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Title: The Flower and The River
Chapter: 16
Pairing: Xiuris (Xiumin/Kris)
Rating: PG - 13
Summary: The flower naturally grows near the river that flows with love and patience. It is happy and content near the wide expanse of water that drifts downstream. The river needs the flower, it finds it too beautiful to let go. It give whatever it has to make sure the flower and can bloom.
A/N: uuuuh yea chapter fifteen. hope you're happy cuz this aint sappy~

“Why didn't you take me here sooner? It's so pretty.” I complained. I felt my body relaxing, my mind enjoying the feeling of swaying back and forth easily. We laid in our hammock together, bathing in the warm sun, it was setting, making the world gold and the water a dark blue. Wu Fan chuckled at me, loudly kissing one of my cheeks and biting it a bit to make me whine.

“But it's more special this way. A honeymoon is supposed to be somewhere special right?” he explained while his wander fingers teased one of my nipples. I mewled lightly, turning my body towards him slightly for more. I felt his smile against my lips as he continued to please me, and we continued to rock back and forth.

Wu Fan had to go the whole nine yards. After our wedding he proclaimed that he was taking me to the other side of the island for a small honeymoon.

I was kind of disappointed that my baby wasn't even sad to see me go. He was all about more play time with Uncle Luhan and not even caring that I'd be gone for a week. We left the night after the wedding, after our dance under the stars. We all traveled back to our house from Ani's, and Wu Fan was quick to help me pack and lift me on to our horse. I barely got a chance to kiss my son goodbye before we were setting off down the road.

“Have fun! Don't stay gone too long! You still have work!” I heard Luhan screech at us. Wu Fan and I laughed, turning around to wave goodbye to our family. I was sitting on top of our horse, Wu Fan behind me with the reigns. I eventually fell asleep like that, leaning back in to him with the warm night air surrounding me.

And when I opened my eyes I found myself sleeping on a clean mat, in a small room.

We stayed in a small hut for the week, with one small room, an even smaller bathroom, an outside shower and a tiny corner for a kitchen. But it wasn't like we needed much room. It was only Wu Fan and I, marking every corner of that hut and the surrounding beach with our love. I liked it best when we showered together in the afternoon, after a swimming in the ocean and shopping at the nearby fish market. I felt very native, very free and in paradise.

Every day I woke up with Wu Fan wrapped around me, my body would be sore but my heart would be fluttering. And the best part was that we didn't have to get up for anything. We could lay there with each other, staring and kissing, talking and laughing about nothing. And when we felt like it we would walk right outside and jump in to the ocean to splash and play.

Wu Fan had bought me a hammock from a small village that was a mile in, we hung it next to our hut. By the end of the week my skin was sun-kissed, my cheeks were sore from smiling, I felt like my body and Wu Fan's had literally become one. Because after the second day our minds and body were so in sync. When we weren't talking we were just moving together. When I thought about going out to get some fruit, Wu Fan was already dressed and waiting for me, with out me saying a word.

We were constantly touching each other, I enjoyed his tan skinn getting tanner while we stayed on the beach. It seemed the ocean water had smoothed out his skin, and being this exposed to the sun had caused his black hair to lighten to a deep brown.

We bought rings there. We hadn't exchanged any during our wedding, Wu Fan said he just hadn't found the right ones in our city. But while shopping on that side of island I found a pair of rings I just knew were right for us.

They came as a set, identical rings. A thick silver band with a simple plumeria flower at the top and leaves around the rest of the band. I loved them, Wu Fan loved them so they were ours.

~ ~ ~

“You should dye your hair, I like it brown.” I mentioned while running my hands through said brown locks. Wu Fan gave me a dubious stare. Most people would have found a mat on a floor very uncomfortable, but I didn't. But then again laying in the arms of someone you loved was never uncomfortable. Wu Fan popped a piece of pineapple in to his mouth with thought.

“Since when did you like it?” he asked. I shifted forward a bit to get the sweet juice running down the corner of his mouth. It turned in to a kiss, and when he moved his tongue against mine I could taste the sweet fruit all over again.

“Since now.” I breathed. He smirked down at me, popping another piece in to his mouth and deliberately squeezing more juice out. I met his mouth and he passed the fruit over to me. I swallowed it quickly before focusing on his sweet tasting mouth, locking my arm around his neck to bring him closer. When he pulled on my bottom lip gently I reached down in between us, grabbing his erection to tell him what I wanted. He grunted lightly, thrusting in to my hand and kissing me harder.

“Open your legs” he whispered. I complied, spreading myself nice and wide for him. With out a care he pushed in to me, his eyes closed tight and his mouth fell open. We'd been having sex so much for the past couple of days I didn't need him to take it slow anymore. We were like animals, no foreplay needed, we got to the best part, the part that made us both feel good and we let our instincts and pleasure take us to heaven. I loved it then, when he took me like an animal in heat. He would just share a few kisses with me before he was pushing inside of me and enjoying himself. I liked watching him enjoy himself, when he pushed in to me and I purposefully clenched around him to make him groan. That determined look he gave me when he got a steady rhythm going was what I dreamed about. And when he got closer to his climax, that look of love and devotion he gave me, telling me that I was the only one who could make him feel this way, that I was the only one in the world he wanted to be with like this. I would see the halo of sun around his head as he thrust in to me, holding on to his biceps as I got closer to completion. His rushed gasping, telling me he loved me, coming inside of me, kissing all the sensitive spots he knew too well. And I'd be left breathing hard, my nipples hard and my body shuddering, my head swimming after my own orgasm.

~ ~ ~

I tried to stop myself from laughing. But the harder I tried, the more I wanted to.

“Minseok, don't make me kill you on our honeymoon.” Wu Fan warned with daring eyes. And that sent me over the edge. My mouth fell open as a full fit of laughter broke through me, my body shaking as I lost my senses.

Wu Fan was always the guy to act confident. He had walked out that morning, telling me he'd go catch us some fish instead of buying it from the market. I asked him if he actually knew how to fish, he said he'd learned a thing or two from Yixing. He was confident, I doubted him but let him go anyways. And he did come back with a fish that he was very proud of.

A fish that was smaller than my palm.

“Are you going to eat that? Or do you want to share?” I giggled. He scowled at me with annoyance, because at least he caught something instead of nothing!

“No no you did great, we can eat for weeks now!” I cackled. He rolled his eyes at me, I felt tears leaving my eyes as I laughed harder.

“Should I make a casserole with it? You can eat the whole thing with a scoop of rice it's so tiny!” I laughed. My joking was cut short by my loud yelp. Wu Fan had rushed forward and picked me up off of the ground. I continued to laugh, but it died down slowly as my sides began to hurt.

“You think you're funny huh?” Wu Fan tried to sound threatening, but his smile betrayed him. I nodded enthusiastically. “You're hilarious my love. Cook my tiny fish while I go out and buy us more.” he pressed his lips to my chest, setting me on the counter top.

“Should I serve it on it's own plate?” I teased.

Wu Fan flicked my arm, telling me to stop making fun of him. He was biting my shoulder next and then pinching my sides when I yelled at him to stop abusing me. “Then don't make fun of me!” he threw back. We ended it with kisses before he went in to our small room to put on some pants. I followed him, putting on a pair of shorts. I decided I wanted to go with him, and I very well couldn't go to the market naked now could I?

I didn't even ask him, I just hopped on to his back. Of course his arms caught me as I slung my arms around his neck.

“Oh you can make fun of me and insult me, and then hitch ride from me?” he questioned.

“Of course I can. The great fisherman of the sea would never deny me a ride, right?” I pecked his ear. I knew he was smiling, and he carried me all the way to the market.

~ ~ ~

“Minseok wake up, we're almost home.” his deep voice beckoned me from my dreams. I sat more upright on the horse, forcing my eyes to open so I could see ahead of me.

I could see our little house in the distance, the trees surrounding it. I was so happy to see our oddly shaped home, see our fields of sugarcane and our paddies of rice. This was home. I'd missed it so much. Wu Fan kicked the side of the horse a bit, making it speed up.

I pouted as I got down and Wu Fan was tying the horse to it's wooden pole. I was kind of hoping for a welcoming celebration, my family running out to see me and getting to kiss and hold my son immediately. But I shrugged, they were all probably eating in the kitchen together and didn't see us coming. Wu Fan wrapped his arm around me as we headed inside. I spotted several of my son's toys scattered around our porch, and I noticed the trio had brought in some new candles to replace the older melted ones.

“They didn't keep it very clean.” Wu Fan muttered. He was right, but I was too happy to be home and too exhausted to care.

We walked in to the living room, which we were happy to find not a total mess. It was obvious that the trio had taken a liking to sleeping on the couches while we were away, the blankets were askew and I spotted some pillows from our bedroom added to the mess.

I quickly dragged my luggage to our room, putting it down with out a care and checking my baby's room. He wasn't in there, but I wasn't surprised by that. He was probably awake, playing with Luhan or something. I could see that at least his room had been kept clean.

“You think they're in the kitchen?” I asked my husband. He had walked in right after me to put his stuff down too. He hummed in agreement with me, holding my hand so we could walk in together.

I'd been met with the same atmosphere before. Walking in to the kitchen and having all conversation cut off, dead silence following. I'd walked in to that kind of atmosphere twice. And now a third.

Luhan was holding Rui, but more like clutching him close to his chest and not letting him go. I was happy to see my baby was healthy and awake, he smiled at me instantly and I smiled back. But the way Luhan was holding him, a forced smile on his face, I could feel the tension in his eyes.

Yixing was sitting across the table from Luhan, closest to the hallway door. His shoulders were tense, his jaw was set. He was angry, furious and nervous. Jongdae was attached to his side, biting his lip while his brow creased with worry.

Yes, this atmosphere was similar. It was all tension and anger, panic and worry. But it was so much more different than the other times. Because it wasn't just the way that Jongdae was trying to calm Yixing that worried me. It wasn't they way Luhan held my baby in a protective hold that made me panic. It wasn't they way everyone was so quiet that made me feel tense.

It was the woman sitting in a chair that had been obviously moved closest to the back door that made me angry. In a split second, my world had gone from peaceful and happy, to rage and fury.

She sat just as quietly as the others, her gaze had shifted from the floor up to me and Wu Fan when we'd walked in. She was very thin at first glance, her long jet black hair fell below her breasts in luxurious waves. Her feline eyes pierced right through me, she wore a fitted black skirt with an expensive looking blouse. It was deep red. Like blood.

Tao smirked at me, crossed her legs with confidence and I noticed her black heels with what looked like diamonds placed on top. She then moved her gaze from me to my husband. She purred at Wu Fan, who had turned to complete stone beside me. His hand was clutching mine tightly.

“Well hi there Fannie. Did you miss me?”

I wanted to kill her.

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