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Title: The Flower and The River
Chapter: 14
Pairing: Xiuris (Xiumin/Kris)
Rating: PG - 13
Summary: The flower naturally grows near the river that flows with love and patience. It is happy and content near the wide expanse of water that drifts downstream. The river needs the flower, it finds it too beautiful to let go. It give whatever it has to make sure the flower and can bloom.
A/N: uuuuh yea chapter fourteen. I don't want to rhyme anymore.

Minseok's eyes snapped open.

He took deep breaths as easily as he could so he could calm his heart but not wake up the man beneath him. A deep inhale through his nose, a gentle exhale through his lips.

He'd had a very vivid dream. Something that he knew was far behind him, far in the past. But he still had nightmares about it. He still woke up in fear sometimes.

His body froze as his husband grunted in his sleep. The unconscious man wrapped his arm around Minseok with a deep sigh before settling back down. Minseok knew he needed to stay extra quiet, since Kris was such a light sleeper. Minseok gingerly shifted so he could lay his arm across the taller man's wide chest. Kris liked to sleep this way, with Minseok against his chest.

Minseok remembered a time when he had a husband who would nestle in between his shoulder blades, and cling to his back while he slept like the dead.

This man was different. His dark brown hair was long, a little past his ears, he only liked to sleep on his back with Minseok against his chest, he didn't drink coffee, he fished, and his name was Kris.

The man beneathh slowly opened his eyes, Minseok must've been tracing his fingers over his chest too much, staring up at him he smiled with sleepy eyes.

What are you thinking about?” the deep voice asked him. Minseok shook his head. But his husband knew already.

Stop thinking about it.” Kris's voice was a bit raspy in the morning.

I can't help it.” Minseok tried to apologize but explain himself. He felt a bit of irritation when Kris rolled his eyes at him, like he didn't understand, like he didn't know what Minseok had gone through.

Are you happy with me?” Kris asked. Minseok nodded. He was actually very happy with Kris. Kris was good to him, they had a good life together, Rui was growing up with a good role model, Minseok smiled most of the time. It was just that lately he'd been writing in the journal. He'd been revisiting his old memories and they were kind of clinging to his thoughts lately.

Do you love me?” Kris checked.

I love you.” Minseok whispered before kissing the chest beneath his chin. Kris rolled them over so he was laying on his side, propped over Minseok, his eyes searching for assurance. Minseok kissed Kris's thumb when it came to stroke his cheek gently.

Then leave the past behind please. I'm here. You're here. We're happy. Let it be that way.” Kris begged with a small voice. But these words...

Minseok nodded in agreement. He wrapped his arms around his husband, pulling him down to kiss him tenderly and deeply.

Kris got up after a few minutes to get their son up and ready for school. Minseok sighed, stretched, and then slid out of bed. He needed to make breakfast for his little gem. But before that, he decided he'd write in the journal. Yes he'd promised to let it go...but writing was part of letting things go right? Right.

I was giggling like a little girl, laughing out loud as my body thrashed and my arms tried their best to protect me. Another light touch to my ribs and I was sent in to hysteric laughter. The man above me was laughing as well, his laugh was deeper and more of a snicker of evil brutality when compared to mine. I tried to hit him but my laughter made it hard to concentrate.

“Wu Fan! Stop! I'm serious!” I squealed as he tickled me again with no mercy. One minute I'd been greeting him as he came back from work, the next he had picked me up and taken me in to our bedroom. I thought he would only want to kiss me with out prying eyes for a moment. But all hope was lost when I felt his fingers poking at my sensitive spots. He wanted to play around the big stupid fool.

“Stay still!” he laughed as he continued. I felt tears prick my eyes as I laughed harder.

I really didn't mean to. Really I didn't. But I kind of did.

I was able to shove him back hard enough so his body weight wasn't on me anymore. And when that happened I lifted my leg up from beneath him. I lifted it up hard. And I hit him dead in the balls.

I shouldn't of laughed as his face crumpled and he heeled over in pain, but I did.

He feel down next to me, out of breath and growling in pain as he clutched his stomach. I felt bad and peppered him with kisses while I stroked his black hair. My husband could be a big baby sometimes.

“That hurt.” he croaked. I stiffled a laugh.

“Maybe you shouldn't tickle torture me.” I shot back with a smirk. He agreed to that, asking for kisses so he could feel better. We really did end up kissing for a long time. I had to stop his wandering hands, there were three men and a baby waiting for us to join them for lunch. It was hard, trust me, he knew my body so well know he had me panting and whining before I even knew what he was trying to do.

I yanked him out of our bedroom and back in to the kitchen.

I couldn't help but smile as we walked in. The scene before me was just...paradise for me.

Luhan was sitting next to my baby, helping him cut up his fruit and talking to him in an animated voice. I heard something about why the fruit was so good for Rui's body and how tasty it was. Rui was asking if he ate his fruit and his vegetables, would he be able to go play with the horse later. Luhan happily told my little gem only if all of his food was finished would there be time to play with the horse.

Sitting on the other side of Rui was Yixing and Jongdae. I was glad they'd finally admitted their feelings for eachother. From what I'd heard from Ani, it seemed they'd been in love with each other for far too long. Yixing had one arm slung over Jongdae's shoulder, leaning in to whisper with a smile, making Jongdae smile. Their fingers were intertwined, their bodies basically on top of one each other. I was happy for them. Their love was so pure, so strong and full of friendship and trust.

Wu Fan held my hand as we walked over, sitting down with the rest of the group.

And then Wu Fan dropped a bomb on me.

“Hey Minseok,” he called me. I took my eyes off of my baby for a moment to meet my husband's eyes.

“Wanna get married?” he asked. I felt my dubious look form as I stared quietly at him. But weren't we...already...married?

“What?” I heard my voice come out a bit louder than I had planned, pulling Jongdae's attention away from his beloved.

Wu Fan smiled, “Do you want to get married?” he asked again. Again, all I could conjure was a dubious stare. Was he trying to be funny?

“Wu Fan...what?” a small hint of annoyance was in my voice now. “I thought that's why I've been living here for over four years.” I scoffed at my sarcasm. Wu Fan's smile didn't falter.

“We never had a proper ceremony. I never gave you a ring.” he pointed out. I bit my lip, he was right, but I didn't understand where this was going. We'd been married by a priest, yes it had been a very short thing but I was pretty sure it counted.

“Okay. So you want to...” Wu Fan sighed with exasperation, clutching my hands tightly in his own, smiling wider.

“I want to have a real ceremony. I want you to walk down an aisle, wear white, Rui can be our flower boy or ring boy whatever, and we can exchange rings, and I can kiss you in front of our family. Minseok!” he pulled me close, his kiss was searing, it caught me off guard. All of this was catching me off guard. But I could feel a small amount of excitement buzzing underneath the confusion. He pulled away, smiling so brightly his face should have split,

“Will you marry me? Again?”

I'd never been proposed to, I realized. I'd never been asked, given the opportunity to cry small tears of joy, to choke out a 'Yes!' and hug Wu Fan in excitement. I'd never gotten that romance, that golden moment when our family clapped and got excited with us. I'd been shipped off, I'd been bought, my marriage arranged. My husband had ended up being my best friend and my true love.

And now he was asking me to marry him.

“Yes.” I breathed. I could hear in the background, someone was screaming with happiness, a lot of cheering and clapping. But the pound of my heart was overwhelming, his arms around me was suffocating me, his kiss was melting me.

Wu Fan and I were going to get married.

A/N: *Note* I am so sorry! short chapter is short. school is pulling me down, but I will do my best! thank you for continuing to read and for your lovely comments!I will do my best to continue updating! thank you so much for everyone's support, whether you are just a silent reader or an avid commenter, you all reading my work really means a lot to me. Thank you once again! <333

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