get mad. But this was something else. But even though I was surprised by it I understood it. If Tao had said something hurtful to Rui, something to make him sad and upset, I'd be ready to bring terrible pain to her as well. Because Rui was my whole world, the most important thing to me.
Jongdae was the most important person in the whole world to Yixing.
Wu Fan rushed away from me and put himself in between Tao and Yixing. There was yelling and pushing. Yixing was trying his best to get around my tall husband, get his hands on the little snake who was hissing out profanities and pushing. The sound of my baby starting to cry reached my ears, I head his high pitched whine, that distinct one that signaled he was about to let the water works run. I took him from Luhan's hands and tried to keep him calm, kissing his tears away.
Luhan left the second I'd taken Rui and went to pull Yixing back. Wu Fan wasn't able to hold him back by himself even with his tall build, it took both Luhan and my husband to pull Yixing all the way back. Jongdae quietly left from the chaos and went to stand beside me. He was visibly trembling, his lip quivering while he fought to not cry.
Our house was a complete mess. While Wu Fan and Luhan equally worked to keep Yixing calm and away from Tao, the little snake kept screaming things out, taunting him. A few things she said in Korean so I understood her, but most of it was in Chinese. Sometimes she pointed fingers at Jongdae and spat things in Chinese, causing Yixing to charge at her and Jongdae to fall to hide his face from her. The one thing that stuck in my mind was when she laughed out loud and got close enough for Yixing to reach out and almost touch her.
“Your parents die with his whore mother, and now you sleep with him? Don't you feel dirty Yixing? Do you like sleeping with garbage? Wouldn't your parents be ashamed?” she chuckled darkly and stepped away just as he screamed and clawed at her. Luhan pushed him harder, trying to get him out of the kitchen all together. I kneeled down, Jongdae had fallen to the floor then, I petted his hair and pressed motherly kisses to his temple. I had to ignore my baby who was began to cry in to my shoulder. I couldn't even imagine what it was like for Rui. He was so tiny and innocent, but he could feel our anger and hostility, he was seeing all this violence so suddenly.
Jongdae leaned in to me, I felt my shirt getting wet from his silent tears. I wondered what she had really done to him when they were younger. Seeing her now, how she kept egging Yixing on and the rude things she constantly said, I couldn't help but fear what she had really done to Jongdae when he'd first arrived in Hawaii. Had she been this cruel? She must have, to cause my friend to fall down and curl in to himself. Jongdae wasn't easy to phase, it was hard to bring down someone so positive. But she had.
Luhan had pulled Yixing out of the kitchen somehow. Wu Fan had pushed Tao away when she'd made to follow them so she could continue her taunting. She pouted but went back to the chair she'd been originally sitting in near the back door. There were a few times when Tao looked up to glare at me. I thought about trying to kill her again, or beat her so she'd go away. But I'd finally gotten Jongdae to a quiet state and my Rui had cried himself to sleep.
It was quiet in the kitchen. Eerily quiet. I couldn't hear the wind, or birds or life outside of our home.
Luhan crashed through the kitchen door, his eyes falling on Jongdae. He squatted next to us and made Jongdae look him in the eyes.
“Come with me, he needs you. Make him see you're okay.” Luhan rushed and tried to pull the injured man up. Jongdae pulled back with a scowl.
“But I'm not okay.” he admitted. Luhan moved closer, pressing his forehead to Jongdae's. They both closed their eyes. I watched as the began to breath in sync, as Luhan mentally found his way in to Jongdae's emotions.
“Remember what Yixing used to always say to you? When you were upset?” Luhan asked, his voice below a whisper, so quiet I barely heard it.
“No.” Jongdae spat back. Luhan playfully hit the younger's head.
“Don't be a brat. He always told you this. That day when we found you behind your old hut? He told you then. When you both lost your parents? He told you it again. Whenever you ran to him crying he told you this. Say it.” Luhan demanded. Jongdae bit his lip for a moment, but he sighed heavily.
“Everything will be alright in the end,” he sounded so much more at peace than before, “and if it is not alright, then it's not the end yet.”
Luhan opened his eyes, wiping away whatever tears were left. “Now come on. Don't let him fall apart because of her. You beat her once, you stayed and you found Yixing. Don't let her win. He needs you Jongdae. Come on. You're going to be okay.” he urged. Jongdae took another moment to collect himself before nodding and standing up.
“Minseok are you going to be okay?” Jongdae asked me right before he left. I nodded easily but offered my son up to them. Luhan immediately reached for Rui and cradled him as the pair left.
And then it was just me, Wu Fan and Tao in the room.
“Why don't you just get out?” I spoke to her. Her eyes snapped up from the ground, and she acted like she was offended.
“You're just going to kick me out? That's not nice.” she fake pouted. She turned her gaze to my husband, who'd been quiet and staring at the ground as well. He felt her look and met it. Tao quickly looked between me and Wu Fan, measuring something that I was unsure of. Wu Fan began to get more tense with each second that ticked by. I was growing irritated. I didn't want her there anymore. She'd already caused enough damage.
“Didn't you hear me? Leave.” I snapped. Tao giggled at me, and turned to look at Wu Fan again. My husband was still looking at her, he looked extremely troubled and worried. Tao was smirking, her evil eyes digging in to Wu Fan's shoulders with complete menace.
“But you wouldn't kick me out, right Wu Fan?” she checked. My head twisted to look at my husband. He was my husband, the man who swore he loved and cared for me. He had sworn that he'd do everything to protect me and make me see how much he loved me. He should have told her to leave, get out, pushed her out with his own two hands. He was supposed to take my side against the woman who was bringing danger to our home.
But he sighed, he didn't meet my searing gaze and he shook his head at her.
“No. I wouldn't make you leave Tao.” he admitted.
But he was my husband.
He loved me.
He promised to keep me and Rui safe.
The seed of doubt had never really left. It had been waiting. It had been growing.
He was a liar. He didn't love me, he loved her. He must love her because he wanted her to stay. Which meant he must want me to leave. He didn't want me like I wanted him, he didn't love me at all did he? He had wanted this from the beginning, for her to come and embarrass me, to prove that I'd come here for no good reason. I'd been forced to leave my country, my family, to marry him. And now he was going to throw me away. He'd used me for whatever purpose, and now she was back.
He didn't love me.
He still cared about her.
He didn't love me.
I felt his hands on me. I didn't try to pull away but I did try to keep walking. I could her him, telling me to stop and wait. But I needed to leave now. This time I was done. This time I couldn't stay. I needed to get out because obviously I wasn't wanted.
“Minseok don't! Listen to me!” he begged and wrapped himself around me so I couldn't move. I felt a splash of wetness on my nose. I didn't realize I'd ended up outside, that I was on the main rode leading in to town. Good, I'd be able to leave sooner this way.
“Leave me alone.” I muttered while still trying to walk. I couldn't do this. I felt my heart breaking, the pain was becoming unbearable.
Once again I'd trusted him. I'd given him everything. And he'd fucking promised me! One day I'd been in fucking sync with him, physically and mentally, and I'd thought I'd be that happy with him for the rest of my life. And then next day...
“You're not leaving,” I'd heard that sentence before “I won't let you leave. Listen to me please.” his words disgusted me. I was not going to be lied to again. I shoved him, so hard that he fell. I was surprised at my own power, looking down on him. The rain started to gently fall on to the dirt road, wetting me and him.
I began to walk again. He reached for my ankle. I whipped around and kicked as hard as I could. I heard him cry out in pain. He held his face, but still came after me.
I could feel my tears now, falling heavily and my body shaking. Like Jongdae had, I wanted to fall to the floor and curl in to myself.
Wu Fan had betrayed me. He was going to let her stay. I'd told him no. I'd told her to go. He was going to let her stay. How could he do that to me?
The sound of fast steps behind me made me speed up, until I was running.
“Misneok! Wait!” I stopped at this voice. Because it wasn't Wu Fan. I turned around, finding myself enveloped in Yixing's embrace.
“It's going to be okay. I promise he still loves you.” Yixing said to me.
I fell apart. I held on to him and cried hard. Because his words weren't true, Wu Fan didn't love me. He wanted Tao not me. Nothing was going to be okay. Everything was wrong. My life was falling apart.
“I know, come here.” he shushed me. Yixing picked me up, he carried me back. I tried to fight him at first, but I wasn't strong enough. My body was too overwhelmed to fight back. Even though I wanted to leave, to just leave and get as far away from Wu Fan as possible.
“It's okay if you're trying to leave Wu Fan, but don't leave me behind.” Yixing demanded.
“Don't leave us behind. You're going to be okay Minseok. We're all going to be okay. We're going to get through this. As your friend, I can promise that it's going to be okay.” he comforted me. I was still crying, still not believing him but already knowing I was going to stay. He was right, I could leave Wu Fan because I was upset with him. But I couldn't leave my trio. They'd been beside me through everything, tried to defend me the first time Wu Fan had wronged me.
“Yixing, I hate him.” I sobbed in to his neck. He patted my back.
“No you love him. And I promise you he still loves you too. Don't leave. I need you to stay. As my friend I need you stay here. So does Jongdae, so does Luhan. Okay?” he checked. I easily nodded. For my trio I would stay. For my friends I would stay.
“He's going to let her stay isn't he?” I asked. Yixing sighed, I felt his chest expand and before he let out the air long and loud. “Yeah he is. You have to understand Minseok he still—“
“Cares about her. I know.” I spat. He fucking cared about her more than me apparently.
“But that doesn't mean he doesn't love you. He's doing what he thinks is right. He's trying to be a good person. He can't just throw her out to die Minseok.” Yixing had finally reached the house with me in his arms. I was happy that he'd atleast had the sense to take me to the living room and not back in to the kitchen. I was put on the couch, and hugged by Luhan. I could feel his skinny arms around me along with his fluffy hair tickling my chin.
“That idiot is letting her stay isn't he?” Luhan muttered. I nodded. Luhan scoffed outloud and shook his head, “Idiot. Keeping that bitch here, thinking he's being a good citizen of earth. Fucking moron I swear. He's going to be the death of us.” Luhan spat out with distaste.
Even though Luhan meant to say it as a common joke, as a simple comment that meant nothing behind it, I had a scary feeling that he was almost accurate.
That Wu Fan was going to end up killing us.
I loud bang made us all look over in the direction of the hallway. I heard both Tao and Wu Fan screaming at the top of their lungs, it was muffled by the walls, but they were screaming pretty loudily. Yixing smirked my way, “See? He doesn't even really like her. She irritates us all.”
I rolled my eyes. That was not the point.
He had fucking betrayed me. He had betrayed me for her.
“If I get the chance, I'm going to kill her.” I said very seriously. Although Jongdae snickered at me, I kept my face straight. Tao had already taken away my husband. I was ready to kill her and be done with it, and then leave.
Funny, I'd never thought I was capable of murder, or such violence.
My eyes fell on my sleeping son, his body sprawled across the couch and his head in Jongdae's lap.
For Rui Jing, I was very capable of murder.
“If she touches one hair on Rui's head I'll kill her.” I growled.
“I'll help you.” Luhan promised next to me.
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